5 Possible Reasons You Can’t Get To Sleep

For some of us, getting to sleep can be a real mission. It can result in hours of tossing and turning, which can become more frantic as it gets to the early hours of the morning. There are many factors that can stop us from getting to sleep easily. Here are five possible reasons you may be struggling to drift off.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

You’re too stressed
Stress can keep many of us up at night. When stressed, our body releases cortisol which makes our mind more alert and our body more energised. Taking the time to de-stress before bed could help to flush out this cortisol so that your mind isn’t racing and your body isn’t tense. There may be forms of bedtime meditation that you can try in order to get yourself de-stressed. A hot bath meanwhile is another effective stress reliever. Avoid stressbusters such as exercise, which may simply perk you up and make it harder to sleep.
You’ve been consuming the wrong foods/drinks before bed
Certain foods and drinks will make it harder to go to sleep. Caffeine is the biggest culprit – coffee or tea before bed is best avoided and you may want to limit chocolate (this often contains caffeine too). High-sugar drinks may also keep you up, whilst fatty foods may cause bloating that makes getting to sleep difficult. Instead, try foods like honey or oats, which can help you get to sleep by promoting the hormone melatonin. Bananas and almonds are also good sleep inducers due to their content of magnesium.

You’ve been looking at too many bright screens before bed
Staring at a bright TV, laptop or phone screen before bed could be tricking your brain into thinking that it’s still daylight hours, delaying the release of melatonin. Try to make it a habit of turning off all devices with screens an hour before going to sleep. As mentioned earlier, you could try having a hot bath or meditating instead, or you could read a book – anything that doesn’t involve a screen.

Your bed/bedroom is too uncomfortable
An uncomfortable bed could also be preventing you from getting to sleep. If you suffer from any kind of back or joint pain, you may find that a soft mattress exacerbates the pain, whilst a firm mattress provides more support. Alternatively, some people may prefer a soft mattress that they can sink into. It’s also important that your bedding doesn’t make your too hot or cold – consider using different materials of sheets for different seasons to help regulate temperature more easily.

You’ve been lying in too late
Lying in late will make it harder to go to sleep at a reasonable time. Because you haven’t been awake long enough, your body and brain won’t be ready to sleep. Try making an effort to get up earlier even if you have no reason to. If it’s your day off from work, you may still be able to get a lie in – you may just want to keep a cut off point such as 10am to prevent you lying in too long so that you can then go to bed at a reasonable time the following night.

[Solved] Cannot link Paypal to GCash

After a bazillion years of trying to get GCash to respond properly to my concern, I finally got the answer I'm looking for. I don't want to go into the details of how frustrating it is to deal with GCash support kasi ayoko ma-highblood so let's just get into the details of why I wasn't able to link my Paypal account smoothly.

Root causes:
1. My Paypal acount type is business
2. My first name in Paypal is wrong (it included my middle name)

So yeah, before you attempt to link your Paypal account to GCash, make sure to take note of the following prerequisites:

  • Your first and last name on Paypal must be identical with your first and last name on GCash
  • Your Paypal account must be setup in the Philippines
  • Your Paypal account type must be personal (not business acocunt)
  • Your GCash account must be KYC-ed (fully verfied)
When I first tried to link my Paypal account, I kept on getting this error:

"We are unable to link your account. Please make sure your credentials are the same in both your PayPal account and GCash wallet"

The error message was followed by two emails. The first was a preapproved payments plan registration notification, and shortly after -- its cancellation.

The message prompted me to check my details both on Paypal and GCash. My email, full name, and even home address are exactly the same down to the very last character. So what gives?

I kept asking GCash support about it. I've gone throught Facebook, Website, and InApp support.

They're all trash.

I told them that I've checked my details and they all match. And if they could just provide me which details don't match, then I'll work on it. But hey, they just can't do any more digging. I was convinced that my details were perfect, but I still don't get what's wrong. They kept on resending the steps and guidelines and it was getting frustrating having to deal with their very incompetent support group. Eventually I took my problem with Paypal, but the answer I got was as dismal. The verification part is made on GCash's end so they're the one's who can answer my question.

Then I found this thread on Reddit discussing the issue. OP found out that his first name in Paypal included his middle name so he requested to have it changed. I figured it must be the same case with me. I just need to validate if my first name really included my middle name.

But heck, there's nothing on my Paypal dashboard that says this is my first name. I have no welcome banner when I log in, and my profile simply states my full name, as in <first> <middle> <last>. I was wondering where I could see a clue of what my actual first name is.

Until one day, GCash responded to one of my many emails with yet another set of steps and guidelines. But this one's longer and more detailed. It included the prerequisite that your Paypal account must be PERSONAL type and not BUSINESS.

I felt pretty hopeful! So okay, I requested to downgrade my account. From business to personal. No biggie, my Merch by Amazon account got terminated anyway so there's no reason for me to run a business account.

When my request got approved, I logged into Paypal and noticed this change:

I don't know why I had to blur that lol

I have a welcome banner now!

Okay so apparently Paypal doesn't greet its business account holders looool.

And also, I got to validate that my first name is indeed wrong! I mean, welcome templates don't usually include your middle name right? It's usually just Welcome <firstname> or Hi <firstname>! 

Great. So that's it. I had my name changed at Paypal, which was quite an ordeal too. I had to request thrice, each with a note that says not to include my middle name with my first name. All of them were executed wrongly. They'd say congrats we've changed your name but nothing has really changed! I'm still being greeted with my middle naaaame aaarggh. That's the time I contacted support through email, not by contact-us form, and thankfully they responded correctly.

Finally I was able to successfully link my Paypal account to GCash, and cash-in my money instantly.

The name change also did not affect my Paypal to Bank transactions, so I'm glad. No more waiting 3 days to withdraw my earnings!


Frustrating! Why you can't link your BDO Debit Card in GCash

Long story short, BDO blocks GCash transactions because it considers it a high risk app.

According to a BDO customer support agent, Mastercard has added more security layers in its platform restricting several apps, like GCash, from transacting with your bank account in order to minimize fraudulent activities. 

In order to link your BDO account to GCash, you have to call BDO Hotline and request to whitelist your account. In this process, you have to confirm that you have no other means to shop online, or have no other card you can link to GCash. Otherwise, they won't process your request.

BDO clearly doesn't want you to link your account to GCash because of its many potential security threats. But I think they're not allowed to explicitly discourage you because that's denial of service? Hehe

So if you're considering using your BDO card for GCash transactions, look for other options. Or just quit using GCash altogether, their customer service sucks so much it opened a new level of disappointments for me. 
Story time!
The only reason I wanted to link my BDO to GCash is to allow me to transfer my BDO funds to my BPI account without having to go out to withdraw and deposit. It was an exciting thought, to be able to cash in my money from BDO and move it seamlessly to BPI. Real time and without charges. Wow. That's just so ideal for me as I've been doing this whole withdraw then deposit process manually for the past 2 years. 

But when I tried to link my BDO Debit Mastercard in GCash, I always receive this unfortunate message:

"Sorry, your card enrollment cannot be processed. Visit http://bit.ly/DebitCardErrorInfo to know more about failed enrollments."

So what should you do?
1. Forget about asking GCash Care or reaching out to any of their hotlines. 

They were NEVER helpful in my months long attempt of trying to ask WHAT'S WRONG. Even if you've provided ALL the details they need to look into your account, they will always, and without fail, ask for it again. They never review your request. They're just delaying your request until you eventually give up and forget about it. 

I call it rude, lazy, and a fckn customer service disgrace. But then I thought they were probably doing it on purpose to discourage people from actually using BDO because the bank has put so many restrictions on GCash. 

At this point they could have told you to call BDO instead to whitelist your account right? BUT NO. They don't know that detail. Or they're purposefully withdrawing that basic information.

Which leads me to only step that matters,

2. Call BDO Hotline at 02-631-8000 (landline)

Tell them you can't link your BDO account to GCash. They will inform you of the Mastercard security features they've put in place blah blah blah and ask you if there's really no other card you can use. Then they'll get your account number, card number and a few other info for verification.

They'll lodge your request to whitelist your account number and have you wait for 4 hours or a confirmation message coming from BDO. After that, you can try linking your account again...

I got this message from BDO nine hours after the call and immediately tried to relink my card.

Did it work?
NO! It didn't! Much to my dismay, which I'm growing more fond of, my card still won't link, and I'm still getting the same unfortunate message.

So what now?

Nothing. I don't want to deal with it anymore... at least for now. 

If you're experiencing the same problem, I hope calling BDO to whitelist your account works for you. It didn't for me, but I sincerely hope it works for you at least. Please let me know if it does, I want to learn of success stories! Maybe I'll try to look into it another time... when I'm not feeling so hopeless.


Niggling Pains That Can't Be Ignored

Image by Ernesto Eslava from Pixabay

Nobody likes being in pain, but one of the most common complaints that people have, is that they're in some sort of pain. Whether it be because they're aching, because they've got a medical problem, or something has just started causing severe pain out of the blue. There are literally thousands of causes for this, yet we're so bad at actually finding out what's wrong. So many of us put up with pain until it's completely unbearable, until one day it gets too much, and finally a doctors trip happens. But realistically, we should be sorting the problems we're having as soon as possible, to make sure that we have the best outcome. So we're going to run you through some of the paints that definitely shouldn't be ignored, and simple thing that you might be able to do to get it sorted quickly!

Joint Pain
Joint pain is something that we're all going to experience at some point in life, especially as we move towards the older years. But even as young healthy people, we will have all of the joint aches and pains that older people have. It's due to the work we do, and the way we look after our body. People who sit in offices a day are known for their problems with joint pain, but mainly in the neck. But neck pain isn't something that should be ignored, and just shrugged off because you know it's related to your job. You should start practicing a better position at work, ensure that your back is straight and you're not slumped over. This will straighten your posture, and allow your neck to sit in a neutral position rather than tilted. It takes all of that pressure off the neck joint. Doing light rolls of your head and neck stretches to relieve any tension is also advised!

Something Caused By Injury
Now this is definitely something that can't be ignored, yet again, so many of us do. Injury can occur for many different reasons, from lifting something to heavy, to sports related injuries. Physiotherapy is always recommend when you've been injured with something that's long lasting. So torn muscle or ligaments, it's almost essential to have the physio to help the injured area repair to the optimum level. Don't ignore any pains that you're having through injury when it's long lasting area. It's always best to go the your doctor or to A&E, just to make sure that there's nothing more serious going on!

The Worst Kind Of Aches
There's nothing worse than both tooth and ear ache. Both are such a niggling pain that can lead to headaches and other aches. There are quick remedies that can soothe some pain, such as resting your ear on a hot water bottle, and for the toothache, getting into the dentist as quickly as possible is essential. There are emergency dentist appointments for people in serious pain, so never leave it!

So if you're going to take anything away, it's that you go to the doctor or whatever medical professional is relevant, and always get pain treated before it gets any worse!

Life Lately

I missed to write daily accounts of what's up this week so I'm just gonna share what's happening to me so far. Errr... Wala naman hahaha. Nothing interesting. I finally got a desk for our room, something I've been wanting to buy for months but can't 'cos it was out of stock for a while lol. Spotted it at Landmark this weekend, and finally took it home.

Can I just say. This table is rare. Nobody makes tables that are 90cm long. Like what heck right? Desks are either 80, 100 or 120cm long. But well, this little corner in our room is exactly 93cm wide so an 80cm table would look awkward. So yeyyy for finally getting the perfect sized desk!

It actually opens up to a dining table too. The tabletop is folded and there's a swivel mechanism underneath that allows it to transform. Cool. Didn't need that feature though but could be useful someday! :D

Next project, a headboard! So I can read on the bed lol

Monday was a holiday in light of the elections. Didn't vote. I've never voted actually. Whatever love I have for this country is easily trumped by life's smallest inconveniences. Too far, too hot, no parking, voter's reg is a hassle (hope there's an online portal for this), I could generate a hundred excuses just to avoid participating in the elections. I call it privilege. I'd rather chill at home than exercise my right to suffer suffrage. Our ballots are only going to get sabotaged anyway. And they did, right? Doesn't mean I don't get to have opinions on matters of state though. I didn't research enough to bet on anyone, I thought I liked some candidates from Otso Diretso but when I answered a quiz about key issues that mattered to me, none of them was a match. Hmm...

Anyway. Let's leave it.

How To Mix and Match Pizza With Sides

Image by Igor Ovsyannykov from Pixabay

You probably know exactly what pizza you want to order when you ask your friends, “Where are pizza locations near me we can order from?” A tasty pizza can turn a good night into a great one. However, depending on the size of your party, you may need more than pizza to keep everyone happy. After saving money on the cheapest pizza specials available, you can end up with more money in your pocket to spend on the perfect size.
For the Health-Conscious
Pizza naturally comes with a lot of calories. If you want a healthy side to even things out, then you should order a chicken Caesar salad with your meal. It comes with crisp Romaine lettuce along with all-white meat chicken. It comes topped with a creamy Caesar dressing and shredded cheese, making this one salad you will have no problem getting down.

For the Game Day
Pizza and buffalo wings are a tradition as old as the Super Bowl. Bone-in wings are covered in a delectable buffalo sauce and baked to perfection. They pair incredibly well with a Philly Cheesesteak pizza. You can search online for “philly cheesesteak pizza near me” to find a local restaurant that will give you the perfect meal for the perfect game.

For the Party Animals
When a party is in full swing, you need food people can grab and take with them easily around the room when they want to mingle. Garlic knots fit the bill perfectly. People can grab a plate and get a slice of pizza and a couple of tasty garlic knots. They are made out of fresh dough and covered in a delicious garlic parmesan seasoning. It is the perfect way to take your party to the next level.

Everyone’s taste is different. You can mix and match to your liking to find the perfect combination you will want to order time and time again. Give it a whirl by ordering pizza with a side today.

Week in review


There are days when I feel so excited to go to work and do my job but when my boss isn't around I just tend to be more uhmmm lenient lol sssshhhh. It's true that when the cat's away the mouse will play. Not saying my boss is strict though, more like his presence errr encourages me to appear to work hard HAHAHA. Charot.

But hey, I accomplished something today. I'm finally 70% in this Holiday Staff Assignment page I'm working on in PHP. Next step is adding data validation. I might sayyyy, this task was pretty challenging. Duh, everything dev related is challenging to a QA (in my mind: what's happening to my career???).

So I have a table with checkboxes and input fields and on submit I need to collect the values from all the rows where the checkbox is checked and run an update query. The ideal approach (at least for me) is to grab the row values on checkbox check, and attach it to the value of the checkbox. That way, upon submit I could just get one list and everything I need would be there. But thennn, I'm trying to avoid onchange functions because I think it isn't too neat and I'm reserving the method for validation where it's more apt? Errrr.

Anyway, I managed to "cheat" my way into it by processing 2 lists and matching them together. Not the most elegant approach but hey, it can't go wrong.

Another thing I accomplished today was a logo project for one of my colleagues hahahaha. After retiring from writing on the sides, I badly needed more gigs. Right now I only have 2 logos, 1 invite, and one blog post. Man I need to keep myself busy.

Here's a reject, by the way:


Oh this day was busy. I had 2 RPA meetings. I didn't mean to be productive today but heck you know when there's a programming logic bugging your mind and you can't stop thinking about it? It's eating up my me time --- which starts by the time my boss leaves until the end of my shift hahahaha. Charot.

Here's another reject. Oooh I like it that my collection of "Drafts that didn't make it" is growing!


I got up pretty early so I had enough time for coffee. Oh I love coffee mornings. Moreso the fact that the time it takes for me to finish taking a bath is enough time for my coffee to brew and cool down a bit. Now I'm looking forward to more mornings like this.

I cooked butter tikka masala and bought naan from Queens. I really really love Indian cuisine (particularly masala, lassi, and samosa) but I don't like how long the smell lingers in our kitchen, our living, on our couch, AND IN MY MOUTH haha yesss even after brushing! I even feel like I'm giving off a scent as well HAHA.

Anywayyy. We played badminton today! It's pretty much my only source of sweat this week. I need to do this regularly!


Cooked pork giniling today and I love it! Of course I wasn't able to cut down on rice, but well, I've been off track in pursuing a no rice lifestyle for so long so I don't care anymore! Hahaha

Today we had a short town hall with our regional chiefs, and one of them mentioned about the new building we're transferring to in two years time. I'm so excited! We're moving to Ayala Triangle Tower Two, which will also house the new Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The project is being developed by Ayala Land, of course, and the gorgeous building is designed by SOM. Here's thread from Skyscrapercity.

I'm sooooo looking forward to the new building I might actually stay until we move out! Not that I have plans on leaving lol.


I AM SO BLOATEEEED!!! Super lamon ako today! My husband got me kare kare with lechon kawali this morning before going to sleep, then I ate burger, pizza, and chicken at work. Also got coffee. I'm not even done digesting and I'm already craving for moooore. I'm just so hungry nowadays. My period's probably coming up.

Updates! I changed my blog layout a biiiiit. Just rearranged and colored a few sections lol

Uhm, what else. I wrote a new entry on my other blog, Surf & Perf. If ever you're working on UIPath and is interested with RPA. Check it outttt.

3 Health Changes To Make As You Reach Middle Age

Looking after your health gets so much harder as you get older. When you’re young, it feels like you can bounce back from anything and you don’t need to worry too much. It’s still important that you try to get into good health habits but you can afford to make a few mistakes along the way. But when you start to hit middle age and your risk of disease begins to increase, it’s so important that you start thinking more seriously about your health. If you don’t, you’ll struggle to manage it when you’re older and you’ll be far more likely to have serious health problems. If you haven’t thought about it much, these are some of the biggest health changes you need to make as you reach middle age.

Photo from Pixabay

Diet And Exercise
Diet and exercise are so important at any age, but when you start to get older, you need to prioritize it. Your risk of things like heart disease and strokes are massively increased and you need to make sure that you’re doing everything that you can to reduce that risk as much as possible. Diet is a good place to start because if you’re eating a lot of fatty foods and sugar, your heart health is really going to suffer. Drinking a lot of alcohol has a big impact too. You need to cut those unhealthy foods out of your diet and replace them with more healthy alternatives.

Exercise is so important for heart health as well and if you’re doing a good amount of cardio on a regular basis, your risk of heart attacks and strokes is massively reduced. Staying active will also help you to keep your joints in good working order so they don’t seize up as you get older. You don’t have to be an athlete, but it’s important that you stay active, even if you’re just walking on a regular basis.

When you’re getting older and you’ve already got a family, you might decide that you’re not going to have any more children. In that case, you might want to consider some form of permanent contraception so you can avoid any accidents. If you have good private medical insurance, the vasectomy cost will be covered, you’ll just have to pay the excess. It’s not expensive but it is worth doing for peace of mind. Having an unplanned child later in life can be really tough so it’s best to be safe.

Get Regular Tests 
When you’re young, there isn’t really much need to go for regular tests on things like your sight or your hearing unless you notice a problem. But as you start to get older, these things will start to go. However, if you can catch the problem early and get some glasses or hearing aids, you can limit the damage and stop the problem from getting worse. If you leave it though, you’re likely to lose your hearing completely and have serious vision problems in later life.

Make these simple health changes as you approach middle age and you’ll be able to manage your health a lot better as you get older.

3 Must-try home decor ideas for summer

Changing seasons are a great opportunity to update the way your home interior looks. Luckily, you don't need a total overhaul to update the way your house looks. Just a few decor tips would do wonders to your currently existing theme. This article will show you 3 must-try summer home decor ideas that will help you achieve a home that's light, airy, and full of sunshiny vibes.

Switch your linens
Photo from Pixabay

A new bed duvet cover can instantly change the way your bedroom looks. It's always a good idea to have spare linens that match each season, that way you don't have to think a lot when it comes to getting new fabric. For your couch you can change the pillow covers. And for your dining, you can change your place mats, table cloth, or even table runners. Check out VeeYoo tablecloth factory for amazing options. Don't forget to consider the weather as well and go for fresh and light fabrics like cotton and linen, and look for patterns that are cool to the eyes like blue and aqua. 

Update your table and shelf decor
Photo from Pixabay

Common summer themes are the tropics, the ocean, and the beach and there's no shortage of ideas when it comes to decorating under those themes. Try going for a rustic coastal summer look and get a couple of plants,  wooden crates, and cute lanterns. Also try out this cool and elegant VeeYoo watch box that could sit perfectly on your vanity.

Spice up your outdoor area
Photo from Pixabay

The outdoor area is an incredibly important feature during summer season that you can't miss to update. You will use this area a lot as you invite your friends over for a day of fun and refreshments. It's easy to get a new look for this space. Just switch up your outdoor rugs, change the lights, and update the seat covers. It's amazing how very small and simple changes can instantly give your home a pretty do. For your home decor, kitchen, and dining decor needs, head on to VeeYoo for lots of pretty and affordable options.


Beating The Bloat In Time For Summer

Even the most in-shape of us can suffer from bloating from time to time. Bloating can be uncomfortable, make you feel heavy and affect how your clothes fit. Bloating can be caused by many things, but there are some solutions you can try to reduce bloating and feel great in your own skin. Here are some suggestions for beating the bloat in time for summer.

Photo by Joseph Greve on Unsplash

Pay attention to what makes you bloat
Bloating can be triggered by all kinds of foods. From starchy carbs to certain types of vegetables, you can soon start to recognize which foods are making you bloat. You can take a look at some common foods that trigger bloating and establish some patterns to help you work out what to avoid on the days where bloating isn’t an option.

Cut down on alcohol
Alcohol can cause many adverse effects, and one of them is bloating. Alcohol can cause the typical stomach bloating, but it can also make your face and body bloating as a result of the dehydration it causes. If you think you can cut back on your alcohol intake, consult the Stop Drinking Expert to get some help. Alcohol can lead to weight gain and problem skin, so if you want to look your best, then it doesn’t hurt to cut back.

Make sure you hydrate yourself
Bloating can happen easily when you’re dehydrated. Your body will retain water easily, leading you to feel bloated and uncomfortable. Staying hydrated is the answer, so make sure you drink plenty of water - especially if it’s hot or you’ve been working out. Soda drinks can make bloating worse, so try to avoid carbonated drinks if you’re having a flare-up.

Keep moving
Exercise can help relieve bloating, even if it feels like the last thing you want to do! Regular exercise will help digestion and make sure you keep things ticking over. If you don’t feel like going for a run or doing some cardio while bloated, take a look at some empowering strength training instead. Some exercise will soon have you feeling better and help keep you regular too.

Get checked out
If your bloating is recurrent and causing you pain, you should make an appointment with your doctor. Bloating can be caused by conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other conditions, which can leave sufferers suffering regular, painful bloating. Getting a diagnosis can help you get the treatment you need to manage your condition and soon help you feel better.

Bloating affects most people, and while it can be a misery to deal with, you can learn to manage it with the right approach to your health and well-being. Eat the right foods, get moving and make sure you don’t do anything that exasperates your symptoms. In most cases, bloating will pass quickly, allowing you to enjoy your summer wardrobe while feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Cucina Breakfast Buffet at Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas

Is it worth it to include breakfast in your booking at Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas? Read on to find out!

Here's a pic spam of what to expect at Cucina's breakfast buffet. The restaurant is located at the 24th floor, same as the lobby, and breakfast is served everyday from 6am to 10:30am. During peak days they display an info board of customer density based on the time, to help you manage your expectations. A similar board is provided for pool density as well. Great touch! Now let's look around to see what they offer.

Bread, cheese, and cold cuts

Pancakes and donuts. Plus a toaster for heating sliced bread

Filipino station with daing na bangus, tocino, and adobo. There's also congee, arroz caldo, and champorado (which is yummy!)

Indian station with vegetarian dishes

Classic breakfast options - corned beef, beaked beans, and sausages

Egg station if you want to customize your scrambled eggs

Bacon in 2 consistencies (crispy and medium //more like medium 1 and medium 2 hehe), potato wedges, grilled tomatoes

Chinese noodle station

Juice station - they have guava juice, apple infused water, and orange juice. There are healthier cold pressed options to like mango papaya, beetroot pineapple, and apple cucumber celery. Yum (note sarcasm). If you're looking for coffee and tea, you can request from the servers.

A selection of fruits, yogurts, and salads are also available

There's a cute maki station too and miso soup!

Cereals -- check

An assortment of pastries

And hey, there's taho!

The ambiance of Cucina is very elegant. The servers are attentive, they refill emptying trays fast, and they clear out your plates immediately. The space actually reminds me of Seda Vertis North's Misto.

You'll definitely get your fill dining at Cucina in the morning, but if you're not a breakfast person (like me), go ahead and exclude it in your booking to save money. I know I will in my next stay hehe.

Let's tour! Staycation at Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas

Spent the holidays at Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas for the first time and what can I say, I was truly impressed! I didn't think so highly of this establishment because the hotel sits tight inside a CBD and barely has any perimeter clearance for any outdoor amenities. I'm kindof partial to 5-star hotels with spacious outdoors like Sofitel or EDSA Shang but yeah I'm starting to look deeper than the facade and really look at the overall service and value of each booking hahaha! So without further adieu, let's tour you!

Ground floor lobby

Marco Polo is actually part office space and part hotel so the ground floor lobby isn't the actual hotel lobby.

Reception counter

The real hotel lobby sits on the 24th floor. And it's gorgeous.

It's wide and spacious and the lighting is so beautiful specially in the morning. It's peak season during the time we checked in so the lobby is full of people in the morning.

Rare time I caught the lobby space empty. It's the wee hours of the night after all.

The earth tones remind me of Seda Vertis North hehe.

Premiere room
We booked a Premiere room with a king sized bed via Agoda. The room description says it's 51sqm but I managed my expectations. It can't be that big.

Boy was I wrong. It's hella big for a hotel room. It's so darned spacious I can't even! Just look at my Sofitel shots, I had to squeeze myself in a corner to get a decent shot of the room. You could see from where I stand how big the room is. I LOVE ITTTTT.

What the heck, this room is even bigger than our house. We got a room at the 36th floor. Guest rooms start at 27th floor I think? So obviously everybody gets a high floor. View from here isn't that great though, we're surrounded by taller buildings so I can't really appreciate the height haha.

Here's one side with the TV and desk. One of the drawers houses a safety vault.

All sockets are universal and there's also a USB port and and HDMI to TV port (which doesn't work). There's a total of three phones in the room. On the desk, on the bedside, and in the toilet.

Here's another side of the room with a small lounge and the minibar section.

Moving on! As usual, there's complimentary tea and coffee. But not just any coffee,

Freakin Nespresso man! The coffee capsules are complimentary as well. It's my first time to try this and I'm pretty amazed at the technology. It's cool, but I prefer the good old brewed coffee haha.

The closet area is super spacious, as you can see, they're quite generous with hangers lol.

There's an iron and ironing board, laundry bag, and slippers. The usual. I love how there's a lot of storage space for you to really hide your things in sight. I hate it when we stay in hotels and all our things are scattered on the tables and chairs. It doesn't make for a relaxing stay when you feel so at home, alam mo yun?! Hahaha

Let's go to the bathroom!

We've got two sinks, a bathtub, and a really good shower space. Water heats fast and the pressure is good.

Toilet is enclosed too. Noice.

As usual, we have the basic toiletries. Dental kits, cotton buds, shower caps, sanitary bags, body lotion, and sewing kit.

Let's also not miss the hair dryer, which is mounted in its own drawer. Cool.

Shower essentials are brought to you by Trussardi. Never heard, sounds posh, fragrance pallette smells a bit too masculine for my taste lol.

Pool and gym

The pool and gym is situated on the 22nd floor. Being that there's no outdoor space in this hotel, the indoor pool is kindof expected. Althouuuughhhh, I didn't expect it to be this nice! It's super no frills straight rectangular infinity lap pool with an amazing view. It doesn't look like it has some fun areas for kids? I'm sure there are shallow areas but I never got to swim hehe.

The gym is also super spacious. I can imagine running on that treadmill with a view of the CBD. Lovely.

Now let's take a peek into the changing areas.

Lockers over here.

Very elegant vanity counter on this side.

Equally impressive line of sinks. It's getting hard describing hotel amenities lol.

That's pretty much it for this pic spam! Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas is now definitely one of my favorite hotels. It's centrally located and you won't starve lol. There's Jollibee beside it and Metrowalk across, plus a whole array of restaurants just around the block. The overall feel of Marco Polo is serious and luxurious. Like it's for one of those snob bachelor businessmen wanting to take a break and enjoy being alone. Anuraw?

If you're curious about the breakfast buffet at Cucina, I have another post for that. 

Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas is located at
Meralco Avenue and Sapphire Street
Ortigas Centre, Brgy. San Antonio, 
Pasig, Metro Manila

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