[Review] IVO Faucet-mounted water purifier

I can't believe we only learned of this product recently! Faucet-mounted water purifiers are products that turn your faucet water into drinking water using some kind of filtration system. It's works pretty much like your usual water purifier except that it's mounted directly on your faucet so it's much smaller, and doesn't take up a lot of space. Perfect for condos and small households!

I learned about IVO by asking in our community Facebook group, then I also learned it's being advertised in OShopping. There are other brands that offer this kind of thing, there's Megafresh, and some generic items from Shopee, but I decided to stick with IVO for the following reasons:

  • It's manufactured by a reputable Japanese company, Torayvino
  • It employs a 4-level filtration system (Pre-screen, 2nd Screen, Hollow Filter Membrane, Granular Activated carbon)
  • Claims to deliver 99.99% bacteria-free drinking water - I mean if a Japanese product has boldly put such claim in their packaging I'm bound to believe it lol
  • The product looks pretty haha (I mean compared to other brands yknow haha)
Okay, so what's in the box?

  1. User manual in English
  2. Head unit
  3. Filter cartridge C151 than can filter 1500L of water
  4. Various adapters

It's pretty easy to set up, you just need to try which adapter works for your kind of faucet. Once it's installed you'll now have 3 water settings...

Photo from Oshopping

You can even open the cap of the cartridge to see it in motion. 

This is one of my happiest household purchases so far.

We've finally kept our ugly blue water container for good because we didn't have to fetch water every week! I mean, our condo supplies us free drinking water but it's a hassle when we run out of backup and they're closed for the day or it's a Holiday idk I hate it. I also think they don't clean the containers well. Also, I hate having to nag my husband to fetch water when it's out lol.

It's space-saving, compact, and portable too. I could imagine bringing this with me on staycations? The attachments included in the package allows it to be mounted on almost any type of faucet. We don't really pay for drinking water, but if you are then this is quite a good replacement. I admit this is actually an added expense for us, we pay for the filter and cartridge replacement and our drinking water is now being added to our water utility bill, but it's not really a big deal considering how convenient it is to have clean drinking water right from your faucet.

VERY Important usage tips!
  • After installation, make sure to "break-in" the filter by running a slow flow for at least 30 seconds. I read about a user who ran a fast flow on first use and by 2 weeks the water is already running slowly, they had to replace it.
  • If left unused for more than a week, prime the cartridge by running a slow flow first for a few seconds before drinking.

How's the price?
IVO Faucet-mounted Water Purifier Set retails for ₱1,980.00. It includes the head unit and 1 cartridge. C-151 cartridge replacement costs ₱1,380. You can purchase online through OShopping, or head to the nearest True Value or All Home, I bought mine at True Value Glorietta. :)

How's it doing so far?
So far so good, we bought the unit on April 17 and it doesn't look like it needs to be replaced anytime soon. We're just a household of 2 so I figured it would take quite a while to have it replaced. They say it's time to change when the water flow is becoming slow already. I'm waiting 6 months and we'll see!

I would recommend this to a small household. Like maybe 2-3 people. Also those living in condos because it's usually tight and every square inch of space savings matters. I wouldn't sell this to big families, obviously they have more water needs and would max out the cartridge in a few weeks. With a cartridge that pricey, I'd say you'd be out replacing it every 2 months and that's not very practical. 

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