5 hours of what?

whoa. biggest loser here... i left the grad ball at an 'early' time of 10pm. last year during the prom, i left the earliest too... may tawag dyan eh...

anyway, i can't say i didn't enjoy it... i loved most of the food. i liked the blue drink too, whatever you call that. =)
Bloomfields was great (and i mean GREAT), and they're super nice too... =)

oh well... there are some reasons why i left early.
first, i was tired walking in my shoes looking for vacant chairs because a group of bitches stole our table. buti sana kung walang gamit eh, pero meron eh... major assholes. i especially liked that spot because it's near everything... especially the food and the EXIT.

second, after eating and looking around... i can't find myself doing anything else. in short, i was bored... i could always sit down, listen to the music and relax my feet but again, there are no more chairs. =
anyway... i liked the place, it reminded me of toby's sports arena. my dream space with the grand staircase.

during the ball i also came across a couple of gents who are not worthy of the title gentlemen at all. mehn, i would like to make it a rule that whenever a he and a she meet at some place crowded.. the he should always move aside to give way to the girl. =
seriously, i'm not a party person.

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