the secret is out! i #ShoweredWithDialCocoWater because Natural is the way to Nourish

last week, the hashtag #ShoweredWithCoco trended the news feeds with selfies of random people holding a fansign saying they #ShoweredWithCoco. if you were following me, you might have passed over one of my shameless selfies and wondered what the hell have i been doing with my life. that, or asked the question "who the hell is coco?", or "ano nanamang pakulo ito?!", or "k. #deadmadela #movingOn".

so to everyone who got curious, here's the reveal!

it took me a lot of courage (and makeup HAHA) to post those selfies, and let alone that fansign, so pagbigyan nyo na ko okay? hahaha

simply put, the #ShoweredWithCoco campaign is an effort to promote Dial's newest line of body care products, Dial Coconut Water! :)

for the record, i hardly put on lotion nowadays because i find it too sticky, and ma-effort i-lather on my skin haha it takes time kasi and yung male-late ka na, maglo-lotion ka pa ba? nevermind na lang diba? haha. apprently, when i tried this body wash, i realized that this is as good a moisturizer you can get if you're not into lotion products (like i am right now)!

it smells clean and refreshing in the shower, but towel-dried and it only leaves off a very mild, and natural coconut scent that is great for everyday use! plus you'll find that it gives your skin ample moisture that is less dense, and therefore not heavy on the skin. :)

Have you ever experienced having dry skin because your soap or body wash was just too strong for your skin? Or have you ever felt icky and sticky after putting on lotion just to get your skin moisturized?

Having too much chemicals on your skin may not be the right way to take care of it. Being the most visible organ of the body, you need to take extra care of it. So, whether you have skin that is as tough as leather, or as sensitive as a baby’s, the proper care on your skin is important since it is always exposed to harmful elements that may damage and spell illness to your skin.

Bath soaps and body washes are essential to clean your skin from all the dirt and grime you get from your daily activities. However, some soaps and body washes can actually strip off essential oils from the skin that could lead to dryness. One way to address this dilemma is to go natural! This is the perfect way to have your skin clean and nourished for that healthy aura people will notice.

Filipinos are not new to cleansing using natural ingredients. Among others, oats and salts are used for exfoliation, honey for skin rejuvenation, milk for moisture, jasmine for its soothing properties, and flower petals for fragrance and indulgence. What could be new to Filipinos, however, is the use of coconut water in caring for the skin.

For many years, coconuts have been used in so many ways, be it for nutrition, in the household, or in other commercial industries. It is only now that coconut water is being used as an ingredient for body care. One of America’s most trusted body care brands, Dial, came up with the innovative idea of infusing coconut water into our daily body care products like soap and body wash.

The Dial Coconut Water line of body care products is the first of its kind in the market, having coconut water as its primary ingredient in cleansing and caring for the skin. With coconut water found in young green coconuts, complemented by bamboo leaf extract, the Dial Coconut Water soap and body wash are rich in anti-oxidants, which get rid of harmful free-radicals that make skin look old and unhealthy, while the electrolytes in it keep the skin ultra-hydrated and rejuvenated. To top it all off, Dial’s crisp, indulging scent leaves you feeling fresh all day long.

Dial understands that the only way to make your skin refreshed and revitalized from all the stress it takes from the modern lifestyle and environment is to go natural for better nourishment. Your skin is the most noticeable part of your body wherever you go, thus your skin health should be in its tiptop shape all the time.

It only takes one shower using Dial Coconut Water soap and body wash to have that much needed skin care – for a healthier aura people will notice.

Dial Coconut Water is available at all leading supermarkets and department stores in Metro Manila. To know more about Dial, visit

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