went to watch AoG with saycee, dan, RA (you are dearly missed!!!), sean, chii and wax and and... yeah. >XD the reason? well apart from reuniting with my friends, and wanting to see the people there, i really came to cheer for my bet padua! oh you bet. and yey he won 1st runner up. my boyfriend is so gonna kill me for this so i'm putting the rest under the cut hehe

i don't even care now it's probably too obvious anyway. besides, i'm out hiding in makati! shameless post?hey but i'm happy! hahaha you know those major crush moments i had back in fern? yun yon. haha 

tomorrow is valentines and i've got so much work to do! Lord thank you so much for this day! 

heyyy jeckie and i are gonna skate on saturday! exciting! bwahaha >XD

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