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Is my birthday! Nothing much really, ate with family, played with friends. I can say my 5-day weekend was well spent eating, working out, and writing on the sides. I'm not so big on birthdays to be honest, what a sign of aging haha. I would usually close my Facebook wall for greetings and hide my birthday to anyone. For practical reasons. My wall is home to memes and posts I want to remind myself with and quite honestly birthday greetings are spammy at best hehe. They bury content I was easily found. I know Facebook has a way to collect your greetings in one post but there will be still be a bunch who'd write directly on your wall. IDK. It's additional work for the celebrant to, yknow... like each of the posts and maybe even reply HAHA. Not worth it for an introvert like me. Same goes for my FB messenger, it's become a major mode of communication and I don't want it flooded lol. Scrolling amidst a ton of happy birthdays is already quite a task for me. Whut. I'm perfectly fine with the few who recalled this day. The important thing is I got to celebrate with my closest friends and family. IKR.

Now let me share about my problems.

//Blogging problems!
What else. I'm feeling super sad right now 'cos my DA dropped by 3 points. I've narrowed down 2 activities that may have caused this. And being that I'm not super versed with how domain authority rises and falls, here are my hunches:

1. 2 consecutive guest posts
2. Leaving my blog URL in comment exchanges

For the first one. I'm not so sure how a do-follow link affects the standing of my blog. All I know is that I'm earning from it so I must keep improving my DA. Next, comment exchanges are there for the purpose of artificially improving reader engagement. I sometimes feel bad participating in such initiatives 'cos it looks desperate. The only good thing I earned from this is maybe learning about new blogs to follow. Other that that, I don't know. I don't even reply to the comments because I know it's from a comment exchange and was written for the sake of commenting hehe (with the exception of the really curious ones). Well, I'm guilty too. I'm thinking my DA dropped because of how frequent I left backlinks on other people's blogs this day. Could that be the reason? Alright, will not put my URL anymore lol.

//Money problems!
We're 3 months behind paying our condo (the one we bought 2 years ago) and Security Bank called to inform us they're taking legal action if we don't call tomorrow. As if. But I'm basically stressing about it right now. This wasn't a problem when it was BPI handling the auto-debit collection of our down payment. They'd just add a ₱200 penalty for every month we miss and that's it. LOL

6 months ago, Avida Asten management changed their collector from BPI to Security Bank and we were informed about it through mail. But then they stopped collecting for 5 months so the money was accumulated in the bank. Back then, we were in the middle of pooling funds for our wedding so we kinda used most of our condo funds to pay our suppliers! Now it's payback time! HUHU. I want to blame Avida and Security Bank partly for this. If they debited on time we wouldn't be tempted to touch the money intended for them. LOL.

But really, it's our fault for pushing for a wedding we can't afford. Did you know we're over a hundred thousand in debt after the wedding? Yep, even with the hundred thousands we received in gifts. And I'm all about paying them completely before the year ends. Blog, don't jinx. I just don't want to deal with the stress of paying ASAP because my face is already ageing exponentially with all the extra work I'm doing right now.

//Work... problems?
I don't know if I have a problem at work. I shall know tomorrow because my manager called for a catch-up meeting. Allow me to be paranoid, there were times I think I'm being extremely underutilized because work's kinda lax recently. And being the super introverted person that I am, I'm not pabibo enough to ask for work. In fact I enjoy being chill. It gives me time to read. I just do what I'm told specially if there's a deadline. Which sucks, I know. So I had a, uhm, a what-if scenario. What if because of my low performance they reduce my status to a contractual employee and that my term will end in 6 months? I was mentally crying at the thought but at the same time preparing myself for it.

Pros: I can finally try working freelance for real and see if I have any chance at it at all. I can ask for more articles to write, maybe even apply for a full time position. Also, if my current company fires me I should be getting some kind of severance pay right? So yep, that's money to live off for maybe a month, while I'm out (or in) looking for a new job.

Cons: I will be constantly stressed looking for a new job. I'll be bugged by our bills. I'll probably lose weight. I'll lose my iPhone and my only source of internet connection.

So. Yeah, I'm 27 by the way!

Alright, back to writing about fish tanks... which is my 102nd (is there a limit to adding nds and ths?) article. Grrr I totally forgot to celebrate my 100th article with this client who's been underpaying me for 6 months now, charot hahaha. I was supposed to make a celebratory post for it, but in my eagerness to earn money I haven't stopped writing and now I'm on article #102 and it's an odd number to celebrate to, ironically haha. Anyway. You'll hear about this next time.

For now, sleep.
Disclaimer: this is a guest post.

As a rule, the focus of most female users choosing a diet supplement is to cut calories and get a slim shape. Yet, some women are not satisfied with what has already been achieved and shift to another level that foresees putting on muscle mass. The way of weight management you choose is the shaping factor of the supplement to choose.

Instant Protein Intake 

Being a woman in the present time means to be a universal soldier. Wife, mother, employee, athlete, and other personalities are implemented in one body and one mind. An abundance of versatile tasks cut the time for such vital activity as taking a meal. And having enough amount of energy to succeed in all endeavors within a day is obligatory. Naturally, the so-called junk or fast food can be the way out. Yet, such solution entails miscellaneous unwilling consequences like overweight and digestion issues. An alternative is represented by a healthier product named meal replacement. You may also find it under the name of RTD or ready-to- drink protein shake. The essence of the drink is to supply a maximum possible set of vital ingredients within a tasty and low-calorie shake. Thus, you replace your full meal with a pack of nutritional materials in liquid form. These products differ in content, brands, price, and other important aspects. On this account, we decided to introduce five decent solutions for female users currently available on the market.

Pure Protein 

170 kcal in a small can is a convenient way to nurture your organism. Pure Protein is low in sugar and fat. Yet, the volume of the core ingredient is impressive – 35g. Moreover, the drink is an excellent source of calcium. Though the shake cannot boast of benefits of Shakeology, users admit its flavor versatility, as well as decent performance for both intense training and average daily needs.


If the mentioned amount of calories and protein is too much for you and you hate cans, meet another RTD with decent nutritional values but in the paper pack. Obviously, this drink produced by EAS is not a fit to achieve high results in gaining musculature. Yet, if you pursue the goal of cutting body mass, AdvantEDGE’s 100 kcal plus 17g of protein is a perfect solution.


As we mentioned in the very beginning, female users can set opposite goals. So, if some woman may consider 35g of protein as an overstated value, others may need a larger content of this ingredient. RTD 51 by MET-Rx offers the value indicated in its name. Indeed, along with  250 kcal, each can of this drink supplies 51g of the muscle-building material. Besides, the shake is packed with versatile minerals to cope with your hunger.


The first thing about this shake admitted by users is the appearance. Indeed, it looks great and attracts with its appealing view. Isopure Zero Carb does not resemble a regular meal replacement but a flavor-infused water. However, 40g of protein disconfirm this possible mistake. Forget about sugar or carbs when drinking this fruity liquid. Besides, due to a large volume, you can split the content into two servings with 20g of protein per each.

Muscle Milk 

The final product in our list does not need to be split since it already offers 20g of the core ingredient. Muscle Milk is a well-balanced drink for those who cannot imagine their life without the gym and women that require a decent meal replacement. In addition to the low content of such vital nutrients as sugar, carbs, and fat, the RTD provides a magnificent flavor for its customers.
In which I talk about my week by sharing my expenses. But first, here's a giant Christmas tree being set up at the office. It's maybe 3 floors tall. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

The last time I did this was seven months ago, and back then it didn't sound so legit because I still live with my parents and thus get a lot of things for free. And yet I still spent over 3,000 that one week lol. Anyway, this time it's for real. We're now living off of our salaries and man is it so hard so keep a strict budget on everything.

I'm hoping to taper my expenses by limiting my milk tea, salad, and coffee consumption, and also confining myself to eating only those that I packed from home. ALSO, I want to quit taking Grab/Uber/Taxi because sobrang gastos aaarggh but they're always so tempting especially when I'm running late for work or feel like going home faster. Anyway, thank God we did the grocery last Saturday so our pantry's pretty full. Plus our parents still come by to stock our ref with food. What is #Blessedt.

★ Monday (November 6) - ₱28 YASSS!!!
○ Bus going to the office - ₱14
○ Bus going home - ₱14

Mind you I brought so much food with me. For snacks I had 3 choco wafers, 3 one one's lol, and cinnamon bread x arla cheese spread sandwich (so goood). My lunch is corned beef flakes, and super garlicky chicken breast.

Free food:
♥ My officemate brought imported cheese. It's packaged like an oversized sausage, smells like tinapa, and tastes delicious. I think it's smoked gouda cheese. I googled that.
♥ Milo from the pantry
♥ Joined a forum at the office where they served snacks afterwards. Was able to score a ton of  hors d'oeuvres. Theres maki, vegetable sticks with super yummy asian sauce, wheat crostinis with amazing liver spread sauce, ham balls in crazy garlic mayo sauce. My goodness everything tasted so goooood huhu.

So you see, no chance I'm buying food outside. Free food is life.

★ Tuesday (November 7) - ₱478 
○ Bus going to the office - ₱14
○ CSR contribution - ₱450 (which will go to filling 5 shoe boxes of school supplies for kids)
○ Bus going home -  ₱14

Was so tempted to grab a cab going home 'cos it was almost 1am when I timed out, but in the name of cost cutting and our burgeoning bills, bus it is!

★ Wednesday (November 8) - ₱3,356.82
Had to pay our monthly dues asap because I can't make coffee and rice. In short, I'll die. Our condo supplies us with drinking water as long as we pay our dues on time hehe.

○ Condo dues - ₱1,516.36
○ Utilities - ₱1,812.46

I wasn't supposed to count them under my expenses but for the meantime I'm paying for them 'cos we're broke AF.

○ Bus going to the office - ₱14
○ Bus going home - ₱14

This afternoon I finally got my backpay and my clearance from Pointwest. Yey for money in the next three days, which will be gone in an instant because we have debts to pay lol.

Also, I accidentally withdrew funds from Paypal which I was supposed to convert to PHP. Crap. That means I'm getting charged 300 when it reaches my bank account. Huhu. I'm praying for more writing assignments this long weekend so I can save enough to pay for my credit card. Have I mentioned we're broke AF?

Okay, I just informed my client that I'm open to accepting more writing tasks this week due to the long weekend. Who cares about my birthday. Let there be more work cos I have bills to pay!

I swear when my check gets cleared I'm going to pour all my freelance earnings to balancing out our dues. It's gone crazy.

Another good news, I've reached the threshold on Google Adsense. AFTER A MILLION YEARS YOU GUYS. I'm gonna get my first-hand experience cashing out on Western Union. It's only a hundred dollars but still, I'm thrilled for Google Mail!

★ Thursday (November 9) - ₱ 107.08
Before heading to work I had to meet someone for an OLX transaction so hooray for earning extra cash!

○ Bus going to Ayala - ₱12
○ Grocery - ₱81.08
○ Bus going home - ₱14

It's raining hard outside and the temptation to ride a cab home is unbearable. But nope, must stick to the budget.

★ Friday (November 10) - ₱ 298
I was running late for work so I decided to book GrabShare. Too bad I still arrived late. Waste of money, so never again.

○ GrabShare to the office - ₱164
○ GoSalads Smoothie - ₱120
○ Bus going home - ₱14

★ Saturday (November 11) - ₱ 0
Stayed at home all day. Jeckie did the laundry, I cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed the floor. We spent hours and hours watching Brooklyn Nine Nine. SO HILARIOUS. Officially one of my favorite sitcoms now! We ate whatever's on the fridge.

I can't believe I'm seeing a zero day. It pays to be an introvert guys, literally.

★ Sunday (November 12) - ₱ 398
Grab to Shangrila Plaza - ₱44 (promo)
Lunch - ₱136 (that's KFC + Zagu)
Snack - ₱45 (Nova)
Dinner - ₱173 (Chowking)

We were out the entire day. Met with the family, went to church, visited some friends who live nearby (which we learned just this afternoon haha). Not proud of my food choices, but I loved my Zagu Pearl Milk Tea hehe.

Total? ₱4,665.90. Damn the dues. No pun intended.
Disclaimer: this is a guest post.

A holiday romance can turn your vacation into a real adventure. But in order for such relationships to leave only good memories and not turn into bitter disappointment, you need to follow certain rules.

These tips were kindly provided by Jump 4 Love. There are no people with whom it doesn’t happen. Once or several times, leaving good or, conversely, sad memories, a holiday romance happened with many. Holiday romances are good for those who know how to quickly let it go and forget; who is able to turn off emotions at the right time and turn on the mind again. It is also great for those who treat life easily, like thrills, don’t strive for serious relationships and don’t want to create a strong family. For such people, a holiday romance is like energy for their “battery” of love, new feelings, emotions, and impulses.

What are the pros of holiday romance? 
Photo by India Tupy on Unsplash
Improvement of self-esteem. Nothing convinces a man of his irresistibility like compliments and attention from the opposite sex. But here it is necessary to be cautious because self-esteem can increase during romance, but greatly decrease after its completion.

Feeling of happiness. Going on vacation, most people leave their worries and problems at home and it helps them feel really happy. But this feeling can intensify into a hundredfold when you begin to communicate with new people and feel the obvious interest of beautiful girls.

New experiences and sensations. You met a new person and got a new experience of communication (not only mental). You can meet again in the future if it is really good to be together. Who knows, maybe you can start a relationship built outside carefree holidays. Undoubtedly, you can gain experience in personal relationships. Such a holiday romance doesn’t oblige you to anything. It allows you to fully reveal yourself and implement even the most intimate fantasies. You can remain yourself or play a role that you could only dream of at home, for example, to become a reckless hooligan.

Revaluation of life values. Perhaps, this is one of the most useful aspects of holiday romance. After a man experiences very strong emotions, he usually overestimates his own life and what was once important for him.

Careless life. You are perfectly rested, let all your feelings, desires, and impulses go, satisfy all your fantasies, allow yourself just to enjoy life. Love. This point is in the last positions completely not in vain, since such relations very rarely become serious. So, there is always a chance that you will be lucky and meet true love as in holiday romance movies.

What are the cons of holiday romance?
Photo by Timothy Kolczak on Unsplash
Venereal diseases. No one should forget about one’s own protection. Whatever emotions and impulses you feel, no matter how this romance ends, including sexual relations, contraception may protect you from many possible unpleasant consequences! Don’t forget about it.

Scammers. Experienced scammers always know where they can profit. So, very often they go to different resorts. After all, it is very simple to deceive relaxed, having a rest and nothing unsuspecting holiday-makers. Therefore, be very careful and vigilant. You have to be very careful when getting acquainted with new people.

Suffering from unrequited feelings. If you are careless and fall in love with your new acquaintance, who doesn’t reciprocate to you, this can turn into a serious problem for you. But in addition to suffering from unrequited love, you can drive yourself into a kind of “emotional trap” that will not let you go any further and establish a serious relationship.
Which would not be possible without my dear sister and maid of honor. Together we braved Divisoria to buy my wedding gown, our entourage flowers, and a lot of other stuff we need for making uhm, rustic accents haha. Mind you, I'm not a crafty person! While I consider myself creative, I prefer to concentrate my creative juices to digital outputs. I make a mess of glues and tapes and I'm averse to any creative endeavor that requires dirtying myself. Which is why I'm sooooo happy that my sister is super game with helping me with JUST ABOUT ANYTHING. <3 So here you go:
Invitation layout and design
Of course I had to do our own haha. Shameless plug: for my creative portfolio hehe. 4 cards, 5x7 in. The hardest thing about this is actually doing the map because it involves illustrating and scaling.

Tool: Adobe Photoshop CC
Fonts: Bringshoot, Libre Baskerville, and Monsterrat
Graphics: Freepik
Printing: c/o my father-in-law because they have a print shop yeyyy!
Paper: Linen 246 GSM

Kraft invitation envelopes

I wanted to get kraft envelopes talaga but there seems to be none in the market! National Bookstore has brown baronial envelopes but the flaps are trapezoid, I want triangle flaps HAHA. So yeah no choice but to make our own! The materials are SOOOO CHEAP it was really the labor (of love) that racked up the value of these envelopes haha. So please guys if you received one... I hope you think it's pretty. Then, you can throw it away lol.

Tools: Kraft paper, ruler, pencil, scissors, glue/paste/double tape, A7 envelope as pattern (5.25x7.25in)

There are kraft cartolinas at National Bookstore that cost around ₱8/pc. You can make 5 standard A7 envelopes with them. BUT we've searched some more and found kraft paper being sold at Prestige Paper. They're not on the shelves and are used to wrap packages but the staff offered it to us because we couldn't seem to find what we're looking for. It's local quality recycled paper. It's the same paper used in regular brown envelopes. WHICH IS DEYM PERFECT. Kraft cartolina is too hard and too brown. Prestige Paper's paper (haha) is just right. Peso power? ₱6/sheet. One sheet can make 12 envelopes are you kidding me?!


Prestige Paper is located at the back of Fisher Mall in Quezon City.


Another major labor of love! We weren't able to use them 'cos we got convinced that it's bad for barong, but oh well!

Fake flowers and leaves are from Cherry Berry in Divisoria.
Jute strings, floral tapes, and pins are from Tabora St. and Anding's (around Divi).

Flower balls for flower maidens

Para maiba, we didn't opt for the basket of flowers for our flower girls. Instead we made these 2 flower balls.

Tools: 7in Styro balls, mini flowers, dress pins, ribbons.
Useless tools: poster paint, glue gun

All of the tools were bought from Divisoria, except for the useless tools. The mini flowers cost ₱2/pc, we were advised to get 100 pcs per ball so we got 200pcs. In the end we weren't able to use everything, I think we still got around 100 pcs left haha.

The plan was to cover the ball in green paint before sticking the flowers with glue gun para hindi pangit if may gap. BUT HOLY MOLEY the ball turned out very sticky even after the paint dried. It was kindof useless too in the end because there were no gaps when I finished the project. So much for dirtying my fingersss! ALSO, if you buy flowers like that I suggest you PIN THEM instead of glue-gunning (???) them. I REALIZED THIS TOO LATE haha. You can pin the center of the flower with a dressmaker pin. Imagine my grief when I learned about this.


Since our photo and video package didn't include a guestbook, I decided to make our own. With less than a week left for our wedding, I didn't have enough time to order a custom Photobook huhu. So yeah, ano pa nga ba.

For this project I wanted to get a small sketchpad that's not springed para hindi mukang scrapbook haha, stick some photos inside, and wrap it with kraft paper or whatever haha.

Thank God I found Abbey Sy's My Lettering Progress Keeper at National Bookstore. It's the perfect sketchpad for this DIY! It's not springed, the paper is artist grade watercolor paper from Canson (doesn't really matter, just wanted to spell out the specs haha), it's in the perfect size (7x10in), and it has 25 pages only! Just about right considering I don't have a lot of photos haha and duuuh guestbooks aren't usually thick diba haha, like.. who needs all that space. At best, people are just gonna write congratulations and best wishes over and over HAHA. I really just wanted something they can look at and pass around lololol.

Anyway. I had our prenup photos printed in 4R size at Tronix. I was worried that the prints would come out too glossy but thank God they use Satin paper, which is like half linen and half glossy, basta. Maganda naman sya. ₱7/photo. For the cover, I took inspiration from pinterest and made a heart shaped collage of our photos. I also designed the cover and had it printed in A4 size for ₱30, still at Tronix. Then I used that to wrap the sketchpad. Ang hassle magbalot jsklrd HAHA. The paper, as I mentioned was Satin, so it was sticky and kinda not waterproof hahaha. Sobrang ingat ako madumihan yung papel! But yeah, I pushed through HAHA.

And voila! Our guestbook is doooone! <3 Now that the wedding's over, we're peeling out the yellowing photos and turning the book back into its original form, a sketchpad!

Loop video for the screen
Because I didn't want the screen to be blank all the time, I made a loop video for display purposes. Also to remind the guests of our wedding hashtag #DAVEstWeddingEver haha. I actually love it!

I can't believe how easy this was to do. I had to learn the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro but basically all I wanted was to put some text with a video background - which I got from Youtube. Just search for "HD background video loop", take your pick, and get it using your favorite illegal downloader (char).

Aaaaand that's about it! Thanks for reading all the way, awardddd!
Hay I'm so lazy to chronicle what happened months back during our visits to Divi, specially that I'm writing this 5 months late hahaha. So eto na lang, let me show you the winning gown, as well as a couple of other gowns I tried from various parts of Divi that I'm not ashamed to show you hahaha. LOL isa lang naman ata hahaha


Brought this at Blitz - 168 Mall for ₱8,500 only, accessories included. Most of the gowns I tried range from ₱10,000 to ₱15,000 so I was really sold when I scored this for a lower price. It's the only gown I tried that didn't need alteration so pak, we got it right away. It's an off-shoulder, ball gown with a-line petticoat so the skirt doesn't open too big. 

In fairness, props to our photographer Dave Sarabia for making our wedding elements look mahal HAHAHA. I know right, nasa photographer talaga. 

Here's how it looks when I tried it on sa Divi. It looks really niiiice and not cheap looking hahaha. In fact when I was wearing it around the store there were people asking the ate how much the gown is. Tas si ate pa-simple na ₱12,000 daw. Wow naman sinuot ko lang tumaas agad ang value! Charot.

If you're going to look for RTW gowns in Divisoria, I suggest you look in the air-conditioned malls na lang because dyahe magsukat sa labas promise! 

168 Mall is already brimming with choices, go visit the basement, ground floor (not sure), 4th and 6th floor. Blitz is at the 4th floor around the escalators pala. :D Dragon Mall has a lot of choices too but they're on the pricier side already. 

Aside from 168 Mall we also scoured the streets outside because we heard there are tons of great options there as well. True enough, sobrang daaaaaamiii sa labas. We went to Ylaya, Tabora, and the dry markets in between the streets. They're filled with patahians and you'll go crazy with the gowns too. Downside is sobrang init and ang haggard magsukat. As in. 

Be prepared, there are no fitting areas in the stalls. Wear comfortable clothing, pieces where you can slip in and out easily. Buti na lang I was trying purely ball gowns so I had the space under the skirt to undo my clothes. Kebs lang din naman cos hello, what is Divi. Not for maartes (like me, internally). We carried through and I was able to try 2 gowns at the palengkes which are all super sikip on me so waley. Bye.

So... yon.

Chungdam Bridal is a bridal boutique offering wedding gowns for rent. Prices range from ₱6,000 to ₱30,000. Sometimes they hold a sale too where you can purchase their gowns.

Their studio is tucked inside Bel Air subdivision in Makati and all visits are made by appointment only. Each customer is given 2 hours to fit at most 3 gowns. What I loved about my visit here is that their selection is really really huge, the fitting lounge is exclusive for you, and you get the complete fitting experience, including a curtain reveal which really adds to the wow factor HAHAHA. As iiiiin!!! You know the makeover portions in KDramas where the bida girl gets to fit pretty dresses in a boutique and gets a yes/no nod from the obnoxious rich guy? Yeah, except there's no obnoxious rich guy and I can't get a detailed reaction from Jeckie lol.

The quality of the gowns are really great. They're all from Korea so expect the sizes to be good for small to medium built girls. I actually had trouble fitting the gowns because I'm large. The body of the gowns are hard so ramdam ko yung pagka-corset nya. Lakas maka-sexy! Tiis-ganda rin 'cos for the most part I can't breathe. The fabric of the skirts feels super premium din. In short, the gowns are of superb quality.

I got assisted by 2 of their staff, and even the owner Ms. Saera Kim also helped in choosing gowns and picking accessories. So I stripped off behind the curtain, slipped on a petticoat, and got in a tube ball gown.

It's fascinating, the dresses. They're basically tube dresses you can mix and match with their wide selection of bridal boleros. I didn't know that's how it works! I always thought the intricate top details are all sewn on the body. Saya haha.

They tied my hair in a bun, attached a hairpiece and pinned a veil on me. They also made me wear earrings and a necklace, and strapped a mega huge bow at the back of my gown. IT'S SO FREAKING LOVELY. Then they made me hold a bouquet. How perfect is that.

And and and, I'll never forget this: Goblin OST was playing at the background. AAAARGHH.

As much as I want to rent from them already, I still find their rates pricey considering they're just for rent. The gowns I tried range from Php11,000-16,000 and honestly it's a bit too much for me. Anyway, that's not to stop you from trying out their gowns!

Location and Contact
Facebook: The Chungdam Bridal Wedding
Their shop is located at 157 Neptune St., Bel Air Village, Phase 2, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila

GFR by Damsel was the first boutique I visited in search of a wedding gown. If anything, I've already decided I'm not going through all the fuss of having a custom made gown 'cos my preferred style is already abundant in the RTW scene (you know: A-line, ball gown type) and rightly so 'cos I didn't have trouble finding one!

So yeah, there's only really 1 gown that fit me properly when I visited Damsel. It's this off-shoulder white wedding gown with cathedral train that's super niiiiice! I tried on a couple others but they just don't fit me nicely. Also I'm too fat. Too bad they didn't let me fit with a petticoat, could've seen the skirt better.

Fitting for gowns at GFR by Damsel is by appointment only. Or not? But it's better if you do it by appointment 'cos someone will be assigned to assist you in fitting. There will be other people coming in at the fitting area so yeah, your timeslot is not exclusive for you. But you're allowed to fit as many gowns as you can.


Tips for fitting wedding gowns at Damsel:
  • Come early. Get a 10am-12nn weekday slot if possible so that there are less people coming in. There's a 9am schedule but the mall isn't open by then so baka ma-hassle kayo with parking. I think 10 is the best time hehe
  • Be warned though that their location is very ma-traffic cos it's along Chino Roces Ave.
  • Browse their Facebook page and take note of the gowns you want to try. Send it beforehand and request for them to be pulled out in advance para mabilis yung fitting nyo.
  • There are wedding gowns that are not published in their page. Ask for their catalog baka may magustuhan din kayo from there.
  • If you're not ma-pamahiin bring your fiance with you, they have a rental package that includes the groom's attire as well, so why not.
When we finished fitting I already wanted to get the gown I tried on but figured no not yet, I have to look for other options pa. Haha

Location and contact:
Their shop is located at
LG4 Lower Ground Level,
Makati Cinema Square,
Chino Roces Ave. Makati City

Facebook: Gowns for Rent Manila by Damsel
Instagram: @gfrmanila

Draft entry dated June or July. Published just now cos I totally forgot hahaha


I won't be surprised if I get called out nastily for slacking off too much at work. For the past few months I'm not doing any scripting and it bums me 'cos you know, that's the fun part of my job. Right now I'm assigned to collecting summary reports and analysis for a bunch of projects we did in the past and it's boring as hell. So boring it's delayed for months. There are days when all I ever did was check out the excel document from Sharepoint and stare at it. Seriously. No new rows. No significant data added. I don't know how do deal with this immense feeling of demotivation. It's not like I have better things to do. Err, actually I do.

Jeckie and I are condo hunting right now. Mostly me actually haha. We're looking at possible places to live in after the wedding. Since I'll be working mid-shift in Makati, and Jeckie reg-shift at Cubao, we figured the best place to stay would be around EDSA-Mandaluyong area. I'm looking at the bunch of condos littered around there, SMDC Light, Pioneer Woodlands, Flair Towers, Pines Peak, etc. My choice? Hands down Flair Towers because the building layout is more breathable than their neighboring condos. I have a bias for DMCI. Anyway, what I'm looking for is a semi-furnished real 1 bedroom unit with balcony because I need walls and I need air. Our budget is around 15k per month inclusive of any association dues. Long shot but I'm still looking. So far, our budget is only good for a bare unit, something we have yet to consider.

Oh, allow me to blab about the joys of condo hunting. First, I'm learning about the market value of rental establishments around the metro.


I started searching at Makati because I thought we were both gonna be assigned there. For 15k you can get a fully furnished studio with wobbly brass bunk beds, mismatched furniture, and zero ventilation. 18k would give you larger windows (where only 1/4 can be opened and at a maximum of 45 degrees only) and probably a balcony. Hay. Those are my observations from the row of condos at Malugay and Chino Roces listed at RentPad (Avida West, Linear, Beacon, etc.).

Ideally, I would want to live inside Salcedo or Legaspi Village. You know, the residential areas surrounding Ayala Avenue because there are trees and parks at least haha plus it's walking distance to the actual CBD. But the condos there are not cheap. They're super old and ridiculously priced too (Asian Mansion, Prince Plaza,  etc). 50k for 2 bedrooms anyone? The cuts are definitely bigger but the flooring is mostly outdated wood parquet and the walls are trimmed with moldings. Not my style.


Boni area is slightly cheaper, and there are also a lot of condos around. It's central enough and transit oriented too so yeah, not a bad place overall. Except that it's too industrialized for my own liking, it's almost suffocating. I didn't try looking at the Makati side of Mandaluyong, which is by the left side of EDSA if you're north bound. I dunno how the place is called lol. I just didn't like the environment there haha. Based from the route the colorum vans used to ply whenever I go to Makati CBD, I see shanties, towering condos that look run-down, and it's so frkn dense with people, so nope. You can maybe get a place there for 5-10k though. Haven't explored the deeper parts yet but I didn't like the idea of riding a jeepney or a tryke to work so we skipped it. I skipped it hehe.

The other side of EDSA was bearable. So many new condos to choose from, but I didn't really like most of them. Narrow hallways, ugly cabinets, poor tile works, screaming tile gaps, bad bathroom layout, I could go on, the finishes are just so bad. You really gotta choose your developer seriously if you're getting a condo.

Anyway, fully furnished studios range from 13k-18k depends on where you're looking. If you're super arte like me, get a bare unit and customize it to your heart's content. The condos in this area are too clustered together, IMO. Flair, Light, Pines Peak, Pioneer Woodlands, Sunshine, Gateway Regency, etc. They're all within a block of each other. If you're lucky you may still get a little sunshine lol. The area behind these condos are mostly factories, outlets, and low buildings. Then there's the residential Kapitolyo side which isn't so dense. This side of Mandaluyong is generally nicer lol.

After six years of being together, six years of laughter and friendship, I decided to break up with my boyfriend. It took almost a year to emotionally prepare for it, but it had to be done. We knew the time would come eventually, and we both agreed it's for the best. And so one day, on the eve of our 6th anniversary, we called an end to our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.

September 22, 2017. It's all over. And surprisingly, there were no tears.
When all the words have been said, we took a moment to let everything sink in.

And then that's it.

I will never forget that day, when we broke our hearts into two...
and gave each other a piece.

My boyfriend of six years, finally became an ex.

But more importantly, he became my husband.

Want to know how we did it? Here's my 5 secrets to a long-lasting relationship:
Also, enjoy the random photos from our prenup lol

1. Annoy each other

In short, be each other's best friend. Even studies agree with me here, thanks Huffpost. Marrying your best friend is the best romantic decision you'll ever make, trust me! It's the ultimate test of patience, you know, living with someone who's annoying to the bones. You're guaranteed to grow more mature, more patient, and more understanding. And best of all, you're guaranteed someone who knows you inside out. Someone who knows how to cushion your every downfall, and support you in times of need. That's what friends are for.

2. Make him do the laundry
Believe me, it's the one thing you can entrust to him when it comes to house chores. I have strict standards about keeping cleanliness around the house. And for some reason we don't share the same criteria. But surprisingly he does well with the laundry.

And quite frankly, I have to thank Del Fabric Conditioner for that! I've been a huge fan of Del because of its mild yet fragrant scent. We use lavender for our clothes but when I learned about their new variants Forever Joy and Forever Love, I just had to try them.

And in fairness it did not disappoint. The rags we use for cleaning and our wasting Good Morning towels were literally reborn. All thanks to Del Forever Joy and Forever Love. Our cleaning rags were gifted with 15x longer lasting bangoooooooo that's sure to give regular detergents a good run for their money.

Forever Love, the pink one, smells like cherries. Forever Joy also has a sweet and fragrant smell that I can't spell but it's closer to lavender so I was sooooo inlove with the scent.

Big shout out to Team Kramer for trusting Del to keep their clothes mabango all day. In light of all the controversies they're facing regarding their parenting style, they've done a great job upholding their values. I admire them for keeping their faith and putting God at the center of their family. We have much to learn from this couple.

3. Cuddle when you're angry

You may have fought a lot while you're dating, but believe me, you'll fight a lot more when you're married. But that's part of life. Just don't let your anger consume you. The Biblical approach to resolving issues with your spouse is to not let the sun go down while you're still angry. Of course not literally, but ideally, don't leave anything unresolved for too long.

I'm blessed to have a husband who doesn't face me when he's angry. He cools down by himself and approaches me when he's ready, all within the day. It's hard to sleep beside someone you're mad at. And I've proven a lot of times that my silent cuddles work wonders when he's mad. But it doesn't end there. The silent form of affection, despite comforting doesn't help you resolve your issues entirely. When you're angry, cool down and let the other know you're not mad anymore, then talk about it. This brings me to my next tip.

4. Stop dropping hints

Men are simple creatures and would appreciate it if women would quit beating around the bush and being passive aggressive with their issues. Marriage doesn't magically give our husbands psychic abilities to hack into our minds and decode what we meant when we say we're fine. If you keep speaking metaphorically to your husband that means you're not comfortable communicating with him at all. It pays to be direct. Be ready to spell everything literally to your partner. From your excitement to your grievances, you gotta let your spouse know what you feel. In our six years of being together I thought we already knew each other completely, but it turns out there's still a ton of things we don't understand about each other. Beat the gap by practicing open communication. Talk to each other everyday. Tell them about your work. Share all the funny things you saw online. At the end of the day, you've only got each other to talk to lol so don't shut up. Annoy each other like friends do haha.

Last but not the least,

5. Keep God at the center

A healthy relationship is where 3 parties are involved. Man, woman, and God. What were you thinking haha.

Put God first. A husband who puts God first will become a good husband to his wife, and vice versa. Without the Bible to guide a relationship, everything can go haywire. You'll be influenced by all the things modern society is shoving down our throats. Let the Bible be your moral compass and let it guide your marriage. A family that prays together, stays together. Cliche but true!

Before I end
Remember that love is a choice, an action verb that requires work. And like everything in life, you must work hard to stay in love. Keep it a point to choose loving your partner no matter what happens.

Sharing with you our same-day-edit by God's Grace Productions. Shoutout to our official photographer too, Dave Sarabia, for capturing our favorite moments! ❤ Still on wedding high, am I?

Alright! I'll (try to) keep this short! Remember my post about our food tasting experience with them?

Read: Queensland Catering Food Tasting Experience

I was so worried that they would mess up my wedding by forgetting a lot of details, bringing spoiling food, and stressing me out with extra charges. But hey, NONE OF IT HAPPENED.

They delivered well and I was super pleased with their service! Our wedding was held on September 22, 2017 at Don Jose Heights Clubhouse, Fairview, Quezon City.

Our package

We chose the Emerald package, second cheapest at ₱465/head. We got it because the package includes fruits, vegetables, and hot coffee and tea (ie. lola favorites). Additional things we got: stage upgrade and the bottomless iced tea upgrade.

As I mentioned before, Queensland's wedding packages are at the bare minimum. Which is perfect if all you really wanted is a caterer. They don't have a cake, bridal car, emcee, souvenirs, and whatnots but they would refer you to other suppliers if you asked. We were concerned at first, how could a wedding package be this incomplete? But eventually we shrugged it off and went busy looking for other suppliers lol. No actually, I kept ranting about it to my then-fiance-now-husband-lol for about a month before we realized it's actually for the best haha.

We got a separate supplier for the tiffany chairs because their chair upgrade is 100/chair and masyadong mahal haha. Thankfully we found a supplier that rents tiffanies at 60/chair so pak, we got them (shout out to Eventials Manila). We still kept the regular monobloc chairs that's included in the package and had them arranged at the garden ceremony area instead. Yey to no waste.

But reaaaally, I would've rented additional tiffanies for the ceremony and scrapped the monobloc chairs but oh well, budget constraints!

The Food

Everything was delicious! I wasn't really able to check which foods were present, but I don't care. None of our guests complained naman. They were even raving about it. Yehey! There was no shortage too, we were able to take home a couple of containers for leftovers pa. Good job. I mean, we paid for 180 guests and only 141 came so dapat lang naman na may sobra haha.

Here's our (annotated) menu by the way:
  • Plain rice - yeah
  • Crostinis with pesto and herbed tomato - aka oversized bread pan and some dips
  • Cream of pumpkin soup - SOO GOOOD
  • Buttered vegetables - didn't get the chance to try this
  • Spaghetti with two sauces - I love love love thiiiiis especially the red sauce, it's almost like marinara. Perfect!
  • Roast beef with mashed potato - PERFECTION
  • Pork spareribs with barbecue sauce - Uhm I forgot about this
  • Chicken teriyaki - PERFECT! It almost tasted like Andok's Manok haha
  • Grilled tangigue with mango salsa dip - PAAAAK I looove the dip.
  • Fresh fruits - pass
  • Oreo cheescake - pass HUHU we were so full already I can't believe I didn't leave room for dessert WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME
  • Buko pandan salad - AAAARGH MISSED THIS but who cares, I bet it's perfect too
  • Hot tea and coffee - didn't try but I saw the hot drinks table. Okay naman hahaha
  • Bottomless iced tea - not a fan of their iced tea 'cos it's like red tea haha
  • 4 containers of water - they ran out of water and had to buy an extra container so we paid extra. No biggie.
We didn't have lechon by the way. Which was a good call because there's already enough food on the table. Unless you're receiving lechon for a gift, I suggest don't order anymore because that's additional ₱6,000 to ₱7,000 per lechon de leche and if you're feeding 180 guests you'd probably need 2! Mahal! If your menu already consists of 4 entrees, I think you're covered na. ;)

The Styling
These are the pegs we agreed on, para madali we didn't demand anything they haven't tried. We just selected from their previous works and entrusted everything to them. Our theme is trying-hard rustic earth (kung ano man yon).

And in fairness it looked very nice naman in photos.. because honestly, I never really noticed during the program. If you look at the other pictures scattered in this post, they're the final output! Sorry I had put them in random places because I don't have enough photos to show! Everything could've gone under this section but it's unbalanced so yeah haha.

I still had a couple of disappointments with the styling but I already let it go 'cos ako lang naman to hahaha and I only noticed them when I started browsing photos on Facebook hehe

First - they changed the floor layout. I was looking forward for the main entrance to be used because it's grander, shorter (so carpet won't be bitin), and that's the layout they sent me... so I was (internally) shocked to see they setup the stage at the wrong side. Ending is the side entrance became the main entrance (which suuuucked) and the red fat carpet is bitin. I should've told them I'm very specific with the layout arrrghh. I also hated the carpet. I should've noted not to use red carpet. It looks hideous.

Second - the chair ribbons are ugly and not all chairs have one. We chose celadon green (whatever that is) for the ribbons because it matches the green bottles at the centerpiece of each table. But when I saw the photos, it looks weird. Hindi pala bagay. It registers differently on cameras, sometimes it looks mint! Not their fault we chose the wrong color though. Shouldn't have gotten ribbons in the first place haha. OH WAIT I CHANGED MY MIND, the ribbons look okay naman pala based on the raw videos LOL. It's just me hehe.

Overall it wasn't so bad! I love the flowers, the centerpieces, the VIP tables, and the stage. It's really just the layout and the carpet I didn't like. I want to be facing the main entrance but for whatever reason (maybe because they can't fit all the tables) it didn't happen. Pero kebs na.

The Service

All the waiters who attended to us were very kind and polite. I heard that you don't usually get to eat a lot during your wedding because you're so busy with photo ops and blah but we never felt hungry. In fact we were bloated. I wanted to stop eating na nga 'cos my gown felt super tight already but our coordinator made it a point not to starve us so uhm, yey for the food!

When it comes to the AE though, we're lucky we got the good one from their team to handle our wedding (after so much fussss). I couldn't imagine if we settled with anyone else.


I would recommend Queensland for your catering needs. It was a risk getting a supplier from the south (being that we're from the far north) but thank God they were able to deliver. Food is great, styling is good, and price point is very affordable (our bill totaled ₱107,000 for 180 guests). No regrets backing out from Hizon's. I was super relieved when I tasted their food because I've heard horror stories about their pasta getting spoiled, rice being kulang, leftovers that are not left over hehe... but waley. Nothing bad happened! Yeheyy!

Great job Queensland, I love you na.

That's it! Hope this helps any of you planning for your big dayyy!


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Soooo, seems like I've written quite a lot about our wedding so here's a more organized way to go through them. If you notice, navigating from the label link won't give you a good experience because the paging is crazy. So here's a bunch of bullets for you. No link means I'm still working on them, so nag me if you must 'cos I like to forget about things on purpose huehue.

Hay eto na hahaha
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Gown hunt:
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Here are collab requests I got from a couple of shopping sites. I had fun doing them 'cos it felt like I'm getting paid for all the wedding related research I've done. Which is true!

Musings in chronological order
A couple of personal posts where our wedding planning was mentioned. Nothing valuable here unless you'd like a taste of my casual rants and chronic oversharing.
Disclaimer: this is a guest post.

If twinѕ dоn't run in your family аnd it hаѕ аlwауѕ bееn a dream оf yours to hаvе duрliсаtе сhildrеn, it iѕ in fасt роѕѕiblе tо uр уоur сhаnсеѕ of соnсеiving twinѕ. Thеrе iѕ no chemical оr mеdiсinе to hеlр уоu соnсеivе twinѕ but using nаturаl methods can help уоu givе birth tо twо bаbiеѕ. If you wоuld likе tо knоw hоw tо gеt pregnant with twinѕ, keep reading.

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash
Giving birth to twins

Giving birth tо twin babies iѕ a fееling whiсh саnnоt be fеlt bу every mоthеr оn this рlаnеt. Giving birth tо twinѕ is no diffеrеnt than giving birth tо a single сhild. In mоѕt of the саѕеѕ, dеlivеrу оf twinѕ iѕ рrоblеm frее and уоu do nоt experience more pain thаn whаt you wоuld have at thе timе оf giving birth to a ѕinglе child. Thеѕе days a lоt оf surveys ѕtаtе thаt cases of wоmеn giving birth to twins hаvе inсrеаѕеd and оnе оf thе рrоbаblе reasons bеing thе сhоiсе оf the wоmеn to givе birth tо a сhild lаtеr in lifе. Sоmе of thе ways оf hоw tо get pregnant with twinѕ are diѕсuѕѕеd as уоur rеаd further.

What are fraternal twins?

Frаtеrnаl twins are соnсеivеd whеn twо еggѕ аrе released during оvulаtiоn. Thеѕе are thе most соmmоn forms оf twins, as idеntiсаl twinѕ аrе rаrе and vеrу hаrd tо try аnd achieve as it hарреnѕ as mоrе of a fluke thаn the wау fraternal twinѕ аrе соnсеivеd.

Want twins in the family? Here are 5 tips that will very likely increase the chance of you conceiving twins!

1. Eating Yams
Hоw to gеt рrеgnаnt with twins саn bе easily ассоmрliѕhеd if уоu dеvеlор a hаbit оf eating уаmѕ in уоur routine diеt. It will inсrеаѕе the chances of conceiving thе twins bесаuѕе уаmѕ are one such rооt product which соntаinѕ ѕоmе of thе essential nutriеntѕ due to whiсh yоu wоuld tend to оvulаtе mоrе than thе nоrmаl whiсh leads to the inсrеаѕе in уоur сhаnсеѕ оf conceiving twins. If роѕѕiblе consult a fertility еxреrt on how tо gеt рrеgnаnt with twins. Thе experts will аdviѕе thе соrrесt tесhniԛuеѕ аnd thе medications rеԛuirеd tо givе birth tо twinѕ.

2. Age & Weight
Amеriсаn соllеgе оf obstetrics аnd gynecology also explains thе wауѕ as to hоw tо get pregnant with twinѕ. Aссоrding tо thе ѕtudiеѕ conducted thеу ѕау thаt a wоmаn with a bоdу mаѕѕ indеx оf 30 or еvеn higher have bеttеr chances оf giving birth tо twins. Alѕо thе mоthеr ѕhоuld mаkе ѕurе that ѕhе iѕ nоt underweight оthеrwiѕе dеlivеring twinѕ will nоt bе еаѕу. Onе of the observed mеthоdѕ on how tо gеt pregnant with twins is that if уоu plan tо get рrеgnаnt at a lаtеr ѕtаgе in your lifе, thеrе is a better сhаnсе thаt уоu might be blеѕѕеd with twinѕ. At thiѕ stage thе woman should take еxtrа саrе оf her health. Tо highlight a fеw more tips оn hоw tо gеt рrеgnаnt with twinѕ, hеrе is thе liѕt. Agе mаkеѕ a lоt оf difference. Thе оldеr thе wоmаn is, hеr сhаnсеѕ of giving birth to twinѕ will bе mоrе bесаuѕе after thе аgе оf 35 уеаrѕ, the оddѕ оf dropping multiрlе еggѕ in оnе сусlе increases еvеrу year. Also fасtоrѕ such аѕ аgе аnd race hаvе a big part tо рlау in соnсеiving twinѕ. Afriсаn women have the highest сhаnсе оf conceiving twins, while Cаuсаѕiаn wоmеn hаvе аn average сhаnсе аnd Aѕiаn wоmеn hаvе thе lоwеѕt сhаnсе оf соnсеiving twins. Twins аrе аlѕо more рорulаr for оldеr women thаn уоungеr wоmеn. 3. Fertility foods
Eаting mоrе dairy рrоduсtѕ like yogurt, сhееѕе and milk саn increase уоur сhаnсеѕ оf giving birth tо twinѕ. Eating a lot оf iсе сrеаm iѕ аlѕо соnѕidеrеd gооd аt thiѕ timе. Consuming wild уаmѕ аrе аlѕо fruitful because thе sweet rооt vegetables can аlѕо increase hyper оvulаtiоn in wоmеn who consume it rеgulаrlу. Sometimes consumption оf Fоliс асid ѕuррlеmеntѕ whiсh аrе tаkеn bеfоrе соnсерtiоn can аlѕо inсrеаѕе thе chances оf delivering twinѕ.

4. Family History
Another intеrеѕting tiр оn hоw to get рrеgnаnt with twins iѕ thаt if you have a history of twinѕ in уоur fаmilу, thеn bесаuѕе of ѕоmе gеnеtiс reasons уоur сhаnсе of giving birth tо twinѕ аlѕо inсrеаѕеѕ. Alѕо thе mоrе сhildrеn уоu hаvе, thе bеttеr сhаnсе you hаvе of hаvе twinѕ, so big fаmiliеѕ аrе аlwауѕ a sure way оf hаving twins.

5. TTC After Birth Control
Anоthеr triсk is trуing tо conceive ѕооn аftеr diѕсоntinuing уоur birth control. Thiѕ iѕ the mоѕt соmmоn wау of hаving twins, mоѕt оftеn girlѕ. The first сусlе or two after ѕtоррing уоur birth соntrоl wоuld be the bеѕt timе tо trу fоr twins. If уоu hаvе timе on уоur side and you aren't in a hurry tо hаvе kidѕ, wait until you аrе in your mid 30's. The chances of having twinѕ аrе аt thеir реаk lаtеr оn in life so it's wоrth the wait. But this could be counterproductive, as then your chances of getting pregnant at all decline too!

Bottom Line
Aраrt frоm all thеѕе thingѕ diѕсuѕѕеd in thе article аbоvе, it is very essential fоr the wоman to have a hеаlthу body whiсh hаѕ еnоugh ѕtrеngth tо givе birth tо twin babies аnd аlѕо ѕо that the development of thе babies is рrореr and аll gоеѕ well withоut аnу complications. Alѕо a rеgulаr еxеrсiѕе is nесеѕѕаrу fоr thе body. Bаѕiсаllу a hеаlthу аnd a rich diеt with a rеgulаr exercise will kеер уоu hale аnd hеаrtу and уоu will fееl mоrе rеlаxеd аnd comfortable. Conceiving and delivering twin bаbiеѕ ѕhоuld not bе a рrоblеm.

Valued tiрѕ tо get рrеgnаnt with twinѕ:
  • Choose a раrtnеr whо is a twin. Twinѕ аrе more likеlу tо have frаtеrnаl twinѕ. Hеnсе partnering with such a реrѕоn can enhance уоur chances оf hаving a multiрlе birth. 
  • The оldеr you аrе, the greater are the chances оf your having multiрlе birthѕ. Hence if уоu аrе serious аbоut having twins it iѕ bеѕt to wаit until you аrе оf advanced maternal age. Stаtiѕtiсаllу, wоmеn whо are older thаn 35 уеаrѕ of аgе аrе more likely to hаvе twins. 
  • Mеdiсаl research hаѕ indiсаtеd that women with bоdу mаѕѕ indеx (BMI) оf 30 or higher hаvе greater сhаnсеѕ of hаving multiple birth. 
  • Inсludе уаm in уоur dаilу intake. If you are seriously lооking out fоr nаturаl rеmеdiеѕ on how tо gеt рrеgnаnt with twinѕ nаturаllу you muѕt еаt Cassave, a tуре of ѕwееt роtаtо or yam. Thе ѕkin of this variety оf уаm iѕ bеliеvеd tо соntаin a chemical that causes hуреr-оvulаtiоn. This аutоmаtiсаllу еnhаnсеѕ thе сhаnсе of соnсеiving more thаn one baby.

Last September 28, 2017 at Makati Sports Club the first convergence of tour operators and travel agencies was launched to promote the Philippines as a premier travel destination. Travelooza is the current theme of Asia Digital Marketing Expo which is celebrating its 3rd year anniversary.

Special thanks to the following for making the event a success: Payoneer, Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission, Victoria Court, Tupperware, VV, Sunlife, The Artist League, Marv Ragamarv, Zoomanity Group, Tree Top Adventure, Light Network, Elabram Systems, Alveo, Crown Regency, E- Hotels & Resorts, PNB, Citibank, and Tresmore.

One of the leaders in the Philippines supporting Travelooza is no other than Ms. Regina Victoria Y. De Ocampo of Yupangco Group of Companies, the grand daughter of the former Philippine President, Jose P. Laurel. According to her, supporting these kind of events create awareness that the Philippines is a beautiful country, and a destination like no other.

For this year 2017, after 50 years, G. A. YUPANGCO & CO., INC., through its present complement of 31 stores and 35 music school centers across the Philippines, continues to serve the needs of the Filipino musician and music enthusiast, by providing state of the art musical instruments and sound reinforcement technology. Zoomanity Group, the theme park management headed by her brother, Robert Laurel Yupangco is the number 1 theme park destination and is expanding in the Philippines. The next events under Tag Media and Public Relations will be the biggest this year. Two events are lined up already and as follows
  • Asia Leaders Forum in Real Estate 2022 & Beyond will be on December 14, 2017 at Makati Shangrila Hotel from 10AM-4PM with leaders as speakers from different chamber of commerce, business and government officials with the partnership with Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission and Malaysia Chamber of Commerce. 
  • Socialooza is the annual event under Pinoy Blogger Team which is created by Tag Media and Public Relations simultaneous with the annual Christmas Party of the group. Partial list of speakers are as follows:
    • RJ Nieto  - Thinking Pinoy | DFA Consultant | Political Blogger 
    • Sonnie Santos  - Presidential Communications Operations Office Consultant | Corporate Blogger
    • Ericsson Moredo - Multibiz Inc. Head | Lifestyle Blogger
    • Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas - Tag Media & PR Co- Founder | Corporate Blogger 
    • Ailene Co - A-List & Partners Consulting Group | Co-Founder of Trend Hotspot Online Magazine
    • Jaypee David  - City of Dreams Manila  Sr. Executive | Digital Marketing and Multimedia | Travel Blogger
    • Rod Magaru - CARE  | Regional Finance Supervisor for Middle East & North Africa | Entertainment Blogger 
For more info and to register at Tag Media & PR next events (Asia Leaders Forum and Socialooza), please send inquiries to or call (63)9166299381 or (02)9170213.
Hey blog! Long time no write! It's been a while since my last real entry so let me fill you in with bullets. But first, a photo.

Shot by Dave Sarabia
  • 12 days a wife! Though I'm not really sure HAHA because apparently, the marriage contract we signed on the day of our wedding was outdated LOL. The civil registry suddenly decided to issue new forms with a different format so yeah that makes our contract invalid, charottt LOLOLOL. Thankfully, we've got a new form now and it's out being routed to our principal sponsors for their signatures. ANG HASSLE POWHZ.
  • Overwhelmed with the gifts. Seriously, while Jeckie and I are aware we're gonna rake in some cash especially that we mentioned to give monetary gifts instead on our invites - still, we didn't expect them to pour in like that. We got a fraction of our wedding gastos back so thank you Looooorddd!
  • But of course it went by like a dream. Or like our salaries. Or like a snatcher. Basta. 
  • The days after our wedding were so freaking exhausting. Not because we got busy consummating our marriage LOL TMI na ba? But because we moved to a new place and had to haul a ton of things with us.
  • We're renting a 1 bedroom unit in Mandaluyong which is barely furnished. HAHA I mean it's really bare. We took it that way because it's cheaper and we plan to get our own furniture and appliances anyway. Which we thought was easy BUT FRIGGIN NO. #TodayWeLearned
  • On our first day as a married couple we've managed to get an AC, a mattress, a stand fan, and a bonus knockout from exhaustion. 
//START KWENTO (but first, an ad banner)

  • Being the total newly-weds that we are, we were expecting that shopping would be a breeze. Just point and pay, and they'll have it delivered to your house pronto! BUT NO. We didn't think that deliveries have schedules haha. In the end, we had to look for items that have stock and can be pulled out immediately. And because we can't fit a ref in our car, we hired a different mover for that who can deliver within the day. 
  • AC and foam mattress can't fit in my car as well so we decided to get a 6-seater GrabCar for that. Which means Jeckie and I have to split ways. He goes with the Grab, and I drive the car to our condo.
  • Which stressed me out biiiiig time. It's my first time driving around SM Megamall, and I didn't have anyone to hold my phone for me to watch Waze. HUHU. I ended up counter-flowing after exiting the parking basement. Well, signal was poor down there and I was waiting for Waze to pick up. Also, it's my first time driving in a month (after an incident). No wonder all the oncoming cars kept on flashing their headlights on me. JSKLRD.
  • I was so scared when I reached the intersection because there was an enforcer on the other side and the right turn lane was blocked with cones. I had no choice but to really turn from the wrong lane. And turn I did. After a few meters I pulled over at Petron to calm down, scold Waze, and also to surrender myself for apprehension in case an enforcer is chasing me. ANG BAIT KO DIBA. 
  • Thank God no one came! So yan, with Waze finally awake, I carefully drove to our condo, making sure to follow any road sign, traffic sign, and whatnots.
  • While I was nearing the condo I noticed a car following closely behind me AND I GOT SCARED HUHU. I was thinking okay ayan na yung pulis huhu #HelloJail, but eventually I stopped noticing it kasi busy ako makipag-usap sa parking guard. 
  • COS HE WON'T LET ME IN. He asked for my move-in clearance, gate pass, achuchuchu, I said we already accomplished the move-in clearance and the owner only gave us a gate pass for the stuff we're moving in. After a loooong while they finally allowed me to park. Yey.
  • Just in time because the AC installation guy we hired via GawinPH app is already there at the condo, so yey cos we got the AC installed on the same day! Remind me to rave about GawinPH!
  • Anyway. Turns out the car that was following me was Jeckie's GrabCar pala NYAHAHA.
  • SO THERE. Day 1 of real life as a married couple. Lots of challenges, lots of realizations. Can't say it's a dream. And that's why I've got a partner. ;)
  • And DID YOU KNOW, before heading to SM Megamall, we got apprehended by MMDA enforcers for "beating the red light". After so much chika they returned my sad excuse for a license (a fading piece of OR) and said "kayo na po bahala" or something to that effect. We were thankful and took their gibberish of a sermon as warning, pulled the windows up, and drove off. Saved 500 kotong pesos! Char. 
  • That's not all. Before getting apprehended, we were driving back and forth to our parent's house because we kept on forgetting things! Before heading to Megamall, I realized I forgot our gate pass and tenant agreement so we drove back to Fairview to fetch them. Just in time cos ate Wilma, our helper, texted me that mommy is crying 'cos I'm leaving home na daw HUHUHUHU. Sabi ko, okay pauwi na kamiiii stop crying! When we got there I still couldn't find the gate pass, and then it hit me. It was with me all along.
  • Wow my mother's tears are powerful. And so are yours, so don't make them cry otherwise God will wheel you around and fly you to her.
  • AND SO, we were finally on our way to our much delayed agenda. But not 3km away and mommy called that Jeckie forgot his wallet at home. ANUBA HAHA. Andun lang naman yung pang-shopping namin HAHAHA. So ayun, we drove back and got his wallet. Hahaha #UbosGas diaries.

That's it for now. I have so many backlogs about my wedding preps but I promise to work on them once I get over our furniture problems aka my kaartehan, and also once I get a proper workstation at home. Oh yes, once I get our official photos rin pala hahaha.

I've been itching to go back to writing 'cos I need the extra income but I don't know how to work comfortably at home HAHAHA. Lord help me plz. Two weeks into married life and we're broke already HAHA.

How are you gooooysss??