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Weekly Diary: No Late November!

This week looks good! Spent ₱1220 this week, got no lates, ate a lot of rice, drank a lot of coffee, and felt quite accomplished at work. Also, I slept an average of 7 hours this week! Here's to hoping it pushes through for the rest of the month at least!

Monday (Nov 5)
○ Parking at Greenbelt 5 - ₱110
○ Costa Primo Iced Coffee - ₱140
○ Rice - ₱20

☽  Slept 9hrs 58mins
★ In at 3:05PM
✧ Spent ₱270

Today I indulged in coffee and ate rice huhu! I can't help it! Munggo ba naman baon ko, pano na.

Also, I'm starting another challenge for myself, aside from documenting my expenses (I never really put a cap, I'm just happy if I don't hit 1k per week hehe), I'm also documenting my daily time-ins for NO LATE NOVEMBER. In an effort to make my birth month more positive and to also make up for the horrible state of my timesheet last month, my aim everyday is to arrive at work before 3:59PM. :)
Tuesday (Nov 6)
○ Parking at Greenbelt 5 - ₱110
○ Rice - ₱20

☽ Slept 6hrs 19mins
★ In at 3:20PM
✧ Spent ₱130

I can't help it! My baon is daing na bangus and ampalaya salad with itlog na maalat. How can you not eat rice with that?

This afternoon, Red (my senior) and I got treated to coffee by our "clients" from the finance team. They took the RPA workflow we created for them really well and I thank God for it! They were so happy they just had to treat us to Starbucks. I will cherish this message forever because don't we all seek validation?! Also, this helps my appraisal lol.

Ever since I signed the counter-offer, I've been struggling to internally justify that I deserve to be here, that they made to the right decision to keep me. I didn't really think I was doing a lot, and yet they decided to up my pay by 50% just to make me stay. I'm still reeling at the thought you know. Also, I feel pressured to perform better.

Wednesday (Nov 7)
○ Taxi going to the office - ₱140
○ Costa Primo Iced Mocha - ₱140
○ Taxi going home- ₱120

☽ Slept 6hrs 36mins
★ In at 3:47PM
✧ Spent ₱400

I'm not late but wary at the rate at which my time-ins are moving closer and closer to the late line. Yikes. I also just added another metric, sleep hours, in another conscious effort to reach at least 7hrs of sleep each day, or 7hrs average in a week. Looking at my Fitbit history, I haven't been successful in this attempt ever. What usually happens is I deprive myself during the weekdays and oversleep on the weekends, thus pulling up the average. But I don't want that to be the case. Urgh. I want to sleep longer!

Today I woke up really exhausted because my sleep was interrupted by the repair man who arrived at our condo at 11:30am to fix our shower heater. I thank God our security guard called to wake me up otherwise I would've slept away and missed the text messages. Also grateful to have finally gotten the chance to fix our heater. It's been acting up for months but we never paid attention, until the ber months crept in and we knew we had to do something lest we freeze in the shower in the coming months.

Next thing I need to prioritize is to have our freezer door replaced, and to schedule another deep cleaning session.

Thursday (Nov 8)
○ Parking - ₱110
○ Costa Primo Iced Mocha - ₱140
○ Rice - ₱20

☽ Slept 6hrs 21mins
★ In at 3:17PM
✧ Spent ₱270

It's a very special swelday today because the counter offer has reflected! Hooray for a higher basic pay and more allowances! Perfect birthday gift! And so I just had to sneak out for a celebratory manipedi.

There's a lot of work coming our way and I just hope I get to manage my tasks properly. As much as I want to continue developing RPA workflows for now, I had to remind myself that hey I'm a QA first and testing projects are a priority lol. RPA is so fun.

Friday (Nov 9)
○ Parking - ₱110
○ Manang's kwek kwek and banana-q - ₱40

☽ Slept 5hrs 50mins
★ In at 3:21PM
✧ Spent ₱150

There's a Jolijeep at Palanca that sells blockbuster streetfood. Sobrang havey. They have kwek kwek, kikiam, squid balls, turon, banana-q, etc. There was a line when we got there but it didn't take long to get served. Their banana-q is so gooood! <3

The week that was

I'm kind of enjoying documenting my week in terms of expenses. For one, I get to remember what I did the whole day haha and I can always babble about the things I spend money on because don't we all???
Monday (Oct 29) - ₱110
○ Parking at Greenbelt 5 - ₱110

Still not completely recovered from flu. My colds has escalated to an annoying cough, a splitting headache, and now... a freaking toothache?! I'm not really surprised. Whenever I get a flu I tend to always always wheeze everything out like crazy 'cos I can't stand the feeling of a clogged nose. Apparently I'm killing my sinuses and for some reason the nerves are connected to my teeth, so yeah.

Work wise thank God there's progress in this RPA workflow I'm creating. I was having a hard time dealing with this Silverlight application our finance team uses but thankfully I found a way through it. Wooh. There's still more to this task so help me Lord!

Tuesday (Oct 30) - ₱110
○ Parking at Greenbelt 5 - ₱110

I'm done with the 2nd sequence of this frnk RPA workflow. I'm so stoked to get through this and focus on other automation test cases next. I'm looking into spending some time going through UIPath Academy to soak up on tutorials. Maybe I can try getting certified too, they offer free certification until December 31 soooooo... we'll see!

Wednesday (Oct 31) - ₱108
○ Bus going to the office - ₱14
○ Starbucks coffee - ₱80
○ Bus going home - ₱14

My officemate gave me Starbucks GCs yesterday so I had the chance to use it today. Shared it with a colleague and we both got this customized drink that's too strong and too sweet. If I remember correctly it's white mocha breve something no water double shot something?! Hahaha! Too sweet!

For our baon I cooked honey garlic chicken wings with butter parmesan baby potatoes on the sides. It sucks. Remind me to stick to bbq marinade, the honey garlic we got is too... bland haha. Also, I think I undercooked the chicken it's still frkn bloody huhu.

Thursday (Nov 1) - ₱0
Totally no expenses today 'cos it's the start of the long Undas weekend. Jeckie and I had plans to drive to Fairview to see my family but we backed out because we wanted to rest and just spend a whole day with each other.

We ate dinner at Kabab and Curry where we got to spend our coinbank money. We didn't max out on our 3k budget so hooray for another date covered!

Speaking of that coinbank money, I'm not sure if I've already shared but at the beginning of the year we made a conscious effort to save all the 5 and 10 peso coins we have till we fill their designated cans to the brim. We were able to fill the 5 peso can last month and it totaled to ₱3,320 -- that's 10.4lbs! And instead of going to the bank to exchange them, we went to McDonald's instead where there's always a need for coins especially during weekends. We got the paper bills good and the store manager even gave us free BFF fries. Yay!

Friday (Nov 2) - ₱319
○ Lunch at Galleria - ₱179
○ Costa Primo Iced Coffee - ₱140

Met with the in-laws for lunch at Galleria and stayed 'til night. Our tita was checked in at Holiday Inn so we hung out for the rest of the afternoon eating and playing Undercover. It was fun, albeit super stressful. My palms were sweating the entire time that my phone can't recognize my fingerprints! Hassle haha.