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// harvey key on witness stand last night was disappointing. he wasn't treated fairly and although i admit that a part of his presenting an anonymously sourced document was weak, the way the senator judges berated him as a publicity monster and an outright liar is preposterous. it's as if these people have done better things for the country than sir harvey's initiative on good governance. i believe it's enough to imply that the document he holds is irrelevant to the court on the issue of veracity but to call him names and scold him like he's the one on trial? ang gagaling nyo ah! puro kayo dakdak, pinapahaba nyo lang ang trial. nagpapa-sikat lang kayo sa mga tao, feeling nyo porket nakapam-bully kayo ng witness eh ang laki na ng ambag nyo sa pagpapausad ng paglilitis? haaay... nothingdotohere.meme

if these people would just look at themselves then at sir harvey, i hope they would be ashamed that they haven't done much for the country as much as sir harvey has! the Kaya Natin Movement for Good Governance alone is an effort that has dared generations of future leaders to break away from the conventional type of leadership, one that breeds corruption and imparts unethical moral standards to the youth. honestly, it's one of the best movements i've witnessed. youth empowerment kasi hehe peg ko yan kahit minsan indifferent ako haha

// manny pacquiao against US president barrack obama's stand on gay marriage? 
poor manny is now taking a load of blame for saying something an irresponsible journalist must be accountable for. and what the heck is the deal with Gay Marriage USA pulling him out of Nike's sponsorship out of contempt? what purpose does that childish revolt pose? if you can't even act rationally, don't expect us to treat you fairly. i'm just so against this whole LGBT thing. seriously. i have a lot of gay friends and i can't just condemn them to hell like that. i'll probably just keep it to myself and pray for them. >:| 

// still too lazy to take the VUL exam. promise, bukas. tsk >:|

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