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It is no doubt that technology keeps getting better and better, what with a ton of products constantly vying for space in our homes. A lot of people may argue that technology's efforts in bringing people together has only driven us apart, but that's not always the case! For instance, I believe that televisions will never fail to bring the family together. However big or small your TV may be, the sound of a primetime bida will always draw people to the screen.

So what's stopping you from getting the best for your family?

Thankfully, Sony got us covered. Having been at the forefront of manufacturing high quality home entertainment systems for decades, you can only expect the best.

The Sony Bravia X8000D is the perfect home entertainment companion for the modern family. It's packed with all the right features that everyone with definitely enjoy.

Let's take a look,

For Daddy - Sports nights made better in full HD Clarity

Who says having a big TV means you can't enjoy normal HD channels because it'll look stretched and blurred? Well, say no more to grainy and blurry pictures. Sony gives you the perfect HD experience with the X8000D which is supercharged with the following picture enhancing technologies (to name a few!):
  • X-Reality Pro - Responsible for converting images to become full HD. It sharpens, refines, and smoothens every pixel so you're left with scenes that flow smoothly and look super real!
  • 4K HDR - You think 4K resolution is already ultra clear? Now it's made even better with Sony's 4K HDR. The marriage of 4K's Ultra HD clarity and HDR's brightness, color, and detail gives birth to the ultimate viewing experience.
Who's excited for the next game night?

For Mommy - Slim and Sophisticated Design

For mothers who are very particular with how appliances and electronics sit with the house's interior, they'll surely love the Bravia X8000D's appeal. It's super slim, sophisticated, and was created to really match your living room. The borders are super thin you'd think it's an oversized frame or a window! And for the really OC ones, it has cable management features so you won't have to worry about dangling wires that are always an eyesore. :)

Sony's design ethos ensures its products are made with style by employing art directors who work hand in hand with their engineers in designing items that are rich in form and function. With this great looking TV in your living room, you'll always want to spend your time in front of it!

For Kuya - Optimized graphics perfect for gaming

With Sony's enhanced picture technology, games are rendered in perfect quality. Expect clearer lines, smoother actions, and sharper details with the help of Sony's X1 4K Processor and Triluminous Display.

Hook it with your favorite PlayStation or download games and apps from Google Play Games and discover a whole new range of activities you can do!

For Ate - Netflix Recommended TV

With all the cutting edge technology deployed in this entertainment system, it's no wonder it earned Netflix's thumbs up! Enjoy a much better streaming experience as the Bravia X8000D enriches all the frames and sequences you're watching to deliver lifelike details and a truly cinematic look.

Don't have Netflix? They're giving out a month of free trial for first time users so make sure to grab that chance. They're even set to roll out 4K HDR versions of select original series in the coming months so you really don't want to miss that one of a kind experience!

For Bunso - Endless entertainment

Enter a world of endless possibilities with an Android TV. The Sony Bravia X8000D is a smartphone friendly TV that lets you cast everything on your screen, onto the bigger screen. Play across devices, download games and apps, watch videos on Youtube, etc. There's no dull moment with this TV on.

This has got to be my favorite feature yet. Not because I'm the bunso of the house, but because I've always wanted an internet enabled TV! One where I can watch Youtube all day and follow my favorite vloggers and one where I can launch a browser and stream my favorite KDramas! Just thinking about it makes me super giddy!


Sony never fails to raise the bar when it comes to home entertainment systems. This TV is so amazing and feature-packed you'll never run out of things to do with it! My family will definitely be thrilled to experience the Bravia X8000D, and I'm sure yours too!

For more details about this kickass television, head on to the official Sony Philippines website here.

Disclaimer: All photos used are from Sony Philippines.

Some days I feel really lucky. Like last Saturday, when I invited my sister to come along with me to the mall to buy a present for Jeckie.

We got a parking slot at SM in less than five minutes, considering it was payday weekend and there was a ridiculous amount of traffic heading to the mall. Actually, it's because we accidentally followed a car to the valet parking area haha. One of the attendants apprehended us but eventually allowed us to stay as long as we register the car at the valet counter and surrender our keys. That's ₱100 but it's definitely worth it considering that day. :)

That's one. Next, the gift I bought for Jeckie was on sale. Yey! I mean it's not like I saved anything 'cos I didn't even have a set budget for it haha but well, sale is sale.

Lastly, Caramia had a buy 1 take 1 promo that day so my sister and I shared 2 scoops for the price of 1. I got esspresso (which was melting, love it!), and she got pistachio. BEST COMBO EVER. If you know me, I don't like eating frozen desserts. I like my ice cream tunaw. Still cold but not frozen. Basta.



I did the Drop 10 and dropped dead halfway. It's been so hard for me to push myself into exercising regularly, but Drop 10 remains to be one of my favorites simply because it doesn't have a set time. Just finish the set and you're good. Everything depends on you, the faster you work out, the sooner you're out. I usually finish in 20-30 minutes but this time around I was so exhausted already after the 50 seconds plank so I plopped dead on the bed after.

For reference, here's the workout:

  • 100 crunches
  • 90 jumping jacks
  • 80 lunges
  • 70 squats
  • 60 jog in place
  • 50 plank
  • 40 jumping jacks
  • 30 squats
  • 20 high knees
  • 10 push-ups

It's very heavy on the legs. I remember a time I was doing this regularly and my thigh muscles really grew. I don't like it lol but it makes me sweat a lot so I keep doing it haha


I set an appointment at Damsel (Gowns for Rent Manila) so I could check if renting is an option, and also to look for flattering styles I could wear. Seriously considering renting because

1. It's cheaper
2. I don't have to worry about storing it after the wedding

But then,
1. It's not tailor fit to your body so you really have to check the fit
2. Limited style and size options
3. You can only get your gown at least 7 days before your wedding, and they charge by the day ha.
4. You're most probably not the first one to wear it. Doesn't matter to me though 'cos obvs they'll clean and repair the gown naman diba? Haha But yeah

There's another rental shop I'm eyeing, Bottega Bellance, which is around QC lang. They're renting out pieces from Rosa Clara and Vera Wang for 30k. Soooo mahal but maybe I'll set an appointment with them too!

There's also The Bridal Room but it's at Paranaque pa huhu

The plan is to keep on trying gowns at rental shops and have the style I like tailor made at Divisoria. Haha


I want to go home already haha


Thinking of joining a couple of blogging contests because I like the prize!
Also thinking if I should spend some time furnishing requirements for this org I want to join.

Fitbit Alta HR New Features
Info and photo from Fitbit website
Finaaaally, Fitbit is releasing the much anticipated HR version of the Alta! So what's new? Well it has a heart rate monitor now (duh), an improved sleep tracker, and a buckle strap. Yey! And it costs $20 more than the debut price of Fitbit Alta. Fair enough?

Right now it's available for pre-order at $149.95. Expect it to be released around April in the US and Australia. It will be out on March 26 in the UK though. :)

I'm actually very happy about this and I think I'll get this version when my Alta retires && my wallet agrees. So far, it's done all the upgrades I wanted for the Alta, which is really just an HR monitor haha and a better strap. So plus points for changing the bands to a buckle strap yey! Curious about the improved sleep analysis though. Really, it can track the REM stage? Ooooh. But I figured, with a heart rate monitor, sleep tracking could be made more accurate so... argh I want to test this feature out! Oh wait, I hope they improved the charging cable. Can't be sure but looks like they didn't hehe. The original one has a clamp that's quite a hassle to put on. The clips on mine have actually snapped off already and is only being held by rubberbands haha. Looking forward to a wireless charging option in the future, or just a better charger design.

GPS? Nope it doesn't have one but since the Alta is geared towards the less hardcore fitness enthusiasts, dude this one's already too frkn feature packed (says someone who thought the Alta is enough)! :D

For more details, read here: Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta unboxing and review
Setting up Fitbit Alta for the first time
I got one of my good friends to be my hair and make-up artist for my wedding and we're both excited to plan for my look! I haven't really checked at the different hairstyles I could possibly wear but in my head I want something neat and clean. It's also because I wanted a lot of options for my hair that I'm growing it long. Right now it's dangling a few inches below the shoulder but here's to hoping it'll grow longer and more beautiful in time!

Here are a couple of styles I've searched around the web that I definitely want to wear on my big day:

1. Clean and neat up-do

Coupled with a pretty hairpiece, this definitely looks clean and elegant! I don't mind getting hair extensions just to achieve those clean buns. :D

2. Loose curls

Cheap African American wigs and discount wigs for women
Cheap African American wigs and discount wigs for women
Maybe good for a second look, after the ceremony. I've always dreamed of having long, flowy, and seemingly natural curls for an everyday look, but I'm not too keen on maintaining something like that so maybe I could indulge on one for my big day! I found these styles over at, it's an online shop for high quality wigs and they have a vast collection of styles to choose from! I don't really suggest getting a wig for your wedding (lol, why not), but it's a pinterest of sorts for hairstyles with its huge gallery of inspriation. Check it out!

3. Short beach waves

12 Inches Wavy 120% Lace Front Cap Human Hair
12 Inches Wavy 120% Lace Front Cap Human Hair
Well, we're not holding a beach wedding but it's gonna me a very simple ceremony so I guess this casual look would be good too! This style is made from curling your hair then messing it up a bit. It's pretty doable for me as long as I don't mess with the curling iron haha.

4. Messy but classy up-do

I'm torn between getting a neat or messy updo. This one looks so chic, I'm just not sure if it will sit well with the shape of my face, or if it's gonna be flying all over during photo ops haha. This remains a strong option for me though!


It's always so fun looking at inspiration over the web, if only my pinterest boards would magically turn into reality without me having to worry about the nitty-gritties, what a relief would that be for brides-to-be. How about you, what's your dream wedding hairstyle? :)