Quarantine Wishlist Pt. 3

But first, an update on what's been fulfilled on my previous wishlist: Quarantine Wishlist Pt. 2

I think I got most of them already so yeyy. As you know, my wishlist is really more of a personal to-buy list hehe. So yeah, my wish list is my command lol hahaha. I got Stiles, new mugs, a diffuser, Corelle plates, and Tefal cookware. I'm also growing three kinds of Basil now and they're all looking sad huhu. Still on the lookout for cute placemats though, but that can wait.

What's next?

Hotel quality beddings in gray

Most hotel linen suppliers who've gone retail this quarantine only have white available, and I'd like to have the same quality sheets in gray! Any recos?

Messy Bessy Muscle Relief Rub

Still waiting for Messy Bessy to revive this crowd favorite. Hope they don't reformulate using coconut oil cos I'm not a fan of coconut based topical products.

Instapot or any good quality multicooker

I kinda removed this from my previous wishlist but after seeing the Baumann Living Duo, I kinda want a multicooker again! Or not cos it's gonna eat up a lot of space...

Wireless charging case for Apple Airpods 2

There's just so much wires on my desk right now. I have 2 lightning cables (for my phone, tablet, and airpods), microUsb for my fan, DC for my diffuser, and 2 type C for my husband's phone. Argh.

Fast wireless charger

I'm eyeing the Choetech fast wireless charger cos it can charge 2 devices simulataneously but that's gonna wait til I get a good deal on a wireless charging case. 

Get monetized on Youtube
I have a long way to go but I'm working on it, unless Youtube makes policy changes that will make it harder for small youtubers like me to earn money. Lol

Yeah that's it for now.


Making A Mess Can Be So Relaxing

Life has been getting hectic for a long time. But this year is the first time it affects us at a global level. The coronavirus pandemic is forcing everyone to adapt. With no time to prepare, most of us have turned the home into an office, a childcare centre, a classroom, and many more. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and packing all your lifestyle activities into a confined space doesn’t make things easier. In a word, it’s not just been stressful; it’s been stressful for everyone at the same time. And that’s quite an achievement in its own right.

Now more than ever, we need to learn how to relax. The first and most important action you can take for yourself is to stop bottling your emotions up. It isn’t a healthy answer to a lasting and global situation. You need to take the time to talk about it and allow yourself to vocalise how you feel. Surprisingly, you’ll find that a lot of stress-coping mechanisms encourage discipline and order, from removing the emotional clutter in your life to building a positive routine. These are all effective. But ask yourself: Why use discipline, when mess and chaos are the quickest way to let go of negativity?

Photo from Unsplash

Finger painting on the canvas

Painting can be daunting if you’re not educated in this complex art. It’s odd to hear about artists explaining how liberating they find the process of creation when most amateur painters start their journeys with a numbered canvas and a selection of brushes in different sizes. Liberating? There’s way too much discipline to unleash your emotions at this stage! So, remove the brush and simplify your connection with the canvas. Finger painting gives you new freedom of self-expression that ties you back to your emotions. It’s a raw, direct, and accessible experience. You can grab everything you need from companies such as The Sydney Canvas Company and start your self-exploratory journey. If you’re worried about stains, a pair of latex gloves can do the trick!

Muddy hands are happy hands

You can find plenty of inexpensive pottery supplies and beginner’s kits for the home. However, if you are completely unfamiliar with clay works, it can be a good idea to watch a few tutorials first. There’s something wonderfully tactile about pottery that brings you back to happy memories of being a child and playing with malleable dough or salt pastry. As an amateur potter, you can get hands down with your creation and make something that could be undone and redone until you choose to bake it. It’s a never-ending process during which the clay washes away your worries and negativity.

Dough art, something messy you can eat

Pottery has only one disadvantage: There are only so many pots and decorative items you can make. Pastry art, on the other hand, offers an infinity of options that all start in the same way. A little flour, butter, and eggs that you can mix in a deliciously sticky mess. But, let it rest, and you can shape your mess into an elegant and yummy shape, for cookies, pie tops, or anything else you want to do.

Is it time to add a new function to your home/office/classroom? Creating a nook for messy art could be a nice addition to your multipurpose environment. After all, we all need to let some steam go, and what better way to do it than by creating your very own messy workshop? Relax and let your fingers do the rest.


Keep safe goys

It's signal no. 3 here in Metro Manila and the wind is getting crazier as the night pushes on. I thought typhoon Rolly had the most violent winds because it got out Century Bob shaking and our CR vent covers levitating. But this is much worse. We couldn't feel it so much inside the unit because the wind is slapping at the other side of the building but heck when we opened the main door, which was facing the wind, I couldn't freaking close it because of the pressure!

Power fluctuated around 4x, then the alarm blared off followed by an incomprehensible PA (I got the part where we're not allowed to use the elevators, but I'm not sure if it was an evacuation notice lol), and then yeah as expected power went down. Only for a couple of minutes though so thank God. I'm not sure if we're running on gensets right now but the hallways are lit so maybe not?

I hope everyone's safe and doing okay, sheltered at least from this raging typhoon. I usually enjoy rainy moods like this but when everything is intensified 5x and then you add the relentless grunting of the generators nearby, the hot-choco mood turns into hide-under-the-sheets mood real quick. 

Oh well, nothing's keeping me from making instant noodles so I'll beat it.

Keep safe and let's all pray for this to be over soon!


Twitter thoughts

Thoughts that came out too long for Twitter but too short for a one shot, so here they are:

❆ I'm getting a lot of site optimization offers from random digital marketers lately. All of them say the same things about my site: slow loading, unoptimized images, low index, blah blah blah basically your site sucks, so hire us. Their diagnoses, at this point, all sound templated to me, and I often wonder how they even arrived at my page in the first place if it weren't at least ranking for something. So ironic. So yeah, spam you go. Though of course, I admit that this site is terribly slow, unoptimized, has a lot of dead links here and there, and has a bunch of garbage code, sure. But nah, I won't get it fixed by them random emailers. How do they even find sites like mine anyway?

❆ Anyway haha. Let's talk about Miss U Philippines and all the controversy around it. General consensus is that QC is an unprofessional loser, and Taguig is a tea-baiting bitch who also can't accept defeat gracefully. Their defense? Alleged cheating, unfairness, and also vague statements of "hearing something I shouldn't have heard" that's horribly "devastating". Urgh, what a blur these two. To be honest, isn't it already an open secret that nobody ever really wins fairly in beauty pageants? Especially one that's majorly sponsored by an illicit politician? I wonder what they're griping about. Are they so pure to not know? Too blinded by idealism? If they're so sincere about changing the world and being real advocates of whatever if it is they're publicly fighting for, they should've known better than to join Miss U. Beauty pageants are a joke to real feminism. Who are you empowering really, apart from yourselves.


I really need to focus

Just a quick update on what's happening lately in my life. Actually nothing much has changed. Still procrastinating on work I'm too afraid to face because it looks overwhelming. Still religiously uploading Weekly Monotonies on my Youtube channel. Still busy participating in support groups to help grow my channel faster. Still trying to lose weight. Still feeling hopeless about this government. Still praying for healing and everything to go back to the old normal.

Everything is still hanging and I feel like I'm not accomplishing anything. But it's fine. I'm enjoying this break, if you may call it that. I'm enjoying vlogging and producing review videos. In fact I've gotten a bunch of really heartwarming comments from some of my Youtube videos that gets me really inspired to keep going. You know how I've always loved reviewing things so it feels really good when my content brings value to my viewers. I mean, that's the point really hehe. I'm nowhere near getting monetized but I'm happy enough that most of my review videos are getting organic views. Yey!

Let me quote some of the comments that really made my day:

"Thanks for this. Just the review I need. Confirming order now. Hahahha!!!"

"I purchased this cause of your excellent review and I got it today! "

"keep up with the awesome work you do on this channel :)"

"...for a channel with so few subscribers, your reviews are great!) I wish many subscribers!"

"This channel is so underrated with this kind of detailed review"

"Super clear enunciation"

"Thanks. Got one after watching the video"

"Very professional review. Great work."

I feel validated every time I read comments like those. Feels like I'm doing something right. But you know what, I still prefer reviewing on my blog because I can edit and add updates. But videos, I figured, are much better, and besides, nobody likes to read blogs anymore!

Another happy thing, that I hope won't get jinxed.. I might be getting some recognition later at work. Our office is celebrating customer service week chuchu and every department gets to nominate team members that they feel embody firm values. They sent out the nominees for Technology department, blind item style, and based on the description and scope of work of one of the mystery people, I feel like I made the list? Like I'm 99% sure it's me. The 1% goes to, wala, pa-humble ko lang, or maybe margin of error baka nagkamali ng pronoun at HE pala yung tinutukoy at hindi SHE. I'm pretty sure they refer to my team and I'm the only girl eh! So yun, my colleague has already congratulated me, on the same assumption, so if it's not, God help my tears won't stop. Charot. Sana may pa-grab food haha

What else. I got another allergy attack this week. But this time, naagapan ko agad. When it started spreading I resisted all urges na magkamot and drank antihistamine immediately. It mellowed down, then on the next days may pasulpot-sulpot na islands. But after two days wala na recurrence. If this was the same allergen, we're thinking Indian food na talaga is the culprit huhu. But which one? We use so many spice mixes. Thanks to my weekly vlogs we were able to narrow down the suspect ingredients. May silbi ang vlogs ko guys haha.

On my first major allergy attack I ate Tandoori Tikka the night before. Now this week naman I ate Tikka Masala! But I also remember eating Rogan Josh and Butter Chicken and got no allergic reaction.

So now, using the process of elimination we tried to get which ingredients are common among all those Indian spice mixes and crossed them out. The only common ingredient between Tandoori Tikka and Tikka Masala that are both not present in Rogan Josh and Butter Chicken is... PAPRIKA!

So yun, still have to test this out but I'm hoping sana tama?! Kasi mahal magpa-allergy test hahaha! Hay Lord!


[Review] Xiaomi BeBird M9 Pro Smart Ear Cleaning Stick

Heya! Here's a review of yet another Xiaomi product (yeah, big fan), this time an ENDOSCOPIC EAR CLEANING STICK! Might be disgusting to some of you but we all know how satisfying it is to watch big lumps of hardened dust and earwax being taken out of our unsuspecting ears. Well, here's just the product for that:

If you don't like reading, I hope you appreciate this video version I uploaded on Youtube. Don't forget to like and subscribe!

Alright, on to the blabber:

Product is packaged nicely and simply, which is classic Xiaomi. Box contains English user manual, and a couple of ear cleaning accessories. The metallic black unit sits right below the packet of paperwork, and it looks so pretty.

So there are two parts to the main product: the round base with the USB charging cable attached, and the ear cleaning stick which is with a metal cap.

The body looks and feels great, thanks to the color and the metallic build. It looks like an expensive pen.

The charging base, which also works as a dock and a storage compartment for accessories looks really good too. Only thing is the USB charger is attached to it, so in case it snaps off I wouldn't know how to fix it.

You can unscrew the top part of the base to reveal this compartment containing 10 other cleaning attachments that you can use in rotation, or assign to family members if a lot of you will be using. Smart design right? 

Personally I only use the standard spoon that's attached to the stick. I don't even know if I'll ever get the chance to use all of these hehe.

To start using the tool you have to download the BeBird app and connect the M9 pro to it via wifi. Step by step is included in my video here: https://youtu.be/7bdcWCnzmSM?t=140 (it's a link to a specific part of the video)

Once you're good you'll be able to finally see inside your ears! Of course with the M9 pro poked inside. I'd say the camera quality of this product is good. It's not super HD, but it's enough to see the parts you're supposed to clean. You can take photos and record videos using this one too.

I also found it useful in capturing my pimple popping sessions with my husband hahaha. I use it as a micro camera to focus on those little mounds of whiteheads.

It's so freaking fun!

I'd like it to be more HD though but I really couldn't complain. I'm satisfied with how it works and it has truly made ear cleaning more enjoyable!

I got this from Shopee PH for around ₱1,500. 

Oh dip

Just when I got so proud of myself for cleaning up the messy wiring on my desk, I get a BSOD first thing at work on Monday! Yey! I was so ready to be productive this week but somehow something just gets messed up. What heck right?

So apparently my Windows boot config got screwed up. Virus maybe? I tried fixing it to the best of my ability, of course with the supervision of our local IT support. The solution they gave me requires me to have a boot disk handy but I don't have that since I'm just a user lol. The USB installation media kit is probably with our desktop eng'g team. The solution has to do with rebooting using the Windows installer and accessing the Startup Repair option from there. Ideally it should scan the machine and fill in the missing startup files. But yeah, I don't have a boot disk.

Then I had the genius idea of creating my own USB installation media kit from my personal laptop. I knew I had one hidden somewhere but I guess I lost it so yeah, I decided to make my own. It took a few google searches, a spare 8gb flash disk, and give or take 2 hours for the USB media kit to be completed. Finally I have aWin10Home USB installer with me.

Right. So the plan was to boot into the USB installer and hope that the Startup Repair will work. I thought that maybe, just maybe, the BCD (boot config data) of Win10 Home and Win10 Enterprise are the same. So after a few minutes on the "Attempting repairs" screen, it failed.

Hahaha sorry that was anti-climactic. So yeah, I'm sending my laptop back to the office in exchange of a loaner. Hopefully it gets picked up asap cos I'm so friggin unproductive working on a Citrix frkn web environment. Damnit.

Also if my machine can't be repaired I'm looking at losing 3 years worth of valuable notes! All my meeting, and walkthrough notes, server names, credentials, and everything. All lost!

But thank God it's not so bad. Friday last week I was able to deploy a robot to a remote machine so imagine if I was a workday late in accomplishing that task I would have to repeat the entire development! Graaarr. We should really rethink our backup and versioning protocols. Argh.

So right now I have no choice but to work using my personal laptop and connect to firm network using Citrix. I don't like it but I have to carry on. What's worse is that my laptop has a busted fan so I have to work with the AC on because it overheats so very damn easily. Even with an electric fan pointed at it. Hayy.

Yeah so that's it. Hope you're all holding up well. :)


6 Ways to Worry Less

Feeling worried may be a natural emotion but it never delivers any benefits. Worrying about a situation doesn’t change its outcome, for example. Yet, despite knowing this, it can be tricky to stop worrying and embrace life. If you’re eager to let go of your anxieties, take a look at these sure-fire ways to worry less…

Photo from Pexels

1. Recognise the things you can’t change

There are many things in life we have control over and some we don’t. Taking positive action about the things we can change is always worthwhile but worrying about things out of your control is a waste of time and energy. Being able to recognise what you can’t change absolves you of responsibility and reinforces the fact that you don’t need to worry about these issues.

2. Share your feelings

Talking to someone can help to identify issues and solutions, which naturally reduces your tendency to worry. Sometimes, just sharing your feelings with a friend or family member can be enough to calm your mind. However, spending time with an experienced counselor, like those at Bluesky Psychology, can transform your life. With professional guidance, you can address issues that are concerning to you and find new ways to approach life.

3. Eat right

Our bodies are totally reliant on nutrition, so it follows that the way we feel is due, in part, to how we eat. If you want to ease your anxiety and worry less, it’s important to give your body the right fuel. Eating a balanced, healthy diet enables your brain to work optimally, which means less worry and more positivity.

4. Practice mindfulness

When worrying thoughts are overwhelming you, trying to ignore or fight them rarely helps you to feel better. With mindfulness, however, you can learn to simply observe these feelings and let them pass you by. By taking the power out of them, you can be at ease with any thoughts your mind conjures up, instead of fighting an inner battle.

5. Exercise more

Being more active is a great way to reduce stress and minimise worry. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins. Known as ‘feel-good hormones’, these endorphins have a remarkable impact on how you feel. From taking a brisk walk around the block to hitting the gym, there are numerous ways to increase your daily activity levels and boost your endorphins.

6. Create an action plan

If you’re worrying about something that you can change, create a plan of action. By addressing the issue and devising a way of dealing with it, you can put your mind at rest, engage in positive action and be confident that you’ve done everything in your power to enhance the outcome.

Living a Life Free of Worry

If you’re used to worrying about things or you’ve lived with anxiety for a long time, it can be hard to let go of it straight away. With consistent effort and practice, however, you can learn to let go of these stresses and live a worry-free life.


Unboxing, first impressions, and updates! Condura No Frost Inverter Refrigerator CNF-201i

Heya! Here's an unboxing and first impressions review of our new ref, Condura CNF 201i No Frost Inverter Refrigerator.

We were very excited about this purchase because it's our first inverter ref and finally, we can say goodbye to the dreadful chore that's called defrosting!

This was not actually our first choice for an inverter ref, I was eyeing the LG GR-B202SQBB because it's the only one I could find online with dimensions that fit our kitchen perfectly. Unfortunately it was out of stock when we looked at Anson's so we sought help from the guys there to find me a 2 door inverter ref that's less than 58cm in depth. Et voila, we found a perfect match with Condura.

It didn't take long for us to decide on getting this particular model. Usually I'd look for online reviews first before jumping on a big purchase, but for one, the size is perfect, and most importantly - we were desperate to get rid of our old ref. So yeah, it took a week for it to get delivered but holey moley was it worth the wait.

Luckily we were able to sell our ref to a neighbor who agreed to take it on the day our new ref arrives. Had a bit of a problem securing a gate pass for them, I didn't know we even needed a gate pass just to move an appliance from one unit to another?! Urgh, condo rules. 


What I like about it...
  • No frost inverter, yeah that's a given
  • Twist ice maker
  • Spacious freezer
  • 12 slot egg tray
  • It looks sleek and pretty
  • Size is just right for our home
  • Height is just right to allow a microwave on top
  • I don't have to worry about emptying the drain pan, if my assumption is right (also, I asked around), the drain pan automatically empties itself when it reaches a certain level. There's a metal sticking to it that heats up when the water reaches a certain point.

What I don't like, so far...

Ice maker's kinda hard to navigate because you have to tip it over a bit in order for it to snap in place on top of the ice box. And that angle causes water to drip on the bucket. Basta yon haha. Hassle. Anyway, what I do now is just place the ice tray on a different surface, not on top of the bucket so it doesn't spill. Okay naman haha.

Energy consumption...

I actually made this blog post to collect updates on our energy consumption. To be honest I'm not really expecting our bill to lower significantly. After all, we got a bigger ref, inverter lang naman naiba. But still. We'll see in a few months since kaka-deliver lang samin last August 22! :) 


[Google AdSense] How to setup your payment method using wire transfer to bank account (swift codes)

Following the announcement that Google Adsense will stop dispensing earnings through Western Union by early next year 2021, here's how you can update your payment details to use your local bank instead.

While check payment is still available as an option, I generally don't recommend it because as I've read, the check takes a while to reach your address, around 6 days compared to 2 days in wire transfer.

Until when can I use Western Union as a payment option?
No specific date but safe to say you have until end of this year 2020 to continue withdrawing using Western Union. But for your own sake, use a different payment method already hehe.

Related: How to claim your Google Adsense payment via Western Union in the Philippines 

Do I need to create a dollar account for this?
No need. Your local peso account can receive dollar payments. The bank will automatically convert the remittance to its peso equivalent using prevailing forex rates. 

But if you have an existing dollar account, you can also use that to avoid conversion loss. And if you feel like it will be beneficial to open up a dollar account, you may also do that. Just note that dollar accounts usually require $500 maintaining balance. Your choice hehe :)

How do I add a payment method using wire transfer?

The steps in adding a payment method is pretty straightforward once you login to your Google Adsense account:

  1. Go to Payments
  2. Manage payment method
  3. Add payment method
  4. Add new wire transfer details
For the details, you'll need the following:
  • Beneficiary ID - keep blank
  • Name on bank account - I submitted in this format: first name middle initial lastname (ie. Juan Gabriel A. Dela Cruz)
  • Bank name - I submitted the bank's full name (ie. Bank of the Philippine Islands)
  • SWIFT BIC - Refer to table below. For BPI it's BOPIPHMM
  • Account number - your account number, no dashes or spaces
  • Intermediary bank - keep blank
  • FFC or FBO - keep blank
Check 'Set as your primary payment method', click Save, and you're done.

Here's a sample:

For the Swift Codes, see table below. I've highlighted the most popular banks here in the Philippines. I personally added my BPI account as a payment method though I also have BDO and Union Bank. I got this list from grit.ph


That's it. Hope this helps. :)

Quick update

I'm super duper overwhelmed with work right now and I don't know where to start. All I know is that:

  • I'm being pressed to finish migrating our timekeeping system this week
  • I haven't started developing this robot for a marketing group and I need to present something by next week
  • I have two other RPA projects to do
  • Issues keep popping while I'm in the middle of something
  • I have so many enhancement requests lined up after I'm done with #1 and I don't know where to squeeze them in my freaking life.

I'm a big mess when it comes to prioritizing.

I also always procrastinate.

Sometimes I wish people would stop coming to me directly for a project because I'm bad at assessing and I'll most likely say something along the lines of, sure I can do that when do you need it? Instead of stepping back and saying I'm fucking loaded right now please talk to my manager about that. Urgh.

Can I please have that? Like a filter? Oh yeah, a project manager? All my projects right now are frkn delayed.

This sucks.

On the lighter side of work, I signed myself up for this daily guided meditation thing our L&D group set up to help us uhm, meditate? And somehow find peace and clarity in these chaotic times. It's been generally helpful. For 15 minutes we just pause and breathe slowly, focus on the calmness of our breath, acknowledge distractions but not act on them. It's super nice and I always feel very light and sleepy afterwards. I was hesitant at first because I'm averse to subscribing to anything new age spiritual, but this practice is fairly okay. No summoning weird energy, no commanding the universe like you made it lol, and no false affirmations. Totally cool. Just allowing the science of controlled breathing to work on your nerves. See? No need to get fake meta just to promote calm.

Anyway. I'm interested in reading The Daily Stoic. It's a daily devotional based of stoic philosophy and so far, from what I see from my friends who post daily screenshots from the book (thanks!), it's actually full of practical advice! Maybe I'll try it! Let's see if I can cut down my overthinking to just thinking.

So yeah, that's it! Back to work. Whew.


[Unboxing + Review] Xiaomi Mijia Humidifier 4L Capacity MJJSQ02LX

I waited over a month before writing this post so I could review it completely. In three words, the Xiaomi Mijia 4L Humidifier is such an ACE! Affordable, convenient, and effective! Ohaaaa hahahaha! This is model MJJSQ02LX.

Video review

Apart from this lengthy blahber you may also watch my Youtube review here:



I got this product for health reasons. The air in our room becomes super dry with the AC on every night when we sleep. It has resulted in me waking up with sniffles and dry throat almost everyday. There were nights I had to sleep with a face mask on just so my throat wouldn't get super dehydrated in the morning. That's when I decided to invest in a humidifier. To relieve the dryness in the room, in my throat, in my life. Charot. I thought a small diffuser would help, but our current EO diffuser only works for 3hours max so it still doesn't do the job completely. Plus, it can only hold 150ml of water HAHAHA so wa-epek. It just makes the room smell nice.


I have no idea about humidifiers but generally I just want something with a bigger water tank that could run for more than 8 hours, and can diffuse aromatics too. I looked around online and found that Xiaomi has the biggest variety of humidifiers out there.

There's a gazillion brands under Xiaomi I have no idea what to pick, there's SmartMi, Deerma, Mijia, all of them looking great and priced affordably too. So I used the The Three Great Shopee Filters in narrowing down my choices:

✔️ Price
✔️ Location
✔️ Ratings

The Deerma FXXX line turned out on top of the list. High star ratings, priced below ₱2k, big water tank, ultrasonic feature, smart capability, and loooks reaaaally pretty.

But one thing turned me off. The water inlet is AT THE BOTTOM of the tank. Which means you have to turn the fuselage upside down to put water in, then breathe in and muster some strength to set the 5kg water tank upright. For a weakling like me, that process sounds too troublesome and accident prone. In fact, the moment I saw where the water inlet is, so many unfortunate things ran in my head. My face flowing with frustrated tears, a broken humidifier, and my husband trying to calm me down. Oh yeah, a flooded kitchen too.

So I had to let it go and look for alternatives. And that's how I found this baby...

Xiaomi Mijia 4L Humidifier MJJSQ02LX

It's super basic, can carry 4 liters of water, runs up to 36 hours, and the best part? Water is added directly from the top making it so convenient, and with a spacious mouth like this I don't have to worry about dying spilling or having to carry it somewhere safe to refill water.

Note that it's not suitable for essential oils, it's not a smart humidifier, you can't link and control it using the Mi Home app. Below you'll see what happened when I tried using essential oils with it.


You may refer to my Youtube video for the unboxing but basically the package comes with the unit and a Chinese manual. That's it.

What I liked (aka all of its features haha)

Like mentioned, some of its key features include:

✔ 4L capacity
✔ Upper head injection

✔ Up to 36 hours of continuous humidification and it's not loud at all. You'll barely hear it and if you do, it sounds like raindrops.

But apart from those, it also boasts of the following:

✔ Adjustable fog settings (low, mid, high)

Low, mid, high respectively

It humidifies at a rate of 280ml/hour and has up to 99% bacteriostatic effect. Even at the low setting, the strength of the mist is strong enough for a small room.

✔ Low level indicator

Which automatically powers off when water level is low and when the water tank gets detached from the dock.

✔ Size is just right

A bit bigger than a kitchen towel, just the right size for a bedside table or even the floor.

✔ Comes with a 220V type A power plug (2 flat plugs)

Which is normal here in the Philippines so no need to use an adapter.

✔ Easy to clean
✔ Simple knob switch control
✔ Looks sleek and is made of hard and durable matte finished plastic
✔ Super affordable

What I don't like 

✖ No English manual

✖ Not suitable for pure essential oils

See troubleshooting items. The seller mentioned I can use water-based aromas, but I have yet to find official literature confirming that it's indeed okay to use with EO's, specially that, unlike the Deerma line, it doesn't have that yellow tray at the base specifically for EOs. Maybe I can find this info from the manual, then again it's Chinese, so if you can help me translate or just give me a clue if it says anything about using essential oils... that would be awesome!

✖ Ok, not advisable for aromatics at all

Since you can only use water-based essential oils, you have to keep adding and adding because the smell doesn't last long and eventually it starts smelling funny when it's only the residual aroma left to atomize. Also, it's a hassle to lift the water tank just to add the oil so I'd rather not bother with it. Aromas clog the system easily too so you have to clean more frequently. I like to diffuse scents pa naman when I'm sleeping but I find that the product works better with just pure water.


In the one and a half months I've been using it, I've ran into two problems, all because I tried to use essential oils with them.

1. Very little mist coming out
And I mean less than what you'd expect from the Low setting. This happened when I tried adding waterbased essential oil in the tank. It worked for a night, then eventually residue formed and it clogged the system. Solution? Just clean it!

2. No mist coming out
Now, this happened when I tried to put PURE essential oils on the base. I put a few drops of what I thought was waterbased EO (it's too cheap to be pure so I thought it's actually water-based even though it says PURE EO on the label haha!). It worked fine for a few minutes then suddenly the mist was gone. I could still feel some air coming out but there's totally no fogging going on.

I thought I broke the unit. Thank God I was able to save it by cleaning it. Now I can prove this model isn't meant for any type for EO at all. Just look at how dirty it turned:

Yikes right? That's oil residue that I scraped off using cotton buds. Fortunately, it's easy to clean. And after unclogging it from all that gunk, it starts to work fine again.


So how do you properly clean this thing? The water tank is fairly easy to clean, you can just reach inside with a damp cloth and wipe it clean.

I was also able to clean it with soap and water, it's pretty safe since there are no electronic things at the top part. Just make sure to dry it completely to remove the odor. And avoid getting water inside the mist outlet, just because it looks like it's not supposed to get wet hehe.

Now for the base...

I just use cotton buds to scrape off any residue. Just clean the sink area of the base, avoid wetting anything that's not touched by the water coming from the tank.

Our humidifier sits on a plank of laminated MDF and I noticed some kind of moisture settling at the bottom like this:

Just wipe it off, it's not a stain anyway hehe. It's probably due to the air coming in from the bottom of the humidifier because the air intake is positioned there (notice the round grills)

Maintenance tips

1. Avoid EOs, just use water. Pure or distilled water, preferrably.

It acquires residue faster when you use essential oils so I advise you to just use water and nothing else, if you don't want to clean more frequently! Also, I use water straight from the tap so maybe 

2. Don't let the water run low

I refill the tank with a pitcher of water every night before going to sleep just to keep it running uninterrupted. In my experience a full tank lasts me 3 days on low setting so that's around 24 hours of sleep time.

3. Don't fill it to the max

Just for safety. I'm praning it might get knocked over or something so I only fill it with around 3 liters of water max.

4. Clean once a week

I thought now that I only use water and nothing else, it'll be easier to clean. But somehow, after around 3 weeks of use, I notice some dirt forming at the bottom of the water tank. Similar to the brown dirt I scrubbed off when I used EOs. The base is also showing some yellow stains that I can't remove so it's also nice to clean at least once a week to avoid these dirt from accumulating. I'm not sure if it's because I use tap water directly but maybe it's better to use filtered water? 

So is it effective?

ABSOLUTELY. It's prevented my throat from drying and it's something that I noticed instantly like the moment I woke up after turning it on for the night. Amazeballs!

Our bedroom is only around 11sqm small and the low setting is strong enough to relieve dryness in the room the whole time. It's even positioned at the far end of the room (which isn't really that far maybe just 2 steps away from the bed lol) so I know it truly works.

Price and Availability

You can get this for less than  ₱2,000 at Shopee or Lazada. I have no idea of its SRP. Usually it ships from China, but if you filter it by location (which is what I always do), you can save yourself at least a week of shipping time by purchasing from local Xiaomi retailers. Also, for a product like this you'd want to get it locally (the nearer the better) in case you had to return it.

I got it for ₱1,784.00 at Shopee PH from this store.

Congrats on reaching this part! That's it! Let me know if you have any questions on the comments area below. :)


[Stiles PH Review] DIY Installing 3D wall stickers on our kitchen

Can you believe our backsplash is only made of STICKERS?

Hi daw sabi ng tabingi naming outlets

Yep! I ordered a bunch of sticker tiles from Stiles PH to dress up our kitchen wall and I'm so happy about how it turned out! Here's a Youtube video on how I installed them. Note that I didn't do it correctly so please don't take my video as a how-to or a tutorial haha! It did turn out okay naman hehe!

So here in this blog I'm gonna review my overall experience using 3D sticker tiles by Stiles PH.

I waited a long time for the subway tile pattern to get restocked. I've always wanted to have subway tiles in my kitchen, so this is kindof a dream come true! Also, since we're just renting out this unit, we couldn't afford to do any major changes. 

Here's the previous state of our kitchen:

I cleared it up. Removed the stove, the hanging utensils and the dish rack. I also cleaned the wall with Kurin before starting the project.

And here's how it turned out, 4.5 grueling hours after:

I love it! As I said, I did a lot of mistakes on this one pero okay naman diba?! *umagree ka*

Haaaay! I hope our landlord never finds out, joke. I mean, adhesives are allowed but this is one heck of an adhesive lol and it's definitely gonna need repainting in case they decide to tear it out. Praying it doesn't kill our deposit whew.


How did you order and how much did it cost?
I ordered from Stiles PH through Shopee (watch out for promos and cashback)

You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook. Perfect for getting inspiration and seeing actual output and customer feedback:

This specific pattern, the subway white costs ₱148 per panel. All in all I ordered 18 pcs so I spent a total of ₱2,664  + shipping from Cebu.

How did you know how many stickers to get?
Stiles PH helped me with that. I measured the 2 sides of the wall I want to cover and sent it to them through Instagram.

Side 1: 24"L x 18"H
Side 2: 80"L x 24"H

And they responded with 18 tiles. 

Was it accurate?
Nearly! I only used 16.5 stiles. But I think it's only because I started at the wrong end of the wall which prolly messed up the numbers. 

How do the tiles look and feel like?
I was surprised to find that the tiles are actually embossed. I knew it wasn't foam, like those brick foams I see everywhere. I thought it was actually flat, and they just made it so good it looks convincingly 3D even if it's super flat. Turns out there's actually a level of 3D-ness to it hehe so that's really good!

The size of the panel is 12x12 inches. Which is bigger than their previous version, as I've read. I do hope they also offer something that's half the size for the remaining parts of the wall that don't measure up exactly. 1 panel has 6 rows of tiles, so it would be cool to have something that only has 3 rows at half the price. Or I can just cut through the gaps right? Haha.

The texture of the tile is super glossy. There's a rubbery smooth squeaky feel to it when you run your fingers on it. It's not super smooth to the touch lamuyon? Like it would be hard to wipe it with a kitchen towel but a breeze with a damp cloth. Ayon.

How was the installation?

Frkn exhausting. If they were only based in Manila I would've hired their own people to install it for me. As in. But oh well, they're Cebu-based so no choice but to DIY haha.

Installation looks pretty simple but it actually requires a lot of brain cells to get the measurements right. In short I never got any measurements right. Here are the challenges I encountered:
  • Peeling the sticker is hard. Super hard. Should've grown my nails longer for it.
  • Aligning the tiles is an acquired skill hahaha. And you can't get it wrong the first time because it would ruin EVERYTHING. Thank God my first tile was perfect! Perfectly placed at the wrong side of the wall nga lang aaarghh!!! Hahahuhu
  • Measuring uneven areas is a nightmare. The corner of the cupboard, the electrical outlets, the back of the rangehood. I got pretty much everything wrong. Not so wrong that I wasted a sticker panel, but my measurements are probably only 80% exact, leaving some ugly gaps here and there.
  • Make no mistake. Once it's on, it can never go off. At least not with a layer of paint coming along with it. The adhesive is super powerful.

Now on to my mistakes

I installed the first stile at the wrong edge of the wall, leaving me with this uneven gap to fill...

...which could've been mitigated had I only read the instruction manual COMPLETELY. In my defense, nobody reads manuals. I thought my overflowing amount of common sense is enough to deliver me from this suffering. Now look, I have a corner with an ugly overlap, and a folded sticker. Eeew. Good thing I have a dish rag to cover it hehe. So word of advice, READ THE MANUAL! Anything you'd gladly hire someone else to do for you is beyond your common sense. Also, just fckn read the manual.

I also made other mistakes like tile gaps...

... sticker overlaps...

... and wrong cutout measurements...

Uuuurggh, aaaaand I thought I'd make a good architect because I can draw straight lines lol jk. 

But I don't feel so bad about them because overall it still looked really good to me, and it didn't break the illusion at all.

There seems to be a wave though hmm

But see? It doesn't look so bad from afar. And it does the job of uhm backsplashing, so yeah. I'm good!

I like how it turned out, despite toiling almost 5 hours for it. Real subway tiles cost around ₱30-50 per piece so an 18 pc panel could easily run us at least ₱10k (plus labor, grout, snacks, and permit efforts). And these fake tiles cost around ₱3k only. So it's a really good deal. Also, it's not like real tiles are an option for us hahaha #RenterProblems.

Quality of the stiles are really good, better than expected. Customer support is good too, they're helpful and responsive. Shipping was okay, it arrived a little over a week but that's J&Ts fault lol. They packaged it nice and secure, with bubble wraps and a carton board for support. The tiles came individually wrapped.

There are tons of other 3D sticker tiles littered around Shopee but I doubt they're as good, or that they'd even come in one piece lol. I've read horror stories of the tiles arriving folded and distorted, with tears, or uneven colors. SodDon't bother. Just go for a quality local supplier like Stiles PH.

10 over 10 would recommend to those looking to refresh their kitchen but can't use real tiles!


What do you think of this project? Is it a yaayy or a  waayy-ste? Char.

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