giving up on mortal instruments (for a while) and re-reading dan brown!

dan brown is now officially one of my favorite authors! on par with paulo coelho, and above sidney sheldon and judith mcnaught. brown has this level of technicality na ang sarap basahin. yung minsan nakakabobo pero compelling parin. haha! or maybe because it's the book itself, Digital Fortress, that i'm reading right now. you know, being an IT person, i have like an idea of the stuff he's talking about kaya sobrang interesting parin, even on my second read. haha

by the way! i added an image widget to update you on what i'm currently reading. AS IF! hahaha e bat ba, cute kaya may picture man lang sa gilid hehe 

i don't know if it's bad but even if i was taught how to read fast before, di ko sya ma-master! the technique was to read in segments to let your mind process words as a phrase, not word per word. it also says not to read aloud mentally pero kasiiii i find it better to read that way, the slow way, the word per word way, cos that way i get to bask in a plethora of words and engulf myself completely in that alternate universe the book offers. i hardly get that by reading fast. i hardly read fast anyway. haha. 

what i'm saying is, take time with your book. who cares if you're a slow reader? there's no pop quiz after.

on the other hand, reason why i'm temporarily giving up on City of Bones: ANG LANDI KASI! well sorry na, maybe i'm not so all-over this young adult genre. pero honestly ah, i was caught with the world building. i was interested on how their "underworld" will unfold slowly as the story progresses pero naman kasi i'm so over teenagers being so teenybopper with each other. pwede naman unimplied na lang yung romance which is waaaay waaaay better than affirming your unsuspecting hormones about a romance bound to interrupt the book's "world engine" (in reference to man of steel! haha). argh. 

all right, back to work. woot! it's 5% friday! LOL

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