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If I were to sum up my first formal yoga session in one word, it would be INTENSE. 90 minutes, 50 poses, and a room heated to 37 degrees - that's how Hot A Yoga works. I was very excited to try it, but later on the class I had to recall what kind of evil I did to deserve such punishment. It was a painfully funny exercise for me, and I took consolation at the fact that I stayed at the last row, where I could hide and no one would notice me dying. Kidding, it was really hard, but at the end it's very fulfilling. Will definitely do it again.

Here's a quick tour!
Upon entering the studio you're required to go barefoot by leaving your shoes at the racks in front of the elevators. Shiela, the receptionist, was very nice and helpful and gave me a tour of the place :D

Yoga+ Makati has two yoga rooms, Yin and Yang. The Yang room (below) is the bigger of the two, the ceiling is filled with panels of heaters, and two sides of the room are filled with mirrors. This is where we did Hot Yoga. Students are entitled to use yoga mats and mat towels, as well as posture aides like blocks and belts. Bath towels can be borrowed from the towel room for free but you have to deposit ₱100 along with an ID. Pwede na!

Here's the Yin room,

Both rooms have wide windows and are equipped with Ozein Air Purifiers. Sosyaaaal. Inside the women's changing room are seven shower stalls, one dressing cube, and a clothes rack. They also have shampoo and body wash available, as well as hair dryers. The toilet area is separate. Didn't check the men's haha

Very spacious changing room,

The long hallway leading to the yoga rooms are lined with lockers. They're free for use but you have to bring your own padlocks, otherwise you may put your things on the empty shelves across the lockers. Valuables like wallets and cellphones can be deposited at the counter, they'll give you a number for it. :) Beside the shelves is an alkaline water dispenser, bongga. Bring your own bottle k.

They also sell yoga apparel! 

Love their waiting lounge!

Pa-effect lang,

Hot yoga virgin no more
Eto na, the experience! It was crazy hard for a first timer like me. Like in most sports and fitness activities I'm interested in, I suck big time lol. But that's okay and totally expected. I was actually inspired to get better, especially after seeing how the first rowers could tangle their legs together and plank forever. The goal is to friggin go from figurine left to right in no time! Weeeh!

It helped a lot that our instructor, Chi, gave an orientation for us hot yoga virgins, lelz. These were the tips I got from her, and also from the beginners guide they let me read when I signed the waiver:

  1. Hydrate big time the day before a hot yoga session.
  2. Do not drink too much before the session because it will be harder for the body to get warmed up
  3. Wear less clothing. Most of the students were wearing sports bras, tanks, shorts, cyclings. I was wearing a large drifit shirt and leggings nubayan, also socks but I took them off haha. Note to self: need to get a pedicure
  4. Resort to Balasana (Child's pose) to rest if the poses get too intense for you. I personally prefer resorting to Shavasana (Corpse pose) but as I've learned, I have to reward myself with it. What peace it brings to realize that death is a reward. Naks all these yoga terms are elevating my spirituality, charot.
  5. Push yourself with the poses. While options are available, try to aim for the advanced versions too
  6. Enjoy (the pain and suffering)! 
Because of the hot environment, not 5 minutes into the workout and I was sweating like a pig already. Every asana was a struggle. As the minutes pass by, the poses get harder and harder and it was becoming more difficult to keep my flat foot grounded on the mat. There was a moment I felt really dizzy I wanted to die (Corpse pose) but I fought it out like a true warrior. Char. 

While on our last Shavasana, Chi put some muscle relief cream on the back of our necks and oh my gulay I just found my new favorite thing! After the class I learned where she bought it; it's Muscle Relief Rub from Messy Bessy Glorietta. Got myself one on the way home, you should get yours too, ka-adik.

Try Yoga+ with Fit Access PH
Thanks to Fit Access I was able to try this life changing practice huwaw. After the class I felt so alive and invigorated, who wouldn't after escaping death? No seriously, I wanted to do it again I searched up online for hot yoga videos on youtube and was shocked to see the results. Tip: search for "hot yoga workout" instead of just "hot yoga" and spare yourself from glaring cameltoes and NSFW thumbnails. My goodness.

Sign up with Fit Access for discounted rates and access to different studios! 

Yoga+ Rates and Classes

Drop in (1 class/anytime) ₱799
Drop in (1 class/daytime - weekdays before 6pm) ₱599
2 Weeks Unlimited (First-timer rate) ₱1,499
1 Month Unlimited (First-timer rate) ₱3,399
10 Classes ₱5,999
10 Classes (daytime - weekdays before 6pm) ₱4,999
50 Classes ₱19,950
50 Classes (daytime - weekdays before 6pm) ₱17,450
1 Week Unlimited ₱1,699
1 Week Unlimited (daytime - weekdays before 6pm) ₱999
1 Month Unlimited ₱6,499
1 Month Unlimited (daytime - weekdays before 6pm) ₱3,999
1 Year Unlimited ₱47,988
2 Years Unlimited ₱86,376

For a complete and updated list of prices, check here. Their class schedule is also regularly updated at their website.

Location and Contact
Yoga+ Makati is located at
3/F Cambridge Bldg., Tordesillas cor. Gallardo Streets, Salcedo Village, Makati City
Phone: (02) 847 0697
Hours: 6am - 10pm

How to get there? I took a bus labeled LRT Ayala Leveriza and got off at Paseo de Roxas bus stop. Cambridge bldg. is just some 500m walk from there. It's across the side of Makati Sports Club. :)


This isn't something new, I picked this up from here and thought I should make a guide of my own specifically for Blogger users like myself.
  • 'Back to Top' button that fades into view at the bottom right corner of the page as your scroll down
  • Fades out when you reach the top
  • Smooth scrolling
  • HTML, CSS, JQuery, FontAwesome
Part 1: CSS

On Blogger >> Dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML
Go to the CSS section of your blog and insert the code below:

.back-to-top {
    position: fixed;
    bottom: 2em;
    right: 10px;
    text-decoration: none;
    color: rgb(207, 72, 94);
    font-size: 12px;
    padding: 1em;

.back-to-top:hover {
    color: rgba(207, 72, 94, 0.8);

If you can't find where to put it, search for this ]]></b:skin> and paste the code above it.

You can edit the color and size of the button by changing the values in red and blue respectively. Unless you want a different hover color, keep the two RGB values the same. The alpha value (0.8) tells how transparent the button becomes when you hover on it.
Part 2: JQuery

Still inside the HTML code, paste the code below inside the <head> portion of your template

<script src=""></script>

If it's already existing, no need to do this.

Part 3: HTML

Still inside the editor, paste the code below directly above the </body> tag.

<a href="#" class="back-to-top">Back to Top</a>
  var offset = 220;
  var duration = 500;
   if (jQuery(this).scrollTop() > offset) {
   } else {

   jQuery('html, body').animate({scrollTop: 0}, duration);
   return false;

You may replace 'Back to Top' with any icon you want. In my case, I used an icon from FontAwesome and replaced the text in purple with this:

<i aria-hidden='true' class='fa fa-arrow-circle-up' style='font-size:50px'/>

Bonus: FontAwesome

It's basically a set of web fonts featuring scalable vector icons. In short, just a bunch of icons turned into fonts so you don't need to use an image every time you need one. Awesome!

To use FontAwesome, you must first install it like you did with JQuery by adding the line below inside the <head> portion of your template

<link href='' rel='stylesheet'/>

 Then choose the icon you want from here and get the corresponding markup in order to display it.
Save the HTML code of your blog and check to see if it works. :)
Sometimes, a change in environment is all we need. If you could get a subscription than enables you to visit multiple gyms in a month, versus one that locks all your visits in a single gym, what would you choose?

Here's the perfect solution for fitness enthusiasts who easily get tired of routine and want a more customized fitness program, and a variety of studios to visit.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Manila-based startup Fit Access launches a booking platform that caters to tech-savvy millennials and on-the-go professionals and encourage them to find their joy and passion in fitness.

Fit Access allows members to enjoy a wide variety of fitness activities every month in all its partner gyms and studios. Members can choose from different workout categories that suit their mood and match their fitness level.

Co-founders Ia Hernandez and Natalie Cruz, are both athletes who want to share their love of fitness and help others find the workout that fits their schedule and taste.

“As athletes, Ia and I know that fitness is more than just a lifestyle but a way of life. With Fit Access we hope that Filipino professionals can incorporate any fitness routine they like into their weekly schedules,” says Natalie Cruz, a Girevoy (Kettlebell) Sport athlete, IKSFA Level 2 Coach, and a current student of ACE Personal Trainer Certification.

Fit Access, a mobile-friendly website, was created for individuals at any age and fitness level. Whether you’re a busy professional planning to start a new fitness regime, a fitness enthusiast wanting to try something new, or an athlete looking to cross train, the platform has all the fitness activities and group classes you can possibly think of. With 30 (and still growing) partner studios, Fit Access is the perfect place to discover new workout options. Members can check class schedules and book a class at their favorite studios with just a few clicks, making it doubly easier to attend a session. Its accessibility and user-friendly interface makes finding a class a breeze. Nobody has to call in and book their workout sessions anymore!

What makes this new platform different from its competition? Fit Access offers the most flexible subscription plans that suit individual needs. Fit Access features three membership options ranging from 6-12 visits per month, all designed to bring you the best service possible. Co-founder Ia Hernandez says, “Our monthly membership plans are perfect for those who might already have an existing gym membership but would like to complement their workouts with new activities. If they’re thinking of picking up a new sport, Fit Access is definitely a great platform for that as well!”

Beyond monthly classes, members will also receive exclusive deals from partner establishments such as discounts on gym membership packages, fitness workshops, and free invites to health and fitness events. Visit to know more about their partner establishments and subscription plans!

Is #BalikAlindog on your 2016 goals? Are you planning to break the monotony of your fitness routine? Then Fit Access may just be the one you need. What are you waiting for? Join now and be part of a dynamic fitness revolution!

How it works

Last year, the space at 2/F TechnoHub was occupied by Quantum Fitness (quick tour here)! I thought it would motivate me to work out, but it never happened (what's new). A year later, the sign was put down, the ring was taken out, and they reopened as Kinetix Lab. They started renovating - installing rows of warm pin lights, restructuring the facade, expanding the lounge. I can tell cos I usually see the construction going on every night whenever I walk out for lunch (or midnight chow, considering my shift). It looked really inviting. I felt my fats tremble.

A few days ago, I chanced upon this promo on MetroDeal offering 30% Off One Month Unlimited Access at Kinetix Lab for P1820 and thought it's a good reason to check out the gym! Kinetix Lab sits inside our business park complex so it's ideally located for someone like me who's too lazy to go anywhere to get a sweat. I thought a super near gym would help me push my weight loss goals and inspire me to take this Biggest Loser challenge I got myself into with my teammates more seriously (like I would), but yeah, we'll see!

I was disappointed to learn that they took the ring out, they probably lost the Elorde franchise (I don't know). Sayang 'cos I think it's a good selling point. I've always wanted to try boxing pa naman, charot.

Anyway, facilities!
But first, their current rates and group exercise time table. Sorry for the size, feel free to zoom in by clicking on the picture.

Currently they offer the following group classes: Cycling, Bootcamp, Zumba, Yoga, Hiphop, Cardio Kickboxing, Circuit, and Piloxing. If classes are your thing, I think their schedule is packed enough.

I dropped in around 12 midnight, I thought they were open 24hrs but the guy at the reception said they're getting there soon. He's also overseeing the construction so the lights are still on. He was kind enough to let me in to take pictures and also explain about their facilities though, yey. :)

Here's the lounge. It used to be smaller and has only a couple of high chairs, not quite for lounging, so this is definitely an improvement!

This is where the boxing ring used to be,

Weights area,

Spinning room for cycling classes,

The space outside the studio,

Aaand the ongoing locker/shower room renovation. Their lockers are digitally locked by the way!

That's it! 
I personally think it's still a tad bit too expensive, but not if you're after the group classes. If you manage to be present at least 5 days a week and is on the ₱2,600.00/month membership plan, each class would only cost you ₱130.00. Not bad.

If you want more affordable options, you may check MetroDeal if the promo is still open (last time I checked it's valid til September 30). Quantum Fitness is also a KFit partner establishment, I'm not sure if it was reinstated as Kinetix Lab, but there are still active classes available for booking in their site. :)

Location and Contact
Kinetix Lab
2/F UP - AyalaLand TechnoHub
Commonwealth Ave., Diliman, Q.C.
Kinetix Lab
Yesterday I noticed that MMDA has extended the barrier at Commonwealth cor. Central Ave. so that all vehicles coming from Central would turn right inside the PUV lanes. That's where I got into an accident a month back because I was turning right and outside the barrier so I could reach the nearest U-turn. Now I have to cruise all the way to Philcoa to make that turn, which is actually safer, for all its worth.

For some reason I was relieved. Sure it has added a few hundred meters to my usual drive home, but the feeling that they protected me (and others) from getting into another accident from that spot pacified my nerves. Ever since the accident I became wary of that place, and now my mind is at peace. Naks, thanks MMDA!

But then, even if they didn't extend the barrier, the longer but safer route has always been available, right? Yeah but people always chose the shorter but more dangerous one, because just like the other option, it has always been there.

Lesson learned: Sometimes doing the best thing needs to be enforced.