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Best things to do on a girl's weekend in Vancouver

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Photo from Pixabay

Planning a getaway with your long lost girlfriends from college in the Great White North this summer? There are many great cities in Canada, but for an abundance of nature and urban extravagance, Vancouver beats them all. In this article, we'll run down a few activities that could fit perfectly into your weekend itinerary here.

1) Go shopping downtown

As one of Canada's most affluent cities, Vancouver has no shortage of amazing shopping neighborhoods. Robson, Granville, and Davie Streets are just a few of the thoroughfares boasting retailers with unique and luxurious products you'll be excited to get at a great price.

Those looking for high end fashions will find what they are looking for at Holt Renfrew and Nordstrom's on Granville, while those seeking unique bookstore finds and other alternative buys will want to walk Davie until they end up in the middle of the Gay Village.

After a long, tiring day of tearing up the sidewalks in search of killer finds, you'll probably want to have a low key evening your first night in Vancouver. If you choose to crash on your hotel bed but are still seeking out a little fun, pull your laptop out of your Targus bag and engage in some online gaming.

With plenty of sites that have a bonus that can add up to hundreds of dollars in your pocket, you won't have much trouble finding the motivation to spin slots or play dozens of hands of blackjack in search of a massive jackpot.

2) Challenge the Grouse Grind together

Are you and your gals active types? If so, Vancouver has one heck of a challenge for you: the Grouse Grind. A trail which ascends more than 900 metres (almost a kilometre into the sky!) over the space of three kilometres, there's a reason why locals call this trail Nature's Stairmaster.

Bring plenty of water, protein bars, and a pile of patience, and soon, you'll be at the top of Grouse Mountain, where you and your ladies can stand and be in awe of the view of city, ocean, and other mountains beneath you. With a restaurant, HD theatre, and a grizzly beat reserve, there is plenty to do at the summit as well

Don't relish heading back down? No worries, as you can buy a 'down only' pass at the top for $10!

3) Take in a sunset from Third Beach in Stanley Park

After a short rest at the hotel, make your way over to Stanley Park in the afternoon, which has a variety of hiking trails which will take you through a forested landscape that contrasts completely with the steel, concrete, and glass skyscrapers found downtown.

Once the sun starts to get low in the sky, though, make sure you get over to Third Beach on the western end of the park. Here, you’ll get to join the locals in a well-loved summer time tradition: watching the sun sink into the horizon while sitting on one of many giant logs set up on the sand.