Life lately and probably the scariest day of my life


Last week was pretty eventful. Early Thursday dawn I got rushed to the ER after collapsing. But earlier that day I was already having some weird allergy. Been itching and scratching all over. Rashes everywhere. It's the first time I experienced this level of allergic reaction. Just look at this freakin map..

Oh wait, let me distract you with my favorite quarantine dessert first, so that this gets set as the default thumbnail instead of my freaking allergies hahaha

Alright now back to last week's "high"light.

Wednesday afternoon I woke up with these...

I remember getting disturbed in my sleep because of itchiness, but I didn't think it'd be this bad!

I pretty much ignored the annoying feeling for the most part of the day. I took an antihistamine too and just hoped for the best. But as the day progressed, it's become more and more unbearable. After my shift at work I went ahead to rest. I tried to sleep, but grabe talaga yung kati! Around 1 in the morning I was so tired of my allergies and got out of bed to get a drink...

Then it happened. On the way to fetch water from the fridge, I somehow collapsed. Next thing I know I was lying on the floor motionless, my vision a blur, I could hear Jeckie calling my name repeatedly, but I couldn't respond. In my head I was like, Lord help me. Lord help me. Lord help me please. I can see Jeckie's faint silhouette within my peripheral.

I don't want to die.

After a few seconds I slowly regained consciousness. Jeckie was panicked. I was feeling pissfull, charot lang. Naiihi ako hahaha. So he slowly guided me to the CR.

Then ayun nanaman.

I lost consciousness again while sitting on the toilet. When I got to my senses, napu-poops naman ako. Ano ba hahaha.

Ganun pala yung feeling. It felt like nothing but recalling the whole thing made me feel really afraid for myself. The gaps in my memory after collapsing, Jeckie filled in for me.

I passed out by the ref and fell on the hallway. Good thing I didn't hit my head. The next episode, I just lost consciousness while on the toilet, my back bumping on the seat cover, which prompted my husband to check on me. So yon.

After a few moments of realizing what just happened and waiting for my blood to circulate better (I looked so pale daw, ), we went to The Medical City to get checked.

The triage was quick and I was attended to immediately. They injected some IV, meds, tested my blood, and ran a CT scan because of the fall. Also because Jeckie thought I had a seizure while unconscious. Everything came out normal. After almost 7 hours in the ER I was discharged. They couldn't tell me what I'm allergic to, they said I have to consult an allergologist for that.

I have no idea what I could be allergic to! Last thing I took before waking up with rashes was Smooth Move Senna Peppermint tea. Something I regularly take naman, so I don't know what gives. Our meal the night before was leftover bicol express and chicken tandoori. Mga paborito ko naman, also nothing new! 

Thank God it's nothing serious. I'm supposed to consult to an allergologist pero ang hassle trying to look for one that's Intellicare accredited and available this quarantine period. Tapos kukuha pa ko ng LOA haha. 

I tried to discover which of my tea bags is the culprit to while on medication tinatry ko yung mga tsaa ko. I only have 3 variants. Aside from the senna peppermint I also take Yogi Blueberry Green Tea and Caramel Apple Slice Slim Life. None of them gave me an allergic reaction. Hmm.

Wait ang sakit na ng ulo ko haha


Life Lately and what's up?

Heya! Here's the latest Weekly Monotony on the channel. :) I've been very religious in updating weekly, you know! So yeah, same old boring clips. Waking up late, cooking dinner, weekend errands. The usual. The normal. Hmm.

You know how other people started picking up new hobbies like gardening, baking, wood working, whatever? Vlogging, or mainly just making more Youtube content, has kindof become my quarantine outlet. Even though I've been doing it way before ECQ (start of the year actually). Damn, now I feel useless. Like what has quarantine taught me, really? Besides splurge on kitchenware and judge my neighbors' sushi bakes?

I actually wanted to be more productive than that, like I want drawing, reading books, and even gardening to be my quarantine thing, but urgh, I just can't find the motivation to pick up a pencil. And even now that I already have a new tablet to read e-books with, I suddenly find it too heavy?! And planting may seem so simple but I'm worried I'd just end up acquiring more clutter (aka gardening tools, pots, planters, that I won't be able to maintain). Daming excuses no. So ayon, no new art, no new books, and a balcony still devoid of plants. I'm so lagging behind my GoodReads 2020 Reading Challenge too. Which is not new.

But anyway. I'm really here to expound on my weekly monotony video haha

Last week we ate mostly leftovers and stocked food items. We didn't buy groceries because we've been constantly overstocking and overspending and it's bad for the wallet. The take-out food we usually buy on weekends end up in the fridge for at least two more days so sobrang sayang if I keep on cooking. Also, for some reason I'm unable to cook just enough for two people. I always end up cooking a lot of ulam. Parang feeling ko ang onti ng 2 servings lang hahaha

Highlights of last week:

✱ Our sofa is back in!

We had it pulled out for repair a week back and it was done exactly seven days later. Earlier than expected! I liked the upholstery, I chose a light gray linen for it. But the repair, not so much. They had to add a leg in the middle to support the new wood plank they inserted, but it ended up kindof unbalanced, we had to insert a riser. Basta iba yung feel nya. I was expecting it to be sturdier but now we have to be even more careful with it. Hay. So much for 10k huhu. But so far so good. Hopefully it'll last a couple more years before we can dispose it for maybe 5k, or even free lol.

IKEA Ektorp dupe no more.

✱ Dined in outside for the first time!

Gulo ba hahaha. For a while we were hesitant about dining in at restaurants 'cos we didn't want to be hassled by their rules. But well, di naman pala ganon ka-hassle. For the most part you just have to fill out a health declaration form and sanitize before picking a spot, but that's the most arduous part. You're allowed to take off your mask while eating naman and even share food with your company. It's not like you'll be isolated from each other while eating.

More and more restaurants are back to offering their tables to dine-in customers so we thought we'd try. Dined in for the first time this quarantine at Banana Leaf, and we enjoyed it! The next day we ate at Mesa.

Hassle din kasi mag-take out no daming itatapon tapos magbabalat ka pa ng takip hahaha. 

✱ My first Corelle and Tefal

Aaaaaaaah! My hearrrttt! I got these on a sale at Rustan's. They're like 20-30% off when I checked. Definitely not bad. 

✱ Am I a coffee addict?!

I think I unknowingly went on withdrawal last week. I usually make five cups of a coffee a day. But really it only amounts to two regular sized mugs hehe. Anyway, I decided not to drink coffee one day last week because I wanted to wake up early the next day.

The following day, I woke up with a splitting headache. I thought it was just my usual period migraine so I endured, later on taking mefenamic and trying to sleep it off. But heck it won't go away. 

Two days later it's still there so I got alarmed. I'm unable to sleep well, I didn't enjoy my vacation leave, and I started throwing up everything I ate. I have no appetite and everything I swallow goes straight to the toilet in a matter of hours. Until I made myself coffee. 

I finished a cup and suddenly the pain is gone?! That's when I realized I could be an addict. I deliberately tried to cut off my coffee intake that weekend so I could wake up early and get more daylight lol. So ito na ba yon. Withdrawal symptoms?! Ohnoes. 

Thank God it's over. One of my friends thought I could be pregnant buti na lang meron ako hahaha so ekis agad ang pagbe-baby. Also, we practice safe sex so imposible rin wahaha. 

Yun lang naman for last week! I'm back to drinking coffee.

Hope you're all doing well!

Keep sane!

Alternatives to Metal Braces that Work Great

Plenty of us have had braces, and those of us who have can tell you that braces are often expensive, painful, clunky, inconvenient and you have to wear them forever. To say nothing of the retainers and other things you have to undergo after the braces come off. Braces are definitely beneficial, straightening your teeth and improving mouth function, and can be a huge confidence boost in addition to improving your overall dental health. But for those of us who can’t afford braces or don’t want to spend years of our life with metal on our teeth, there are alternatives. 

Photo credit: Shiny Diamond

Dental technology has come a long way in recent years, and these days, there are several options on the market for those who don’t want to wear traditional metal braces for whatever reason. Products like clear and invisible braces (one of the more popular brands being Invisalign) are a great alternative to metal braces that achieve much the same result in less time, are more comfortable, less visible/clunky and much easier to deal with. Invisalign is a great alternative to metal braces because they cost only a fraction of what metal braces cost. They’re all but invisible, so the wearer is much less self-conscious about their braces, and they are totally removable. Many Invisalign users remove their braces to eat or sleep. This also means they are less painful, as they can come out easily and be readjusted if you’re experiencing discomfort. Invisalign and other invisible braces are molded to your mouth and teeth and are always comfortable and fit well. There are no bulky brackets or added retainers or anything, either - you just wear them for a few months, and that’s it! Enjoy the benefit of a straight, beautiful smile without paying thousands of dollars on braces that you’ll have to wear for years. No more cut mouths, painful metal equipment or bulky, embarrassing retainers. 

You can find Invisalign and the great invisible braces and products from most dental clinics, including cosmetic dentistry and regular dentists, like DFY Dental. Having beautifully straight teeth can be as simple as calling and making an appointment for an initial consultation. Your dentist will speak with you about your needs and preferences and help you choose the best invisible braces for your needs and budget. Next, you’ll be fitted for your braces and that’s it! You’re well on your way to a beautiful smile, affordably and easily. 

Many happy dental customers love their invisible braces and far prefer them over their metal counterparts. While there are some cons, just as with any product, the pros far outweigh for most dental customers. See if Invisalign or another similar product is right for you. Call your dentist today!

Upgrading Your Life, Step By Step

When we ‘level up’ in a video game, that’s usually associated with a range of virtual benefits we can make use of. From assigning character points in the leveling system, to becoming stronger and more versatile. Of course, life is not a video game, but sometimes ‘gamifying’ our everyday priorities can help us feel a little more motivated and able to track our goals.

Now, this sounds silly, and you’re more than within your right to think so, too. However, there are some worthwhile concepts to keep in mind here. Perhaps, in real life, we could take the time to ‘level up,’ or upgrade our daily experience through a few wise investments of our cash and time. After all, why shouldn’t this work? Every gym session you attend will incrementally increase your physical fitness, which will ultimately help you become in-shape physically. Is it possible for us to manage a few hobbies or actions that enables us to move forward with confidence, especially after the great cultural reset of a coronavirus lockdown?

We think so. In the following column of advice, you’ll find some loving guidance to that end:

Upgrading Your Fashion
When you look good, you feel good. Does this mean you have to wear the best clothes in order to feel like a worthwhile person? Absolutely not, and you will read nothing similar to that erroneous viewpoint here. However, it can help to ensure you’re wearing clothes that help you feel comfortable, and confident, and put together well. 

This might mean taking the time to look for some worthwhile eyeglasses that suit your head shape, as prescription lenses can help you interface with the world with further clarity. It might be that investing in a great pair of sneakers can help you relive your nostalgia for comfort wear in the 90s. You may even find that purchasing body-hugging gym wear allows you to work out in style, confidence, and with even-more enjoyable practicality. 

Do not feel as if you have to wear certain clothing to impress others. Finding style that compliments how you feel inside, helping you express your inner self, can help you feel much more present in everyday life. If that’s not a worthwhile upgrade, we’re not sure what is.

Taking Care Of Your Body
Your body is your temple, and taking a renewed effort to look after it can be one of the most important things you do in life. From exercising to the degree you are able to eating enough green vegetables a day, the way we treat our body is ultimately the way we perceive the world.

Your body is also sensitive to many daily habits that you could improve if you’re looking for a life upgrade. For instance, getting your sleep cycle in check can be a tremendous aid to anyone hoping to preserve more energies throughout the day. From heading to bed at a regular nightly hour to rising in the morning and performing a few stretches at a standardized time, the more you can gain your eight hours each night and stay hydrated, the better you will feel on average.

Unlocking Your Routine
Life is much easier to deal with if you follow a routine. Those with 9-5 jobs will often be experts at this, but it’s also important to iron out some of the details if you have a chance. 

A routine is not just getting up and showering at the right time, but ensuring you meditate each morning, preparing your meals for the next week (and freezing them in an organized manner), or it can mean preparing your skincare routine every night. This way, the habits you know you should keep on top of become less isolating and unenjoyable, and instead start to fill your life with a sense of responsibility and perspective.

Furthermore, just like following the same route to work each day, the tasks you must keep on top of require less energy output if you know what you’re doing and when you’re doing it. So, if you really wish to become more productive and gain more free time each and every 24 hour cycle, learning the power of routine can be a great benefit.

Stay Humble, Staying Honest
An easy means of improving your life, starting now, is to be honest, or at least to make an effort not to lie. This can be a very hard task. Many of us tell white lies or mistruths in order to function socially, or to limit the effects of a negative situation, or to try and avoid social faux pas.

Of course, we can tell our colleague their new hairstyle looks great despite it being questionable in your eyes, those kinds of mistruths are necessary for people to get along, and for us to live well.

But being honest with those we’re close to, or especially ourselves, can be important. Do you really wish to purchase the latest fashion styles because you feel comfortable in them, or because you’re trying to overcompensate in some way? Might it be better to find the styles you actually enjoy and wear those, without having to worry about ‘fitting in’ all the time? Furthermore, staying honest can often help you out of difficult situations. If you’re struggling with a past even that has left its mark on you, you’re well within your right to discuss it.

If you’re worried for a family member, avoiding bottling those emotions up can help you start to make real progress in your relationship with them. Staying humble and staying honest can help bring your mindset down to a grounded level, and it’s from there we can see what is most important, and how we can function in the world with care and consistency. To us, that sounds like a fantastic place to start.

Setting Realistic Goals
When we’re tired of occupying the same position in life, or we need a change, it’s very tempting for us to throw the baby out with the bathwater and invest all our time, energies and finances in a new direction. Yet sometimes, this can leave us feeling rather put-out and tired. It can also prevent us from making thorough and insightful progress due to how intensely we’re forcing the process.

Could it be that setting realistic goals is important to help us upgrade our lives? Whenever we wish for an important change, we can find it incrementally. If you hope to get fit and muscular, for instance, you do not attend one mighty gym session aimed at training each muscle group you have and eating twenty thousand calories that day. Instead, you head to the gym and work out a little, come home and rest. Then, two days later, the same. Over time, you will have set realistic goals that have are specific, measurable achievable, realistic and timely. Over time, progress will be made through this careful setup.

Sometimes it’s not knowing what you want that becomes the important part, rather how you believe you will get there. When pursuing tangible goals through this template, you will see just how quickly a dream can become reality.

Social Curation
You would be (and will be) astonished just how effective great social curation can be when helping you better your life. It’s not uncommon for people to find their life populated with people who simply do not want what is best for them. From unreliable to toxic friends, to colleagues at work we dread to socialize with, or even family members that seem content to belittle us thanks to little pushback over the years, sometimes it can be tiring to feel alone despite being surrounded by people.

So, it can be worth deciding to speak to negative influences less, and to bring people closer to you who are a net positive influence in your life experience. Social curation of this nature can help you feel more positive in yourself. It will also help you work as an ally with those you truly care for. Life is too short to surround yourself with people who provide obstacles. Of course, there’s a difference between a friend who gives you constructive criticism and someone who lambasts you for no reason. Taking stock and seeing just who your true friends might be can serve as a worthwhile yearly practice. It helps you avoid placing your energies where they’re not appreciated.

To Summarize
Life, in general terms, is largely unpredictable. It’s hard to say what any of us will be doing ten years from now, or how happy we will be. However, we can always take the time to focus on goals that keep us on the right path, and help us enjoy the journey of this crazy life. The more we can do that, the more we can feel an improvement over time, and the better rewards and positive experiences we can squeeze out of our yearly plans. With all the templates given in this article, we hope you can find a few measures that help you move forward with confidence, care, and renewed life potential.

Quarantine Wishlist Part 2

Aha! In fairness to my previous wishlist, I already bought most of them lol. To recap:

✔ Tempur sleep mask - reviewed here
✔ Xiaomi Mi Box S - already ordered when I created this list
✔ Sofa repair - finally pulled out three days ago
✔ A comfortable PC setup - all good! Monitor good, keyboard good (reviewed here). Current setup here.
✘ Lots of money - oh you'll be a mainstay
✔ Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 - passed up on this and got airpods instead. Reviewed here
✔ iPad mini and Apple pencil - Finally after a year of contemplating lol. I got a mini and my husband got an ipad and a pencil 1. We're sharing the pencil until I decide to get my own (or not) haha.
✘ Instant Pot - not so hot for this anymore hehe

Now I have a new list! What the heck, they're mostly kitchen things, effect of quarantine. Hope I'd get my husband to chip in these ~upgrades~ 'cos after all... yes I do the cooking, yes I do the cleaning. Okay nvm.

Subway sticker tiles

Oh I've been eyeing this subway white sticker tiles from Stiles PH for a while now. 

Can you believe those are just stickers on the wall?! Hopefully when they restock, and my allowance permits, I'll be able to finally put a backsplash on our kitchen.

High quality non-stick pans

I've had it with low quality cheap sets from SM Store. Metro and Chef's Classic suck. After a while we switched to stainless steel kahit mas hassle thinking it's healthier cos at least we won't die of teflon poisoning or whatever, but cooking is a nightmare when everything sticks! Argh.

I'm looking at Tefal, Neoflam, Lock & Lock or whatever's good out there. Kahit pa-isa isa!

Corelle dinnerwares

I just want the plain white ones. They're so freaking light,  have 3-year warranty, and claims to be break and chip resistant. Urgh, ECQ got me upgrading our kitchen all of a sudden hahaha.

Cute mugs and placemats

I really want to refresh our mugs to something plainer and more elegant. Like black, gray, white, or transparent lang ganon. Hahaha

Humidifier or Young Living Diffuser?

Actually I already ordered a Xiaomi humidifer lol. I already have a small essential oils diffuser but it doesn't really help improve the moisture levels in the room. Ever since the quarantine started we've been using the AC for longer hours and my throat really suffers specially in the morning. It's always sore and dry, and I always get sniffles when I wake up. I thought I just needed a humidifier, so we'll see.

I'm also curious with Young Living oils because I hear they're super effective! Someday, we'll know!

Basil plant

I want to start planting basil. Need to take advantage of our empty sunrise facing balcony, and also try my hand at gardening, baka sakaling I have a green thumb din like my dad lol.

Do you also find yourself spending more with quarantine? I know I do!

My quick and easy loan application experience: CIMB PH 0% Fixed Loan Term

CIMB PH is offering 0% fixed term loan of up to ₱50,000 to select customers. Here are a couple of things I like about this promo:

✓ Fully digital loan application
 Approval takes less than a week
 0% interest rate for a fixed 12 months
 Cheaper than most loan programs from big banks
 Loan amount is disbursed to your CIMB account which you can transfer to GCash or withdraw directly via CIMB debit card (with 0 atm fees - tried and tested)

For more info:

In this promo, for a loan of ₱50,000 you will be disbursed a net of ₱47,125. Your monthly installment for 1 year is ₱4,166.67 per month.

Here's how other banks compare, taken from iMoney PH Personal Loan Calcualtor

Principal loan amount: ₱50,000
Loan tenure: 12 months

Seeeee? With other banks you'd be paying ₱500 more each month! But of course, this is just a promo. 

CIMB's regular personal loan rate for 50k at 12months is:

Still cheaper.
Alright, now on to my application experience
June 10, 2020 - Applied for a ₱50k loan through the CIMB mobile app
The application flow in the app is pretty straightforward. You'll be asked to enter your personal and work details, attach your recent payslip, provide some ID details, and sign electronically. 

After submitting your application and getting pre-approved, every time you open the app you will be greeted by the current status of your application.I don't know who really qualifies for a loan but ever since the promo period started I've been receiving SMS notifications about the promo. According the Verified GCash Users group on Facebook, there's no required amount on your CIMB account to qualify. Even though with zero balance with CIMB, as long as they have an account, can apply. 

To manage your expectations, here are  sample computations:

For a ₱30,000 loan amount you will pay ₱2,500/month for 1 year
✦ But you will only be disbursed ₱28,275
✦ The deductions come in the form of 5% processing fee (₱1,500) and Documentary Tax Stamps (₱1.50 for every ₱200 amount of loan - that's ₱225)
✦ Total deductions - ₱1,725

For ₱50,000 loan amount you will pay ₱4, 166.67/month for 1 year
✦ But you will only be disbursed ₱47,125
✦ The deductions come in the form of 5% processing fee (₱2,500) and Documentary Tax Stamps (₱1.50 for every ₱200 amount of loan - that's 375)
✦ Total deductions - ₱2,875

So you're not really getting the full loan amount since there are fees deducted upfront. In case you're thinking of abusing this promo lol. Also, who in their right minds would offer 0% interest rate with no processing fees?

June 15, 2020 - Approved and disbursed net loan proceeds
I was notified via email that my loan application has been approved.
Email contains the loan contract, breakdown of fees, ammortization schedule, and so on. Loan amount (less deductions) has also been disbursed to my CIMB FastPlus account.

Due date is set to the 1st of every month

Aside from the abovementioned fees, the following fees are also worth noting:

✦ Loan repayment fees - waived (you may pay via 
✦ Early settlement fee* - 4% of the total unbilled loan
✦ Late payment fee - 5% of unpaid installment due or Php300 (whichever is higher)

* - to be clarified because while it says 4% in the email, it says FREE in my attached contract. It's important for me to know if I can finish my loan in advance without incurring fees. Other banks charge you for loan contract pre-termination so hopefully it's really free!


Overall I'm pretty pleased with the experience. Everything was fast, smooth, and easy. 

Have you tried applying for a loan with CIMB? How was your experience?

Busting Stress Has Become A Requirement, Not A Luxury

Source: Pexels

Oh boy, 2020 has been a doozy so far, huh? And it looks like there’s no sign of it slowing down. For many, this can be somewhat of an unfortunate realization, but despite the difficulties we’re all going through, or how close you may be to certain issues, self-care has never been a more essential priority. Like any terrible moment, this silver lining has the potential to at least bring one ray of light to the encroaching darkness. This silver lining is the ability to functionally preserve ourselves and care for our families with kindness. It seems that busting stress has become a requirement, not a luxury. This can keep our mental health balanced and our motivations clear. It can help us avoid falling into despair or letting challenges get the better of us. This sounds like a primarily defensive form of self-care, but it’s also a means in which to grant ourselves some breathing room, and ultimately to grow.

But what habits and practices can help you bust stress in this way? With the following advice, we’d love to discuss that with you.

Finding A Positive Habit
You can reduce your stress through one-off measures that often have great impact. For instance, visiting a spa and enjoying a massage are known to be some of the best ways to feel peace. But it’s unlikely you can fit one of those in each day, nor would you want to if you could. But a small positive habit we can practice anywhere, such as with the Tai Chi For Health Institute or practicing transcendental meditation can have growing and lost-lasting effects. What’s even more important is how low-cost or free these practices can be to integrate with your life.

Removing Unnecessary Stressors
Sometimes it’s not about limiting stress, but removing yourself from unnecessary stressful situations entirely. Does this mean you have to hide from the world? No. But it could be that you decline meeting up with a toxic parent after bringing your child to school, because all they seem to do is complain and gossip about others. Maybe you are tired of feeling so worn out all the time, so instead of working out so hard you focus on achieving a near-perfect sleep schedule, with the right time and monetary investment (such as memory foam mattresses) that you need for that great night’s sleep. This effort, and factors like this, can help you avoid encountering unnecessary stress in daily life.

Never Bottle It Up
Bottling up stress can seem important depending on how you usually approach these situations. Of course, breaking down in the office multiple times a day is unlikely to be a good strategy, nor is complaining about every little issue you encounter. But if something is truly weighing on you, it’s important to find the time to speak to those you trust, and allow yourself to speak your truth. This way, solutions can be found, and those around you will understand. This can also help you avoid falling into subconscious resentment.

With this advice, busting stress will become a hobby, not a simple luxury.

So so so lazy

New social media cover photo! Thanks a bunch Canva, these cute abstract blobs are super trendy right now no? Haha

As usual, here's some randomness in my life.

✱ Whenever I play Clash Royale I always tell myself not to give a fuck every time I lose because it's just a game. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, specially when I'm on a losing streak. There's only so much failure I can handle and losing 5x in a row really kills my zen yaknow?!

✱ Speaking of mobile games, these are the apps I have in rotation: Clash Royale, Ball Blast, Cooking Madness, and Coin Master.

✱ And speaking of Coin Master. I can't believe I'm playing this right now. I used to be bombarded with their ads. And every time I watch them I can't help wonder where they got the budget to have JLo, Terry Crews, and even Kris Jenner appear in their promos! Could be deepfakes though but who knows?

✱ Alright. It's already GCQ. I don't really know what's changed. I stopped caring about guidelines since MECQ started. We all know the basics anyway, the most important thing is to keep yourself isolated as much as you can. We're still practicing social distancing, wearing masks at all times, proper handwashing, and we're still not coming back to work at the office. Which is good. Only difference is that Jeckie and I are shopping together now. I can't find any definite answer as to whether the one per household rule is still being enforced, but no one has ever checked our quarantine pass in the last three weeks, checkpoints are not checking, and no one has stopped the two of us from entering an establishment together. Entrances are loosening up. It feels like people are less fearful of the virus now. I guess we've adapted and now know how to protect ourselves when going outside.

✱ Still eyeing the iPad Mini and Apple Pencil but official stores have not restocked yet. I'm checking everywhere for updates. Power Mac, Beyond the Box, iStudio, Switch, nada. I've also asked around Anson's, Abenson, Octagon, Silicon Valley, ElectroWorld, to no avail. All they have are iPhones. No tablets, at least not the tablets we want. The only stores I know that have stock are online sellers and tiangge owners. But I find it too risky. Hopefully Power Mac restocks soon, cos we've purchased cases for them already and they're arriving soon haha! Also, I'm so excited to Procreate. The app, of course. 😉 Excited na ko i-joke to sa mga nanay ko hahahaha

✱ Damn it's always Wednesday and I haven't done anything productive for work. Uuuuurgghhh.

✱ Hmm, what else. Oh right, I have duplicate Facebook accounts too. Can't say they're my fake accounts though because who am I to assume I have troll posers? My name is pretty common on Facebook, and I'm not about to report a potentially innocent account you know? Like how do you really know? On the grounds of having the same name and a firstname.lastname.number format in their username? That's crazy right? Facebook automatically suggests those usernames, it's very easy for someone to agree to having a random username because maybe they just chose to get one then just went with the suggestion? Anyway. I'm leaning more towards the possibility that my Facebook twins are legit or just simply uber private accounts with hidden everything, cos you can do that right? Idk.

I do feel a bit worried though so I'm kindof backreading all the posts where I might have said something about this government that may sound incriminating. Well, there's none.

✱ I hope I'd have more subscribers on Youtube, but frankly I have the most boring content and just like this blog I hate promoting myself on Facebook like hey guys please follow my channel pretty please, help me on the road to 1k subs! Hahaha I'm kinda done with that. Nahihiya ako eh, I'm afraid of rejection. And my boss seeing my social media activity lol. I hardly even show my face in my channel, even when making reviews. And I'm well aware that thumbnails with faces are favored more by newsfeed algorithms.

✱ Anyway, please subscribe to my Youtube channel: The Blahger LOOOOL I'd be happy with just 100 subs, I just really need that custom URL hahaha.


I'm tired of complaining

Things haven't been so great lately. I'm getting stressed from complaining about a lot of things!

✖ Our refund from Victory Liner still hasn't been processed yet and it's been more than two months! They're full of excuses. Genesis was able to refund within two weeks during ECQ, I can't imagine what their problem may be.
✖ Our PMO takes too long to issue receipts. Our May billing statement still shows our April dues as unpaid, and I said I can't pay this until you send me an updated statement clearing our April dues. But heck, it's almost due date and I can't miss it urgh.
✖ Lazada is also taking too long to send my Apple invoice, which means I can't register my warranty urgh.
✖ Estancia still refusing access to non-Pasig residents and I miss Unimart!

I've been nothing but patient and understanding this season but I can't keep on being like this when it's been over two months and there's no sign of improvement everywhere.

On the plus side, my monitor got delivered two days ago.

Remember I was supposed to pick this up from the office but guess what, blog jinked it so I wasn't able to drop by Friday last week haha. Our building suddenly has to be closed off due to a confirmed COVID-19 case. Whew.

I was surprised at how big my monitor was. I couldn't remember the size of my desk anymore. I used to work on two monitors but wow this single equipment has taken over most of my desk space, damn. I really miss my office desk.

I love working on a big setup. My laptop now works as a CPU, it's tucked behind the monitor doing all the processing. I've set it up such that even if the lid is closed, the laptop won't sleep. 

Now, my only complain is that I couldn't get the right color settings for the monitor aaaand I can't use the webcam anymore.

I thought I'd be motivated to actually code but I still feel lazy asf. Must have something to do with the bed beside me urgh. I'm so full of excuses lately ano po. I got a full sized wireless keyboard and a monitor, and now I want to get new glasses, and a proper headset. Jusko when will my setup be enough.

Anyway. I'll just quit giving fucks about things I have no control over, which is everything I've complained about so far. I've nudged people enough to take action, now I'm just gonna let them do their jobs and hopefully they deliver before my patience tank gets depleted (again). 

I mean, Victory Liner is already well aware of our complaints. 
There's no point nagging our PMO, I'll just continue paying our dues diligently.
I'll continue to wait for my invoice from Lazada. After all, I trust Apple enough so I hope I don't get any issues with my new airpods.
I don't care about Estancia anymore. We have Megamall, and it has Healthy Options. 

Will you look at that. I already feel more peaceful. I just had to detach myself from things I thought I deserved, but was okay to let go naman pala. 

[Review] Xiaomi MIIIW Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Xiaomi MIIIW Wireless Keybaord and Mouse Combo is a full wireless keyboard that's great for everyday use. It's simple and elegant, works with both PC and Mac, water resistant, and also very affordable. 

Here's a quick review of the . As usual, we'll go with the following order:
✓ Specs and features
✓ Price and availability
✓ What I like
✓ What I didn't like

But before that, here's an unboxing and first impressions video I uploaded on Youtube.

Alright. I chanced upon the Xiaomi Wireless Combo while browsing for wireless keyboards on Shopee and Lazada. I wanted a full and wireless keyboard to improve my work from home setup and I think I scored a good product with Xiaomi.

Specs and features
  • 1000dpi optical sensor
  • 2.4GHz wireless receiver
  • Anti-slip texture
  • Plug and use, no additional drivers needed
  • IPX4 waterproof
  • Sensitive button for PC/Mac switching
  • 4° or 8° keyboard typing angle
  • Full sized keyboard layout (104 keys + PC/Mac switch key)

Price and availability
Got this one from Shopee for ₱1,250 (discounts and vouchers included) so if you're interested, here's the link:

What I like

There's really not much to say about keyboards in general. My requirements are simple: full sized, wireless, and affordable and this product is just about perfect. It's simple and elegant, I like how the edges are tapered round and that there's not a lot of empty space around it. It's not thin but it doesn't look bulky, and it looks really neat and it looks great on my desk.

What I didn't like
The mouse. It's good enough, it clicks and scrolls well but for some it could be hard to click. That said, it could be better. It's also too big for me. Well, I have small hands and I have my own Logitech mini-mouse that I intend to continue using simply because it's smaller.

Also, the sound of the keyboard. I sounds click-clacky and like a plastic mechanical keyboard, you know? I mean it's no big deal but I just noticed how it sounds different from the usual keyboards. You may hear the typing sounds on the Youtube video above, towards the end. On second thought, I actually thought it sounds cool hehe.

Overall I really like this product. I may even bring this with me once I go back to the office. 

Oral Health & Hygiene Tips for All the Family

It’s important that your whole family looks after their oral health and hygiene. It’s one of those things that’s very easy to overlook, but that shouldn’t be the case. It’s about more than white teeth and nice-smelling breath. Oral health is serious and establishing good habits in your kids from an early age is really important. Here’s how you can start improving your approach and getting it right today.

Source: Pixabay

Get Into the Habit of Flossing
A big part of staying healthy and looking after yourself properly is getting into good habits. That’s definitely true when it comes to good oral health and hygiene, and it’s even more true when it comes to kids. That’s why you should get your kids into the habit of flossing a couple of times a day. It’ll ensure they keep up the habit for a long time to come.

Use Fluoride
Using fluoride, and the right amount of it, is really important when it comes to maintaining healthy and clean teeth. The easiest and best way to do this is to simply choose the right toothpaste product that’s capable of offering the fluoride your teeth need. It’s something you can talk to your dentist about if you’re not sure about it.

Find a Family Dentist You Can Trust
It’s vital that you have a family dentist in place that the whole family feels like it can trust. Places like Bowral Street Dental Practice offer top services and you should get to know a service before you commit to it. That way, you’ll always feel in safe hands when you head to them for check-ups and other routine procedures. It’s essential you have confidence in the dentist you choose.

Make a Dental Care Calendar
A dental calendar can be useful if you’re a busy family that often misses appointments and forgets to organize check-ups and things like that. We all know how busy and chaotic family life can be at times and having a dental calendar will at least ensure that you have those reminders in front of you of what you need to do and when. It’s harder to forget that way.

Brush Your Teeth Together When Your Kids Are Young
When you have kids that are still very young, it makes sense to brush your teeth together as a family. When you do this, it helps to normalize the process for your kids and they’ll want to imitate you. It’ll also become a game and something that’s fun, and that’s the perfect way to establish good habits that should hopefully last a lifetime. That’s just what you want.

Each of these oral health and hygiene tips is really important and everyone should be looking to get these right if they want their families to have good dental health going forward. Don’t cut corners or ignore the basics because that’ll only lead to more problems later. Put the ideas above into practice as soon as possible.

Life Lately and thoughts on the New Blogger Post Editor

// I woke up today with a message from the parking owner saying they'll be increasing our rate by ₱500 and that we should confirm by the weekend. It sucks. I felt angry at first, of all times really? But then I realized it's not too bad because of the following reasons:
  • It's still considerably below what the average parking rate is in this property, in this year.
  • Our next lease will start on July pa naman, so it's not really short notice. 
  • I doubt we'll get a better deal if we move. First level parking near elevator is a premium spot to me.
So yeah, we renewed and got the PDCs ready. 👍 Also, I can't be angry at our parking landlord because it'll be awkward in our Facebook group if I start looking out for a new spot, and most importantly she's sister-in-law to one of my former managers hahaha. So yeah, behave ako lol. FYI we currently pay ₱5k for parking. If it's any consolation, a friend who lives in the neighboring condo pays ₱10k. Hehe okay.

// My spending habits are kinda normalizing now too lol. I'm draining my allowance getting stuff online. I thought I'd want to buy less this ECQ but no, I have all the time to browse Shopee and Lazada! It's a trap! Plus all my favorite foods can deliver now so who's gonna stop my laziness from spending more? It started with an overpriced sleep mask, then an android streaming box (for my parents), then we decided to do take-out dinners every weekend, i bought a pair of apple airpods, ordered watercolor journals, and just now a set of wireless keyboard and mouse. 

I actually want to get more things, my ECQ wishlist is shaking.

// My latest purchase, the wireless keyboard, is actually an attempt to improve my current WFH setup and make it more conducive to work. Laptops kill my developer mojo. I need a full keyboard. I've coordinated with our office so I could pick-up my monitor, and also get some stuff from my pedestal. I'm set to drop by this Friday. Hopefully no trouble with the checkpoints, and no traffic too.

// I want to plant basil so I can make homemade pesto spread. But where to get gardening soil, and seeds too?

// You know how I've been making weekly vlogs on my channel, I'm thinking of changing my mobile video editor. I'm currently using InShot Pro, and it's great. It's super easy to learn, has a lot of options, but at the end of the day I'm looking for more features that would improve the way I edit. It's great for montages, but I'm trying to make more reviews and tutorial videos now and I need more than the traditional features. Considering I'm using a Pro version, I wonder why I don't even have PIP and video collage options. 

Any recos for a mobile video editor? :D

// This new Blogger post editor is pretty neat! Although I have a few concerns, mostly regarding their choice of icons for the toolbar. 

Update: I figured that part of the toolbar is hidden because I was using a laptop with a smaller screen size. After switching to a monitor, I'm seeing all options in one row now.

Text align options should not be hidden in a sub-menu, it's one of my most commonly used option, so it breeaks my user experience having to click more just to get there. If there's a keyboard shortcut for those, much better!

A lot of menu icons are confusing. Paragraph Format, Jump Break, and Toggle Caption buttons all look like Text Align options.

Font Type button looks unfamiliar.

Table button looks like Border options.

I find the toolbar icons in this new post editor less intuitive than the previous one. Considering it's a Google product they should at least consider following a standard right? Take Google Docs editor for reference, I mean. They were able to stretch the editor to a full width, they should've maximized the space on the toolbars. 

Anyway. I do like that it's neater, wider, and the preview option allows you toggle between device types so you can see how the post looks on mobile devices too. 

Hope they improve this editor!



Sup ding-dongs

Here's to another week wasted doing nothing productive at work. There's this one task I've been putting away for about a month now that I've finally gotten the motivation to start. As in officially start. I've been yapping about the plans I have for this task in our weekly meeting, but truth be told, I haven't really gotten around developing anything.

Let's get technical.

I just really need to migrate some data from PeopleSoft to our timekeeping database to align the department names and team names. I've got the data in an excel file, and I've done some concat magic to generate update statements for each row, but that's about it. I'm scared to touch it. Because I knew once I rolled it on the database, I have to inevitably start working on the back-end, and then the front-end. Right now I'm just too lazy for that. It's not a simple update, it's a freaking DB structure change.

I remember back in college when we're told decent databases should have structured tables with information accessible using IDs. Especially those with one-to-many relationship. Our current system has none of that elegance. Our tables are a mishmash of data and it pains me every time I have to LIKE query. Pun intended hehe.

But anyway. Okay, I rolled in the data and now the fun begins. I've fixed some pages, updated queries, created tables, and I'm nearing front-end of this tunnel. Pun-tastic. Now I have to work on the UI. Which is exciting, because I get to learn and apply something new to our forms: multi-select autocomplete text fields! 

In another news, I just ordered airpods from Lazada. I saved some 500 I guess, and another 500 when ShopBack validates my purchase. So it's not so bad? Can't believe I just shelled out 9k for a pair of earphones but heck, been wanting to reward myself for uhm, following ECQ?! Damn.

Oh well. Let's keep hanging on.

[Review] TEMPUR Sleep Mask

Tempur Sleep Mask Review

I've been curious about this product ever since Sharon Cuneta casually recommended it in one of her vlogs HAHA. I never really thought much about sleep masks even though I use one every night. It's a simple item that's cheap and easy to replace, and it does its job; cover my eyes and help me sleep. I didn't think there were more advanced versions of it. Like I'm okay working on a monobloc chair but I wouldn't ignore an ergonomic swivel chair with back support and a memory foam headrest. Anyway, let's get it rolling.

Uhm but before thaaaat, here's a short and sweet review on Youtube. It's a sub 3min video that starts with a short voiceover intro (script taken from the box) and a quick look and commentary at the product. There's not much to show and tell anyway hehe. Please watch, and maybe subscribe! ❤

The basics
  • Priced at ₱1,620 (regular price ₱1,800)
  • Purchased online from Tempur Philippines (
  • Arrived in 7 days. Considering ECQ - that's fast. But after knowing that their warehouse is just a block away from where I live? Urgh. Super slow. But it's all good. I complained. They listened, in a robotically reassuring way, and expedited the matter. Then I apologized, took down my frustrated comment in Facebook, and simmered down. Oh I love complaining up with solutions to my problems.

Before I get carried away...
  • Made with Authentic Tempur material, which uses some kind of Certified Space Technology (according to the box). Whatever that means. I'm guessing some kind of memory foam used by astronauts. Hm, no wonder the skyrocketing price huh?
  • Washable with reservations, which are: handwash only using mild detergent, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do no iron.
  • Textile is made of 75% cotton, 25% Polyester
  • Filling is made of 100% Polyurethane. Perfect.
  • Sized at 41x9x2.5cm. Couldn't care less.

What I loved
  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Blocks out light completely. Granted you wear it properly like align the ridge perfectly on your nose to seal it
  • Washable, but like I mentioned, with reservations
  • Adjustable with its garterized velco straps
  • Light, compact, perfect for travel. I mean, that's default for all sleep masks. 
  • Doesn't come off easily in my sleep. Works for side sleepers. Granted, you wear it tight.
  • It looks hot to wear but surpisingly, it's not. I was able to sleep with these comfortable even with the AC off.
I really enjoy wearing this because I can open my eyes fully unrestricted and just bask in the darkness it brings. It's kinda therapeutic. Even if I'm not feeling sleepy I could just lie down, wear this, and enjoy phosphenes and fractals dance in my mind. Like I'm being taken to space. Oh dip, is this what space tech materials do? Haha.

What I didn't like
  • Right off the box, the product tags. They're long and they're a lot. I ended up cutting them. Will this void my warranty? Do I even have one? Lol didn't check.
  • It sometimes comes off in your sleep. But I only realize it when I'm awake, so at least doesn't come off while I'm wide awake, shifting and turning trying to get the right position

Apart from those, I have nothing else.

This is how it looks like when worn. It's big and bulky and I kinda look stupid in it. But who cares, I'm wearing space tech, baby! Plus, it has helped me sleep better.

Yeah that's about it, hope you find this review helpful!

Quarantine Wishlist Part 1

It's still okay to dream right?

Tempur sleep mask
As of writing I already got it and now I've been using it for around 2 nights already. It's phenomenal. I mean, it's the best sleep mask I've ever tried. Obviously. It's the only sleep mask I thought twice, thrice, about getting mainly because it's too pricey for a damn sleep mask! It's at ₱1,620. 

Will post a separate entry to review this item. But so far, so good!

Xiaomi Mi Box S
If I had known about this technology two years ago we wouldn't have bothered with a smart TV that only has Netflix and Youtube installed. I ordered one for my parents and it arrived yesterday. They set it up quite easily and I'm glad they're enjoying it!

Sofa repair
The broken part of our living room sofa is still being supported by a bunch of books right now. Thankfully, it's not showing any signs of giving up completely so I hope it lasts until we can find someone to fix it. Can't wait to get it repaired and reupholstered.

A comfortable PC setup
I'm just working on the laptop right now but seeing that I'm getting more development work this ECQ, I want to go the office to pick up my monitor and also get my glasses and USB fan from my pedestal. 

Lots of money
Don't we all? I wish I had enough savings and more so I can support our parents now that they have zero cash flow, and also reach out to my friends in need.

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2
Because Apple airpods are too expensive and I've been wishing to get wireless earphones because, uhm, wireless. 

iPad mini and Apple pencil
Ah! I've been dreaming about these two gadgets but I'm not convinced I truly need it, specially in these times. Of course nobody really needs it but I'm thinking if I can truly utilize it. I stopped using my Samsung Tab w/ SPen after about 2 years of playing with it, then I sold it. And it has the same features I'm looking for with the iPad mini. I'm just really curious about Procreate. Throw in a paperlike screen protector and a folio case with apple pencil slot and I'm ogling over here. Hay.

Instant Pot
What a delight would this be in the kitchen. It's a multicooker that can do a load of dishes. It's a pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, blah blah blah. I wanted to get this during ECQ but I thought I'd wait for the air fryer lid to come out so that I'd get more bang for the buck? I've always wanted an air fryer!


ECQ thoughts

It's a bit over a month since the ECQ started, here are... random thoughts.

✦ I'm getting tired of my own cooking. So I'm trying to discover nearby restaurants that offer pick-up or delivery. We've had Domino's and New Bombay so far

✦ I wish we had a 2-door inverter ref, a 2-bedroom unit, and an oven. Also a new couch.

✦ I'm lagging behind my 2020 Reading Challenge. Still currently reading Smaller and Smaller Circles by F.H. Batacan. For such a short book I wonder what's taking me so long. Oh right, I don't really like reading. But I'd like to pretend I do, so I signed up for free Kindle Unlimited [link]

✦ My husband lacks common sense in the kitchen. One time he was defrosting the ref and used a rag to soak up the dripping moisture. When he was done, he just returned the rag beside the sink. Hindi nya piniga. The rag was fucking dripping. Urgh.
✦ I thought I'd enjoy working from home, but I feel more tired. And I'm always working late. I don't want our home to lose its sense if the lockdown continues for months on end.

✦ I realized that we don't really need a lot of things to survive. Duh.

✦ ECQ allowed me to be able to strictly follow my IF schedule yey. And now most of my old clothes are starting to fit again.

✦ I discovered an issue with our VPN just now. Which as of writing has already been fixed, but gave me the idea on how to unblock certain sites hehehe

✦ Our couch is sagging at the center because of a broken frame and we're looking for items in the house we can use to support it. Right now it's got a pair of books and a tin lunch box underneath. Hopefully it survives until we find someone who can fix it.

✦ I'm starting to appreciate the sky even more lately

✦ There's something wrong with how hashtags are being used in social media. Most of them are confusing. And before you get what their real intention is, you have to go through trial on fire.

You'll never learn about it without getting into an argument. One that will potentially crush your self esteem and have all your embarrassing pre-pubescent photos exposed to the public. That's how petty woke twitter is.

So why do we even bother with catchy hashtags that breeds confusion and misinformation and AAAAALWAYS need to be elaborated? It may be encouraging to see it spread like wildfire. But you'll hardly see anyone using it in the right context, with the correct understanding. Examples: 
  • #MenAreTrash - pero hindi daw lahat. Also pag kumontra ka, hindi para sayo yung hashtag so shut up ka na lang. Galeng. 
  • #MassTestingNow - pero hindi talaga mass as in everyone. Gotcha.
  • #MedikalHindiMilitar - pero kelangan parin ng pulis. So much for putting "hindi" sa hashtag. Ikaw pa tanga. 
  • #OustDuterte - ito clear. Ganyan dapat.

✦ There was a tweet that reminded me how much I hated highschool. Sabi nya Highschool > College daw pero ang nag-viral is yung bumira sa kanya with the caption, "Not if you're gay". Hahaha

✦ Anyway. That tweet prompted me to clean up my friends list once again and eliminate people from highschool who were never really nice. I think I unfriended an entire group of friends. Nagbago na siguro sila but I wouldn't be able to prove that for myself, so my last memory of them will always be their bitching around and being bullies. So yun, goodbye.

Ok yun lang naman hehe

Practical Steps to Help You Overcome a Bad Habit

Everyone in the world has faced a bad habit at some point in their life. For some people, it could be something small such as biting their nails, and for others it could be something more threatening such as an alcohol problem. However, even something like nail biting can get out of hand despite seeming like an innocent habit that you can easily break out of. Whatever bad habit you had, it’s important to understand that you can’t just wipe them off and start a clean slate. It’s not as simple as just deleting it from your life, even if you get plenty of assistance and support to help you do it.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some practical steps to help you overcome a bad habit. We’re going to show you how you can focus on your health, how to battle your demons and overcome your bad habits, and also how you can ensure that they don’t come back.

Photo by Andres Siimon on Unsplash

Step 1: Identify you have a bad habit
First thing’s first; identify your bad habits. If you don’t identify and admit to things that you’re doing on a regular basis that are causing harm to your physical or mental health, then it’s going to be tough to overcome it.

Step 2: Look at when you resort to it
As an extra step, take a look at when you resort to your bad habit. For instance, people that smoke tend to do it as a way to de-stress, while people that bite their nails might do it when they’re bored. When you identify when you resort to a bad habit, it can help you understand a bit more about it and why you do it in the first place.

Step 3: Understand the health implications
Next, make sure you look at the health implications of that bad habit. For some people, this might mean realizing that alcohol has some very negative effects on your organs. Other people might have to dig a little deeper to understand the health implications. For instance, someone that plays a lot of video games might realize that they’re becoming sedentary and their physical health is suffering as a result of that.

Step 4: Search for an alternative
One of the best ways to overcome a bad habit by yourself is to actually search for an alternative to it. This might sound strange to a lot of people, but if you’re able to identify why you rely on a bad habit in the first place, it’s actually not so far-fetched. For example, if you play a lot of video games because you’re bored or because they offer you a sense of reward and accomplishment, then it’s easy to get sucked into playing every day. However, once you realize that there are also negative effects in playing too much, you can step back a bit and search for something else that also rewards you with a sense of accomplishment that doesn’t involve sitting down. It could be learning a new skill or even gamifying fitness.

Step 5: Consider outside support and assistance
However, regardless of how you tackle your bad habits, you’ll undoubtedly have a much easier time if you rely on outside support. This could mean alcohol addiction treatment for anyone that thinks they have a drinking problem, or even just support from a friend or family member. Whatever your bad habits might be, having someone else to talk to and offer a second opinion is incredibly valuable.

Step 6: Settle on a replacement
One of the most underrated ways to overcome your bad habits is to actually find a replacement for them. We talked about this above with finding an alternative, but it’s also important to settle on a replacement for good. Sometimes, it can be hard to find a direct replacement for something such as smoking or drinking, but that’s where it becomes important to understand why you resort to a bad habit and find something that can offer a similar result without negatively affecting your health.

We hope that these practical steps have helped you understand that it’s possible to overcome a bad habit with relative ease as long as you approach it in a practical way. Just keep in mind that you can’t just simply erase a bad habit out of existence. You need to slowly overcome it by replacing it with more positive habits and understanding the health implications that you face if you don’t get rid of it soon.


[Review] First cycle with the Sinaya Cup (menstrual cup)

Not gonna do an intro about menstrual cups. I figured those who'd wind up here are at least partially aware and considering switching to menstrual cups already hehe, so I'm just gonna jump right to the experience. Spoiler Alert: I'm making the switch, and I'm encouraging you too!

Here you'll find pros and cons, product price and details, and my day to day experience during my first cycle using the cup.

When I got the package, I wanted to try it already so I read the instructions and went ahead and sterilized it in boiling water. It's not my period yet but I wanted to try how it works so as advised, I used a lubricant to help myself shoot the thing up my coochie.

The cup comes in 2 sizes, small and large. Small is ideal for women below 35 years old who have never given birth. Large is recommended for women who experience heavy flows (3 napkins a day type of flow), those who have given birth, or those aged 35 and above. Here's a size guide from Sinaya Cup.

Even though I think I have a heavy flow, I still got the small one because I'm scared I won't be able to fit a large cup in my vagina lol. Well, good call.

First impressions. Cute packaging! Looks eco-friendly too.

All the info you need is on the box.

I thought the cup is not gonna hold enough blood. But hey, I realized that I don't really have a heavy flow. Wearing a napkin has fooled me into thinking I'm a heavy bleeder. Guess that's what super absorbent cottony fiber does to you. It leaves you feeling like you have an unstoppable flow, and that you're perpetually bleeding.


  • No itch
  • Environment friendly
  • Saves money
  • No leaks
  • Less rashes
  • Feels comfortable
  • You can swim in it (ie. be active)!


  • Learning curve
  • Hassle to drain and clean
  • Uncomfortable at first

Pricing and availability
I got the product online from Sinaya Cup for ₱1,199. It's the most recommended brand among peers (aka the girls in my Facebook group). The cup is made from medical grade silicon, so it says in the website, so uhm I trust that's it's safe inside hehe.

Anyway. Here's how my day to day went on my first cycle using a menstrual cup:

6 day diary
Day 1

  • Inserted the cup using tulip fold.
  • Spent a couple of minutes in the shower trying to make it pop
  • My Day 1 flow feels unusually weak
  • I was afraid the cup might be stopping the flow instead of catching it lol
  • Thank God one of my friends told me it's normal, that there's really not much blood, it just looks a lot when absorbed by a napkin. I was relieved.
  • It's very uncomfortable moving around with the cup, I can feel the stem poking my vagina
  • I wore a napkin to bed just to be sure

Day 2

  • Woke up to no leaks!
  • Removed the cup in the shower and found there's almost no discharge, just brown drops
  • I was scared, again, that the cup might be breaking my cycle and stopping the flow lol
  • Nonetheless, still went ahead and used it
  • Inserted using the C fold this time
  • Can't decide what fold is best, as long as it pops and seals I'm good
  • After 3 hours it leaked, damn
  • Drained it and found the cup is halfway full
  • Trimmed the stem 1 notch
  • Re-inserted and forgot about it
  • After 4 hours I drained it again, this time no leaks, but the cup is halfway full again
  • Trimmed the stem 2 notches this time
  • Feels better but I still feel a slight poking
  • Having drained it twice, all my doubts that it's ruining my cycle is now out of the window
  • Drained it again before going to bed
Day 3

  • Woke up to a tiny bit of leak on my panty liner
  • Thank God the leaks are usually at the front of the liner and not at the back so our sheets are still safe
  • I thought the cup was super full because it leaked
  • But when I drained it at the shower it's only 1/5 full
  • Contemplating on snipping another notch off the stem because it's still poking on my coochie
  • I'm starting to think I have a low hanging cervix, whatever that means
  • I wonder if I should've bought a cup that has a small ring at the end instead of a stem
  • Drained 3x throughout this day
  • Aaand, I trimmed it again. For the last time. Cos there's nothing left to cut off anymore lol
  • Huge difference, I can't feel a thing now, wow

Day 4

  • Woke up to zero leaks! I love it!
  • Took if off in the shower, it's only around 1/5 full
  • Inserting it is becoming easier now
  • Drained twice today, first when I took a bath, then before going to bed

Day 5 and 6

  • I'm getting a steady state with this one
  • Again, no leaks
  • Drained twice today, after shower, then before going to bed
  • Since my period is ending, flow is lighter
  • Discharge has gone from bloody red to light brown
  • It's easier move around with it now that the stem's been cut off

Overall I feel very pleased with this cup's performance. I'll definitely continue using it again. It feels liberating not having to feel a bulky pad on your crotch area for a week. And it's amazing how's there little no leakage when using it. Now I can stop worrying about staining out sheets. I was worried still about getting rashes but they never came, I wasn't itchy anywhere. I frkn love it.

My entire first cycle with the cup is a learning curve. I have to learn how to put it in, explore which insertion fold works best, and struggle to make the thing pop and seal. In my case, I use the punch-down fold (aka lotus fold) more often because the tip is smaller compared to the C-fold so it doesn't stress my opening too much.

I still have a long way to go to say I've totally gotten used to it. I've been thinking how to manage with the cup when we finally go back to working at the office. I don't want to end up hogging the only cubicle with a faucet and tabo for more than 10 minutes, so I need to practice working faster with it hahaha.

It feels totally different, switching from pads to cups, but it's definitely a more comfortable experience. ♥

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