no turning back

// new year, new job

i had quite an eventful friday the 13th. two things, i finally turned in my resignation to my supervisor, and signed an offer at another company that's only 30 minutes away from home! that's 4hours savings a day! lol. at this point, there's really no turning back na! and i'm so excited! thank you Lord! i've never been this excited for the coming year. hahaha

// ignorance is bliss

i'm thinking of deactivating all my social media accounts (cos hiatus is for posers) next year particularly fb, twitter, instagram. i'm still thinking it through, cos you know, i still need them for nuffnang's movie promos and the occasional chatter. but you see, if i were to actually sum up my social media usage according to purpose, it'll be like this:

5% promos
5% communication with friends
30% actual self expression, in other words, attention seeking
60% scrolling through my "friends" 30%s

for a total of duh. 

now i'm thinking, i'm spending 60% of my online time scrolling through the lives of people i'm barely interested in, secretly hating them for pretending to be rich, judging them for drinking overpriced coffee everyday when they could have donated that much to yolanda victims (right? right? no. i want the planner too), condemning them for supporting lgbt relationships, envying them for being to places i wanted to be in but can't, etc. etc. etc. the more i scroll, the more hateful i become. haha

hey i'm not saying yer all pretentious (but i'm cool if you admit it too, we're on the same boat here), i'm just too evil to only notice the good in social media.

so for my own good, i'll probably just deac, cos i'm hipster like that. or not. i'll keep this blog though hehe

// merry christmas!

in case you wanna buy me something for being honest, on the right is my wishlist haha. 

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